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Is There Any Such Thing As Perfect Timing?

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Is There Any Such Thing As Perfect Timing? ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb

Today I’m musing about timing. I’ve been having things come into form that have taken ten years to manifest. My first book, originally written in April of 1996, was self published in 2006. I’m getting a handle on money issues that have been around at least that long, if not longer. I’m in a relationship that’s everything I’ve always wanted – and have been consciously praying for and energetically working on manifesting since the early 80’s.

Then I think about manifestations from my earlier years – my two kids were planned pregnancies that occurred without effort, with quick births, yet they had their own timing for being born.

Why do some things happen quickly and some things take forever to show up?

When I was a teenager I lost 50 pounds, simply by charting what I ate, limiting calories, and walking to school and back every day (about 5 or 6 miles). It took most of a year to do this, and was tremendously transformative and empowering.

Buoyed by this experience, I set my sights on a relationship, which took about five months to get the guy to go out with me. It was initially wonderful but then heart breaking.

As I look back over my different life experiences, some consciously manifested, some unconsciously attracted, and there has been a sense of what I used to call Divine Timing in all of it.

“The Universe gives you what you can handle” is one way I used to look at it. You attract what you’re ready for, is another way. I’ve resisted what I thought the Universe was giving me; at times I’d say “it thinks I’m too friggin’ capable”.

But now I have a different perspective as Consciousness,  reframing my experience of timing, and also of manifestation.

It’s not the Universe giving me anything, it’s me as Consciousness creating everything I experience in the physical.

Someone once mentioned that reincarnation didn’t make any sense to them because everything was happening at once. I got the instant understanding that there is no time or space as Consciousness, so from the perspective of Consciousness, all past and future lives are happening ‘at the same time’ this one is. There is no linear link from past to future, it’s not like going up grades in school. And if you can grasp that in Consciousness there is no individuality, then there’s really no one spark of light going through a series of experiences (like grades in school). As aspects of Consciousness we just jump into the pool of life, splash about, and then jump out into the All-That-Is.

As I reconcile it taking me so long to get to where I am at, I realize that it really took no time at all. Each lifetime is just a blink of an eye. And what I’ve accomplished in this one is just a glimmer of the great Spark of all of creation.

As I relax into a perspective of creating as Consciousness, it really doesn’t matter how much or how little I have achieved. It’s all about Creation. It’s all about playfully creating in the physical. I either manifest something, or I don’t. It either happens now, or later, or not. I create this, or I create something else. And I can choose to create happy thoughts, happy experiences, or challenging ones.

When I shift to navigating life as Consciousness, what shows up is bigger than my little mind can imagine.

And when you add the awareness of Parallel Universes into the mix, you realize that you as Consciousness are simultaneously experiencing other possibilities within this storyline. There’s a parallel self that has experienced success earlier in life, there’s a parallel self that is already experiencing whatever I want to create right now.

Whatever you want to create, it already exists, you just need to step into the Universe where you already have it.

It becomes a much more fun way to experience life. And I can welcome all these wonderful things coming into my life and enjoy my time with them Now. Which is really the only time there is.

Revised 2017, original post from 2009 

Radio Show Podcast 12/6/2017

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December 6, 2017

Today on Conscious Conversations,Joan and Janet talk about Consciousness and Dealing With The Unexpected .There are so many wild and wacky things happening in the world today. How do we deal with the unexpected in our daily lives? Stay tuned to learn what’s really going on from the greater perspective as Consciousness.

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Mystic Musings: Freedom From Want

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Freedom From Want ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb,

Yesterday was Thanksgiving, the start of a month’s worth of expectations. That family and friends should be gathering, that there should be an abundance of food and gifts. That everyone is supposed to be warm and loving to each other.

Freedom From Want by Norman Rockwell

My family of origin lived up to those expectations for the first fifteen years of my life, until the patterns started to break down. And we had pretty high expectations. My great-uncle Jim McCabe is in the iconic Norman Rockwell painting.

My early memories are of grand holiday meals, although we lived overseas most of those years so sometimes we had goose instead of turkey.

