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Mystic Musings: What’s The Opposite of Compare And Despair?

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What’s The Opposite of Compare and Despair? ©2018 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

It seems the greatest source of misery is to compare yourself with others. People’s outsides are always going to look better, and you can’t really know their insides.

You’re really comparing your insides to their outsides. You can’t really know your own outside because you’re looking at it from within.

Stradivarius’ Axelrod Quartet (photo: Mark Pelligrini)

When we compare ourselves to others, we’re naturally going to despair. But if you had the exact same life as people you envy, you wouldn’t enjoy it, because it wouldn’t be *your* creation.  (Clue: if you’re not enjoying your own life, is it because you’ve made it according to someone else’s recipe)?

The best way to stop comparing and despairing is to do the opposite. But what is that?

The opposite of compare is contrast.

The opposite of despair is hope, or joy.

When you revel in your own uniqueness, you experience true joy.

We weren’t mean to be cookie cutter impressions of each other. We’re all meant to be distinct individuals. As a collective, our uniqueness serves to make the world more full and vibrant.

Violas may seem redundant amidst violins and cellos, but an orchestra without violas would be missing specific tones and notes. Violas provide their own special line of harmony.

Contrast is a good thing.

From the perspective of Consciousness, the physical world’s contrast is exciting! Contrast doesn’t exist in the realm of Consciousness. It’s why it exists in this adventure in density and effort land. The contrast in your life reflects your creativity as Consciousness.

Relish your differences. Enjoy others for theirs as well.

Contrast can show up as hardships of difficulties – still reflecting your (or their) creativity as Consciousness.

When you shift your perspective to that of Consciousness, your hardships and difficulties reorganize into fun challenges.  Roll up your sleeves and dive into them!

Mystic Musings 10/4 How To Feel More Joyously Expansive Than You Ever Thought Possible

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What Are Emotions? A 5D Perspective ©2018 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

One of my clients was sharing about her Consciousness shift and it brought into perspective my multileveled awareness of emotions.

At a basic level, emotions are simply a body’s language to communicate to You, Consciousness. It fundamentally expresses itself the same way, and for the same reasons, as it did when it was an infant. Your body cries when it’s tired, hungry, uncomfortable, in pain, frightened, etc. That doesn’t mean you’re crying all the time as an adult, but it’s crying out in some way for your attention.

When we’re paying attention to our body, feeding it right, letting it sleep when it wants to, tending to it’s needs, it’s basically happy. But if we’re off in the future with great potential creations, our body feels abandoned, thinks we’re leaving permanently, it is sure we’re dying. When our attention is on the past, it is a fascinating exploration to Consciousness but the body feels mired in it’s immovability of regret, resentment, mourning, and loss.

That’s at the basic level. The next level is when you take into consideration everyone else’s emotions. As Consciousness we’re all naturally empathic, telepathic, kinesthetic, and/or clairvoyant. So we’ll tune into what others are feeling and think it’s ours. Or even if we can discern it’s someone else’s, it can be hard to detach from it. Other people’s emotions seem to magnify our own.

Old school solutions to these problems were to detach from our own feelings, discipline ourselves not to feel them or ignore them. Many religious practices included denying the body food or comfort as a way to become more spiritual. Which kind of misses the point of being here. What you find out when you die is that you were spirit all along, and your reason for incarnating was to experience being in a physical body.

Being present to the body by being in the present moment, is a more effective way to ‘be more spiritual’. When you’re in present time, that is, your attention is withdrawn from the past or the future, you’re able to fully occupy the body, and then it’s really happy. The heaviness of the past is gone, the uncertainty of the future has disappeared, it knows it’s alive and being taken care of.

We think we don’t like being in present time because it’s too limiting. Our mind, which is our GPS, is programmed to always be going somewhere (and checking past maps for how to get there). But as Consciousness, the present moment is infinitely expansive. True transformation is initiated in the Now.

What I’m finding with my own Consciousness shift, is that my old ways of being in the Now have me tuned into others, and a lot of the time I’m swimming through quite a lot of emotional frequencies. My old ways of detaching seem uncompassionate and incongruent with the increasing interconnectedness that is a result of our collective Evolution that is occurring.

When I play with my Consciousness techniques, everything reorganizes into a completely different experience. It’s like going from old style animation to CGI. I feel like I effortlessly refocus into being more fully embodied and yet extremely clear and alert (without having to spend hours ‘cleaning energy’, ‘getting unstuck’, ‘removing blocks’, etc.).

And it’s not about getting to 5D and staying there. As Consciousness we move between levels without judgment.

What about others in our hologram? What about all the emotions being flung about out there?

This morning I woke extremely early and was instantly aware of a lot of uncomfortable feelings. I felt a lot of grief and physical discomfort. My first thought was that it was me, it’s been a tough week, physically and emotionally. So I stewed in it for awhile, until I became aware that I was feeling others emotions. So I looked at my clock, to figure out time zones, since I have loved ones 3,000 miles away on either side of the globe from me. A little while later it occurred to me that it was actually the people in this apartment I’m in, which should have been obvious but at 3:25am I assumed they were asleep.

So then I used a Consciousness Technique for centering in the hologram, and discovered that all the feelings stopped being in my body and seemed to be in a ball in the center of the room. (This doesn’t really mean anything because as Consciousness there is no time or space, so locations like up, down, in, and out, don’t hold true anymore). And when I created a focal point on that ball, it initially seemed to be less intense. Which gave me the opportunity to start writing this post.

Halfway through, the other inhabitants needed my assistance, and I was able to respond with clarity, amusement, and even affection. When I came back to writing, I noticed the shift of focus yet again.

Now, it’s all a creation of Consciousness, and whatever you’re experiencing is your creation as Consciousness. Even if others are extras in your movie, they’re also expressions of Consciousness moving through your soundstage, so to speak.

I’m not spending time resisting other’s emotions, or trying to get them out of my space. Consciousness is the highest level of non-resistance, of being so open that negative or denser energies pass right through.

I’m also not trying to change, fix or improve others or the situation, unless out of curiosity something spontaneously occurs to me to play with.

It’s a completely different way of navigating reality, beyond our mind’s GPS which wants to take us deeper into the density because that’s all that it knows. And in so doing, to feel more authentic and expansive joy, passion, love, than you ever thought possible.

Radio Show: Oct. 5th Transcending Suffering and Creating Moments of Joy!

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