Consciousness Sessions With Joan

Want to schedule a phone or Skype or Zoom appointment with me?  Email [email protected] !

Consciousness Sessions

Single shot, one time sessions available for a limited time only. These are designed to enlighten and empower you to a new way of being in the world.  Joan provides the “bigger picture” perspective to questions you have about your present life, your future, looks at relationships, work, family, communicates with deceased loved ones.  Change can be facilitated by unique and upgraded techniques which Joan has created.

Consciousness Techniques are supported by modern physics, subtle energy physics, and quantum physics.  They are and system of healing, self-care and transformation. In order to really understand the magnitude of what is possible with them, you must experience it for yourself.  Leading edge consciousness techniques can transform every area of your life!  To schedule an appointment, email [email protected]!

Due to demand and expediency, only 30 minute long sessions are available. As there is no time or space as Consciousness, a tremendous amount can be done in a short period of time. The session has ‘ripple effects’ beyond the appointment,so you can feel it reverberate into the rest of your life.

$175 for 30 minutes.  Payable by Venmo, CashAp, PayPal or Square.  All sessions are by Zoom are recorded for you. Email [email protected] to schedule an appointment!

Consciousness Cohesion Coaching

Are you ready to take a quantum leap in your personal growth? If you are truly ready to break free of your current reality and step into a new way of navigating your life, I am ready and able to support you!   If you want more than a single session, this is for you. Coaching packages can be 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 8 weeks or more. Email [email protected]  for Coaching fees & to book a Discovery session.

Group Sessions

Small groups are very powerful.  Not only do you get personal attention from Joan, but you benefit from other’s growth experiences as well.  I occasionally offer coaching to small groups.  To join the wait list for the next series. email [email protected] 


This has been life changing for me. Coaching has allowed me to want more for myself – it has opened up the possibilities. Before, I thought “that’s as good as it got” but with coaching I was able to go beyond that to have something more authentic and deeper!~Patti Snyder, DOT
In working with Joan I gained clarity and wisdom, narrowing my focus and honing my direction. Joan served as a catalyst and facilitator for a life change of significant magnitude. Without Joan’s guidance I don’t think the transition would have been as robust or as natural and potentially could have been disastrous. ~Gordon Kaplan,
Group Coaching
Joan took me from unfulfilled stay-at-home mom to aspiring – and inspired – writer. She was instrumental in helping me break down my “I don’t have time” and “I don’t know if I can do it” barriers. This has made my whole life more enjoyable – and cured my tunnel vision of the future.” ~Cindy Hoyt Author
Group Coaching
Joan’s diverse experience offers a unique environment for cutting through old, unsuccessful patterns. Often very subtle, her facilitation can reap big, positive change!~ Kathleen K, Graphic Artist
Group Session
This has given me the confidence to follow a path that I might not have otherwise taken and though it might be uncomfortable or even scary at times, with the support and guidance, I ventured and have definitely gained!!” ~ Teri Yamamura
Consciousness Techniques on Family Dynamics
Before: Family members in conflict after Mother dies. Siblings in lawsuit over property and estate issues.
After:  Family member reports she already noticed dramatic shift the day after theConsciousness Techniques session, in the energies of herself, her aunt, her brother.  Because of it, she was able to do the needed research, which determined that there were no “deep pockets”.  Things are looking better to resolve lawsuit!  Thanks so much!  SLP
Consciousness Techniques on Aging Parent
Before: He is in an old folks’ home in Tucson, Arizona. He is 79 years old. He felts finished with everything he has done in his life, can no longer care for himself except feed himself and do the remote control for the tv. But he is scared to pass on, as he used to be a Christian preacher but is not sure if he believes there is an afterlife now or not. And he thinks death might be scary and hard. He has been diagnosed with diabetes, myastenia gravis, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, parkinson’s disease, and he gets pneumonia about 4 times a year. He is in a wheelchair and diapers.
After: My Mom reports that my Dad has had a marked improvement in his attitude and is smiling alot. Also, he is doing noticeably better in transferring from the wheelchair.  LP

