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Radio Show Podcast 1/17/18 “Consciousness And A New Approach To 2018”

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Consciousness and a new approach to 2018. Today on Conscious Conversations, Joan and Janet discuss using new guidelines to enjoying growth in 2018. Tired of the same old unresolved resolutions? Join us as we share new ways to create new results.

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Blog: “Alexa Isn’t Your Inner Voice”

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Alexa” Is Not Your Inner Voice! ©2018 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

Earlier this week, I had a super busy day, and since it wasn’t a “work” day, I decided to save time by skipping a shower. Yet when I was getting ready in the morning, I found myself planning my steps and heard the voice in my head including taking a shower.

Wait! *I* already knew that I wasn’t going to do that part of my routine. But it was a clear, distinct, thought process, that was telling me what to do.

Hint: This is *not* your Inner Voice!

It was the clearest indicator to me that we have an inner GPS that isn’t our Higher Consciousness, but part of our brain’s automatic programming.

Imagine if you let Amazon’s Alexa tell you what your day’s routine should be. Or have Siri on your phone make all your major decisions.

What would it be like if you got in your car and asked your GPS to tell you what destination you should aim for, rather than you telling it where you want to go?

When we’re little kids, it makes sense to have a parent telling us what our schedule is. Heck, we don’t know how to tell time yet, much less know if it’s a preschool day or not.

When we get older we become responsible for our own timetable. We have to get ourselves to work or face consequences.

But at some level we still have an “outside in” perspective. We still let something outside ourselves dictate our reality. We still feel like we’re powerless children when, as our Essence, we are not.

The collective Consciousness Shift that is happening, is bringing this awareness of our core Essence into our physical form. It feels like we’re awakening to our true power and purpose.

It’s making us speak up for ourselves. It’s prompting us to question our motives. It’s shining a light on where we’ve been stuck or spinning our wheels.

Trying to drive our car with an out of date GPS is going to send our down roads with construction on them. We may still get where we intend on going, but it will take longer and require a lot of effort. In fact, if we don’t update our destination, we’ll end up going somewhere we’ve already been, but not where our soul is calling us to go.

This rise in awareness is requiring a change in perspective. Turning within for our inner wisdom requires us to discern what our Inner Voice really is. It does *not* mean listening to everything our brain is telling us. Sometimes it’s just spewing our what we read on Twitter the night before!

We need to recognize who we really are. Not our personalities, not our bodies, but our Essence. I call it Consciousness.

Steering as Consciousness updates your entire system and your itinerary. If you’ve been driving at a certain level of unconsciousness, maybe just following the driver in front of you, you’ll be in for a big surprise. If you’re still using the directions your parents gave you when you left for college, you’ll most likely experience an enormously uncomfortable transition.

If you recognize yourself as Consciousness, you internally align all aspects of yourself with your highest self. Things fall into place. It can be a gentle transformation.

When I’ve gone through expansions at lower levels of awareness, it led to radical changes, painful endings, deep, traumatic, loss. Operating at this higher perspective now, even though there are completions and changes, things reorganize better than I could have imagined (from my old mindset).

If you don’t resist what is, and go with the flow of it becoming different, you can find yourself in a new place without even trying.

Alex, Siri, your GPS, all have their place. But they’re not your Inner Voice, and they are not You. Spend some time this week noticing your habitual thinking. Rather than wrestling with it (really, would you argue with your GPS?), just redirect yourself in alignment with your Essential Self.

Hint – if it feels rebellious or reactive, it’s not your Essential Self. You as Consciousness have no need for a power struggle with your system’s programming. Consciousness is usually very subtle course corrections, with very big results.

Try this for a week and see what happens!

January Meetups

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2018 – Manifesting Beyond The Law of Attraction!
We’re in a new level of Consciousness where the old manifestation techniques don’t work any more. Learn about the new way to manifest in this new year!!
WHEN: Saturday, January 13th, 3:00-4:45pm 
WHERE: Tully’s 764 Broadway, downtown Tacoma
HOW MUCH: $10 (pay at the door)


2018 – Manifesting Beyond The Law of Attraction!
We’re in a new level of Consciousness where the old manifestation techniques don’t work any more. Learn about the new way to manifest in this new year!!
WHEN: Sunday, January 28th, 2:00-4:00pm 
WHERE: Café Appassionato, 4001 21st Avenue W, Magnoila
HOW MUCH: $10 (pay at the door)

Radio Show Podcast “Resisting Help and Working As A Team”

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Radio Show Wednesdays at 11am Pacific! 
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Today on Conscious Conversations, Joan and Janet talk about Resisting help, and Working As Team. We feel we have to do everything ourselves, that accepting help is a weakness (or that nobody does it as expertly as we do)! What is the greater awareness as Consciousness? Stay tuned as we delve into the underlying cause and the new, emerging paradigm.*

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*rerun from Jan. 18, 2017 


Mystic Minute: Time And Space Are Breaking Down

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Blog: Reality Isn’t What You Think

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Reality Isn’t What You Think ©2018 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

When we go through a Consciousness Shift, it can be pretty disorienting. We’re sensing and experiencing things so differently than before. It can feel expansive, joyous, overwhelming.

