Mystic Musings: Are You Overwhelmed With What’s Happening In The World Today?

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You’re not alone ©2018 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

Do you have an intuitive sense of the unseen? Are you highly sensitive to “vibes” in places? Very attuned to the feelings and needs of others?

Growing up, did you feel like the only one in your family that was this way? Perhaps everyone else went into the family business, stayed in their religion, voted in the same political party.

And do you think they love you, but they don’t understand you? They might even sigh and roll their eyes, when you tell them of the exciting new things you’re discovering (if you still even try to talk to them about this stuff). But do you find they cannot imagine why you would have the interests you have or do the things you do?

Does this make you sad, frustrated or even mad at them? Do you wonder how they can lead such screamingly boring lives? Or do you question what’s wrong with you, you don’t know how to live in the world?

Are you especially overwhelmed with all that is going on with the planet today?

Yeah. I understand.

When I was going through my metaphysical training, my father somehow thought I was getting a degree in parapsychology from the University of Washington! I really don’t think they have a parapsychology department. But I did meet someone recently who said that they do have courses in Consciousness, which is really exciting to hear.

You’re not alone in all of this, even if it seems like it. You’re one of the ones that are feeling it first, but it’s happening to everyone around the world.

There are those of us who are on the leading edge, to whom the invisible is more real than the “real world”. We’re adventurers in our souls, even if we don’t have passports. We’re natural light bringers and intuitive healers.

And even as we know, deep within, that we’re going through an awakening, we cannot fathom the darkness that’s crawling out of the woodwork nowadays.

Here’s the other thing I’m noticing – that all of us intuitives, light bringers, healers, adventurers on the leading edge, are going through one, whopping, identity transformation. The ways we’ve done things before aren’t working any more.

You may be an ‘expert’ in your field and have lost all interest in it. You may have had a dedicated practice for 25+ years and yet something is happening with it. You might be questioning your calling or life purpose.

Things feel and look different. Things are different. And it requires a whole new way of navigating.

So now what?

Here’s what I invite you to do, it’s what worked for me when everything fell apart twelve years ago. I had to do the *exact opposite* of everything I’d been rigorously trained in – of everything I’d taught others to do for 25+ years.

We have to unlearn the old in order to come to know the new.

Approach life as an experiment. Try different things with curiosity and wonder.  Try even *not* doing anything and see what happens.

For me, I had to upgrade all my skills and techniques. It was a very difficult time, going from an energy “expert” to needing a ‘beginners mind’ at every moment.

And if you want more support with all of this, check out my summer coaching!

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