Consciousness Techniques for Personal Transformation
I want to express my appreciation for Joan and her amazing abilities. I have had both readings and Consciousness Techniques sessions with Joan.  She is gifted and delivers with humor and wisdom.  My last Consciousness Techniques session was so powerful I took a nap and then slept for 9 hours.  I had the distinct feeling that old patterns were “dissolving” and new structures were under construction. The work is powerful and I would recommend Joan to anyone who is searching for support, guidance and all the gifts she offers.
Dr. Nancy Heimstra, D.C., Certified Life Coach
Consciousness Techniques on Pet
I want to thank you again for my cat, “Bo” and myself.  His recovery from severe trauma to his left kidney after the Consciousness Techniques session you did for him was outstanding – considered to be amazing by his veterinarian. On the morning of the session I transferred Bo from an emergency hospital, where he had been for five days, to a great clinic near home. His left kidney was still greatly enlarged from trauma (caused most likely by a blow or fall) and his abdomen was rigid due to fluid accumulation. The ultrasound showed a dent in the kidney as well as fluid in the sack around the kidney and in the abdomen, and he was very anemic (due to bleeding from the kidney). Prognosis was dire. I took him back home for continued treatment with antibiotics and pain medication and rest. At home he started eating a bit and drinking; his whole demeanor was greatly improved by evening.
A recheck by ultrasound and blood draw two days later showed that the kidney was healing, much of the fluid was gone and his adbomen was soft once again. His packed cell count was up from 21% on the day of the session to 26% two days later. He was eating, drinking and using the litter normally, as well as playing!     Seven days later, 2 weeks after the trauma had occurred and 9 days after theConsciousness Techniques reading, a recheck by ultrasound showed a normal kidney cortex with the dent barely visible, all fluid had been reabsorbed, blood and urine chemistries indicated both kidneys are functioning normally, and he was no longer anemic.  My 15-lb gentle-giant, Rambo, is once again enjoying being an indoor-outdoor cat. JRT

Consciousness Techniques for Physical ailments
I just wanted to tell you that I am feeling so good these last two weeks. I have no achiness to speak of presently, and my vision has even improved, which is most amazing! I still get tired, but all in all I have more drive and zest than I have had for a long time now. It is very interesting exploring the changing me, not letting myself fall back into the other me, just noticing stuff. I notice new stuff every day really. I had an eye appointment on Wednesday and my vision actually had improved- which really blew me away!Stuff gets fixed that is not even the focus of the session it seems! Thanks again. Nancy

The biggest result I got from our session was the complete reorganization of my upper spine. It all feels much more fluid, I’m standing up straighter even though my posture wasn’t bad before, and my upper chest has opened up. And my shoulder blades feel more like part of my back now, as opposed to feeling like wings. So that is huge! E. C.
The Consciousness Techniques  sessions have distinctly had effects influencing outer structures. The events easily and smoothly concluded during the couple weeks since the session… I have changed my business from Sole Proprietor to LLC … my Will has been written and signed, I changed medical doctors… and we have completed the legal process of adding my name to our house deed. This has all occurred since mid-March! And, my own healing practice has been very busy. J. K.
Consciousness Techniques on Pet 
I am so grateful for you giving my cat Shari her life back to her. When you gave Shari a treatment, I had given up on her. She was 18 years old and her kidneys were failing. She had stopped eating and stopped grooming and hardly moved during the day. The veterinarians that I consulted had done everything they could do… I held little hope that you or anyone else could help her. Within 2 or 3 days she was eating like she did when she was a young cat and she began grooming herself and going outside to play and lie in the sun. I could hardly believe my eyes when she began climbing trees! She is now 19 and still acting like a young cat. D. E.

Consciousness Techniques  on Legal Case
She was told going in that Lloyds of London never settle in the first mediation, and the other insurance always goes to trial- “it’s like squeezing blood out of a rock” to get money out of them”. After a 8 hours, everyone came to a settlement. She said ‘the impossible was done’ and that she appreciated it, helped her to stay centered. And mentioned that it was 4 years and 9 days to the date of when this whole thing started. S.P.
The session you did with me has been very helpful. I have been and am continuing to make a number of changes, and it felt like the session propelled me into those that were next in front, making them happen quite smoothly. Thank you!” ~ J.K.
Thanks, Joan. this was both timely and very helpful. Something I know, but needed to hear at this time. I have shared it with a friend who also very much needed this reminder. You are a gift-giver of the highest order. I look forward to being with you in person again, sometime in the future. Much peace, Sheryl

About Joan

Joan M. Newcomb, CPC has over 30 years’ experience in helping people transform their lives. She is a Conscious Mastery Coach, Intuitive Reader, Spiritual Healer, Teacher, Transformation Game® Workshop Facilitator and Certified Personal Coach. In 1981, Joan went through 5 years of training with a Mystery School and worked for them for 10 years. She has also studied at Findhorn in Scotland, with David Spangler and Dorothy MacLean in Issaquah and uses Perelandra’s Co-Creative techniques with Nature and Devas into her energy practice. Joan’s passion is helping people access their own Inner Wisdom and awareness of themselves as Spirit having a physical experience.