Our minds kick into high gear trying to figure out what is going on and how to handle it. Our minds want to create some sort of equilibrium, but they only know what they’ve experience before, so they end up directing us back to our previous state.

When I went to Findhorn the first time, the shift was seismic. I started feeling it when I booked my Experience Week, six months earlier. Now I see that I was welcoming in the greater light of Consciousness.

A couple months before I left for Scotland, I started feeling enveloped in overwhelming love. I also started having premonitions about my time there.  I was concerned I was going to fall in love if I went there. It seemed pretty clichéd, as everyone falls in love when they go to Findhorn.

So of course, I fell in love with one of my focalisers, who subsequently turned out to be gay, which eventually transmuted into a friendship.

What I see now is that I couldn’t just receive the enveloping Love of Consciousness (it turns out that the focalisers meditate on their upcoming Experience groups, blessing them with love, and that’s what I’d been experiencing). I was viewing it through my mind’s preconceived notion that it had to be expressed through an “in-love” relationship.

The second time I felt this same enveloping Love, it was after leaving a dysfunctional relationship. I had about nine months of this extraordinary experience, which then dissipated when I fell “in-love” with someone who checked all the boxes of my mind’s expectations (tall and wealthy were two of the boxes), but who was spiritually incompatible. When it ended, it was traumatic, and I plunged into a pool of shame and depression.

The evolving Consciousness Shift I’ve been experiencing for the last decade has been different. It’s called into question everything I believed was solid and real. Whereas my old techniques brought me more into the density of form (I would say that “gravity increased” when I used them), my new experiences shift me into a reality that is expansive and buoyant.

My mind thought this was awfully flakey. It judged me as being “ungrounded”.  But when I tried to use my old techniques, they don’t work on this level. It’s like trying to run MS-DOS on a MacBook Air. Or picking up a landline expecting to send a text message.

All around us you can see minds losing their shit and trying to redirect reality back to what was familiar to them. And when you stop and look at what used to be, it wasn’t really all that fun or lovely. It was probably pretty painful.

The rules for operating in this new reality are, in many ways, opposite of the way things were before.
Our minds are going to get us to where ever we want to go.  Even if they’re thinking “outside the box”, they’re still thinking. They’re trying to figure it out.

The solution is to be intuitive, and improvisational. Exploring with curiosity. Being present without expectations.

If you’d like to learn more about how to do this, check out my free video series here.

Blog: Comedy of Errors 

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Comedy of Errors ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

Yesterday I had another unbelievably difficult time with technology. Last week I tried upgrading something that I’d done a month ago, and the results were a mess. So yesterday I tried again, and the morning was very productive. But the afternoon was another comedy of errors.

At some point I realized how hilarious the scenario was. I mean, I teach Consciousness Techniques, which allows you to manifest reality “easily and effortlessly”. But trying to create a video and powerpoint took a mountain of effort and hasn’t yielded anything worth publishing yet.

Does that mean my work is full of shit? Does it mean that we’re not in a huge shift of Consciousness?

Nah. It means that Consciousness has no ethics about playing the game here on Playground Earth. It means that even when it’s all effort, it’s all good.

Now, I as my body-personality had a schedule and a deadline for this project. As Consciousness, I didn’t.

When I went through this a month ago, it was equally bizarre. Sometimes the software worked, sometimes it didn’t. I ended up using two different devices with three different versions of the program, which sometimes had one ability and then it didn’t. And then I create a workaround using something completely different.

I assumed today would be easier, because I did all the things that ultimately worked in the end last time. Except today was kind of the same thing. And I ended up running out of memory on my laptop and deleted a bunch of things that maybe I’m going to need tomorrow when I work on this again.

But all of this is a wonderful metaphor for life as Consciousness in a physical body. The more Consciousness comes into form, the more unexpected things happen. Things show up that shouldn’t be there. Things that should work one way, don’t.

