Mystic Musings: When Getting Back On Track Reveals A Completely Different Path

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When Getting Back On Track Reveals A Completely Different Path ©2018 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

It’s been a hard couple of years. Something happened that knocked me off course. When I look back, I can recognize certain signs. In January of last year, I started having reactions to the house I was living in, I felt it had turned toxic on me. And since I work from home, there was no escaping it.

And then my dog started having seizures. We had just bought tickets to visit my son who was in school in Germany and I asked the vet whether we should go. She said the seizures were unpredictable and the tests didn’t indicate anything serious that we could do anything about.  And she said she was a believer in going ahead and living your life.

So we went, and when we got back, our dog was limping. It turned out that what we thought was arthritis and a benign fatty lump on her leg, was actually cancer. So we had a horrific four weeks while she died on our kitchen floor.

And right after that our landlord gave us notice. Which was fine with me, since the house was toxic. (We later found mold throughout the basement, and evidence it had been painted over prior to our moving there in 2013). But we didn’t find a new place to live until 7 days before we had to be out of there.

But that was last year. And this year has been fairly calm. The new place is wonderful, clean, and spacious. But something is still off course.

And when I look back, it had started before all the things with the previous house. Although all those things occurred because it was definitely time for us to move.

So what was it? I’ve been telling people I’ve been going through a phase of feeling like an atheist. I thought it was simply because I’d shifted to a new level of Consciousness, where the personality had gone out of it. But it really was a spiritual void. What happened?

I’d completely forgotten being side swiped by the election at the end of 2016.

Someone had texted me that night saying, “what parallel universe are we in”???

I’m pretty good in a crisis so I took the event in my stride, but it did really feel like we were all shoved into an alternate reality.

And, honestly, it caused me to doubt my work. Because I teach people that they can create their reality. And who the fuck wants to own creating this bullshit we’ve been going through since 2016??

So then I shifted into this space of just responding to is whatever showing up. Going ahead and living my life. None of this visualization, none of this law of attraction, just being with what is. But it hasn’t been easy.

And my sensitivity has gone through the roof. I feel all sorts of people’s reality. And a lot of the time it gets validated (someone texts, someone posts on Facebook, I can see in real time who I’m sensing).

But the noise from the collective is overwhelming.

A couple weeks ago, I had to get off Twitter, which helps a little bit. But I stay on Facebook because of family and friends. So I react to the memes there and still have big, fat, opinions about the news.

I’m pretty pissed off with what’s going on in the external story line. And it feels wrong to be detached from it. It feels wrong to be doing well when so much is being destroyed and so many people are in pain. And I want to manipulate the shit out of reality.

But I only feel this way when I’m totally disconnected from myself as Consciousness. When I’m aligned as my higher self, I can see what’s unfolding as all part of the greater expansion.

When I’m aligned as my higher self, I know that it’s ultimately getting better. I know that we’re *all* very capable, Infinite beings, individually creating our reality.

Observing what is happening in the world from the perspective of Consciousness, it’s all very exciting. The more capable we are, the more creative our story lines. We’re collectively becoming very capable. We’re not off course, we moved to a more challenging one.

Navigating at this level is intuitively driven, an art, not a science. As Consciousness there isn’t anything to change, fix, or improve. It all reorganized in our favor.

And that’s what I need to remember. As Consciousness, it’s a benevolent Universe. Even when it doesn’t seem like it on the outside, I know, as Consciousness, all is very, very well.

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