Mystic Musings: What’s The Opposite of Compare And Despair?

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What’s The Opposite of Compare and Despair? ©2018 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

It seems the greatest source of misery is to compare yourself with others. People’s outsides are always going to look better, and you can’t really know their insides.

You’re really comparing your insides to their outsides. You can’t really know your own outside because you’re looking at it from within.

Stradivarius’ Axelrod Quartet (photo: Mark Pelligrini)

When we compare ourselves to others, we’re naturally going to despair. But if you had the exact same life as people you envy, you wouldn’t enjoy it, because it wouldn’t be *your* creation.  (Clue: if you’re not enjoying your own life, is it because you’ve made it according to someone else’s recipe)?

The best way to stop comparing and despairing is to do the opposite. But what is that?

The opposite of compare is contrast.

The opposite of despair is hope, or joy.

When you revel in your own uniqueness, you experience true joy.

We weren’t mean to be cookie cutter impressions of each other. We’re all meant to be distinct individuals. As a collective, our uniqueness serves to make the world more full and vibrant.

Violas may seem redundant amidst violins and cellos, but an orchestra without violas would be missing specific tones and notes. Violas provide their own special line of harmony.

Contrast is a good thing.

From the perspective of Consciousness, the physical world’s contrast is exciting! Contrast doesn’t exist in the realm of Consciousness. It’s why it exists in this adventure in density and effort land. The contrast in your life reflects your creativity as Consciousness.

Relish your differences. Enjoy others for theirs as well.

Contrast can show up as hardships of difficulties – still reflecting your (or their) creativity as Consciousness.

When you shift your perspective to that of Consciousness, your hardships and difficulties reorganize into fun challenges.  Roll up your sleeves and dive into them!

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