It doesn’t mean that I’ve gone backwards in my development. It doesn’t mean that I’m operating unconsciously.

It may mean that I’m in too much effort, that’s for sure.

This happens when we thing we’re spiritually enlightened. When we think we already know it all. When we expect life to have hierarchies and levels.

Consciousness relishes all of it, Consciousness inhabits all of it.

What to do when things like this happen? Don’t resist what is. Let it go. Send a parallel self to work on it. Step into a parallel universe where it’s already done. Allow reality to reorganize differently.

And I’m going to sleep on it and see what unfolds tomorrow

Blog: Even In Darkness, There Is Always Light

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©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

We just had the Winter Solstice, in the Northern Hemisphere the shortest day of the year. It means that now the days will start being longer. I find it ironic that it’s also the coldest time and with the worse weather.

And as I think about it, the Summer Solstice means the days are starting to get shorter, but August always is the warmest month and the evenings seem to go on forever.

This planet is full of dichotomies.

From an external perspective, Winter is when nature seems to go dormant. The ground is hard, trees have gone bare of leaves. And yet, below the surface, nature is very much alive. Seeds are germinating, and animals are hibernating with their young.

On an unseen level, Earth’s architects are planning the future growth cycle. Come the Equinox, these plans will be delivered into form and become physically apparent as the seasons change.

Besides the darkest time of the year, it’s often the most painful. Many people pass during the holidays. I personally think this is because the veil between worlds is thinner.

We go through similar evolutions in our lives, and its feels harder when we cannot see what is coming. We feel like we’re in a time of increasing darkness that is never going to end.

And yet, even in darkness, there is always light. It may be that, with all that is happening, we can’t feel it.

No matter what is going on in your life, whatever is occuring in your storyline, there is always reason to hope.

It does get better.

Above the worst blizzard, the sun is still shining.

Blog: Life is an Experiment By Consciousness

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©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

This world is an adventure in density and effort. Consciousness is creating it moment to moment. Consciousness creates through focus, and the more Consciousness is coming in and focusing, the more “awake” we feel in this playground.

This world is not solid and real. Time and space are structural components and yet, the more Consciousness comes into form, the more we discover how malleable these structures are.

I’ve been describing this planet as a full immersion virtual reality game. But the game is infinitely more complex than we can imagine. We’re used to playing by rules and on a certain level these rules seem to still be intact.

The past is in the past, the future is in the future, and we seem to exist in the present moment. And people’s whose bodies are no longer alive seem to no longer exist. There are times, however, where you can sense past loved ones, where you could say the ‘veils are thinner’.

However, I am noticing as we collectively shift into a higher vibration, the past and future seem to bleed through to the present. At times like these, I can not only acutely feel passed loved ones, I can actually feel them from times they’ve been alive.

Consciousness exists both outside of your body and within your body. It is You, with a capital Y, within form, and the greater yoU, outside of form. Outside of form, outside of physical reality, outside of time and space. And able to perceive everything existing simultaneously, all past and future possibilities.


As we shift in Consciousness, the old rules no longer apply. Systems and formulae no longer function.

We’re seeing this reflected in our storylines by observing unprecedented actions. We’re observing people are certain egoic levels trying to act as powerful as Consciousness. At the same time increased intolerance for behaviors that negate or disempower individuals.

We are all Consciousness, and when we own it we are infinitely powerful. Yet when we own it we feel no need to dominate. We are *all* Consciousness, so as greater Consciousness comes into form, so does the drive to connect and collaborate.

It’s not accurate to liken this world to a theme park like Disneyland, because there are the rides are rigidly controlled and the experience is replicable.  This world is an experiment of infinite possibilities.

When we think of it like a game, then we want to learn the rules and game the system. When we see it as an experiment, we enter it as Consciousness, playfully curious and open minded.

Try being playful and open for this next week and see what happens!

Radio Show Podcast 1/3/18 “Consciousness Transformation” with guest Cameron Steele

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Radio Show Wednesdays at 11am Pacific! 
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Today on Conscious Conversations , Joan talks with Cameron Steele about Consciousness Transformation. Cameron is the owner of Contact Talk Radio and Clear Conscious Media. Cameron is a natural intuitive, besides being the manpower behind Contact Talk Radio (his wife, Lucia Steele is the womanpower). Their website is  We’re in a new year and collectively breaking through to a new level of Consciousness, which is creating a huge amount of transformation in the world today. Tune in to hear Joan and Cameron share their insights on how to navigate this with grace and ease.

We love hearing from you, email us and join us on Facebook and Twitter and give us your suggestions of things to talk about!