The family started shattering when I was sixteen, and I maybe initiated, contributed or reflected that shattering… I was hospitalized for depression in an adolescent ward of a mental hospital during the holidays that year.

The next year, I just remembered, I had Thanksgiving with my great-uncle’s family in Connecticut (after visiting him in Vermont). I was in college and my parents were in Sweden. My father left my mother shortly afterwards; I really don’t remember any Thanksgivings with them after that.

As an adult I tried gamely to create holiday meals like the ones I’d had in my early childhood. But the family I created broke apart when my kids were little. Since their father was a gourmet chef and I had never cooked a turkey, I wrote it into the parenting plan that they spent every “big meal” day with him. I had no idea that it set me up to be alone for all those holidays.

At some point my kids learned from their cousins that they got two Thanksgivings. The cousins would see both sets of parents on the same day. Since my culinary skills couldn’t match their father’s, I had our Thanksgiving meal the Sunday before, which both spared it the competition and meant they’d eaten my leftovers before they went to their dad’s for the remaining part of the week.

Every Thanksgiving for years, I was always scrambling to be “adopted” somewhere to eat with other people. It was always a painful and lonely time.

When I remarried, our first Thanksgiving together, my mother in law was insulted because I had my husband and her work on the turkey. After that, we’d go out for Chinese food instead.

When you look at Thanksgiving from the perspective of Consciousness, you see the tangles of expectations and dysfunctional patterns that actually create separation and lack.

You can be with family and a lot of food, and if it’s filled with assumptions and craziness, you will feel far removed from any sense of connection and abundance.

Thanksgiving isn’t about the big meal. It isn’t about the gathering of family and friends. It isn’t even necessarily about gratitude. As Consciousness, it’s about appreciation.

Appreciation is the neutral form gratitude, because it’s coming from the creator sense rather than the recipient. As we exist as Consciousness and in body, we can experience both, but it’s important to note the difference. Gratitude implies thankfulness for or from something outside of yourself. Appreciation acknowledges and enjoys the creation. Which can even be the creation of chaos and discord.

When you shift your perspective from your body/personality self, to you as Consciousness, you know you already have all that you desire.

As Consciousness there is no separation. You are always connected, even with loved ones who have passed. As Consciousness there is no lack, because Consciousness is the Source of all creation. As Consciousness there is no discord, because Consciousness is essentially love.

This year, my husband and I are at that mid point, where our parents are passed, and our adult children don’t yet have offspring of their own. One son is in Spain; we won’t see him until Easter. Another is on Vashon, with his Dad. We’ll do our meal on Sunday (I now cook salmon instead).

I’m appreciative that I have good relationships with both my kids and my husband. I get to create new patterns rather than passing on historical ones.

This holiday season, when you feel yourself entangled in the insanity, take a moment to shift your perspective (this might require stepping out of the room). View it all from Consciousness, appreciate this playground of a planet, and notice how your reality transforms!

Mystic Musings: Bellyflopping Through Life

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Bellyflopping Through Life (c) 2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

I swear, my autobiography should be titled, “Bellyflopping Through Life”. I can’t plan, analyze, or read a book about it first, I have to dive in and experience something and then figure out how to do it with more finesse next time.

However, if I waited until it’s perfect, I would have missed many fabulous opportunities and not created most of the amazing miracles of my life.

The last three years has been like a spiritual MBA as I’ve been learning how to offer my work into the world in a bigger way. There’s been a lot of bellyflopping, and my stomach is stinging a bit as I share this.

Everything is finally coming together and the official launch of my new program(s) and website is set for January. But I didn’t want to spend the next month just fiddling with details. So I decided to open the doors early just to people who already know me and my work.

I’m extremely grateful to all of you guys who have stuck with me during this time. I’ve gifted you a 3 part video series, sharing insights and a specific tool for creating change as Consciousness. Go here to view them, if you haven’t seen them already.

Today is the first day for you Very Important People to access my brand new Do It Yourself program. This program has only been available as private coaching or selectively small group coaching. I’m excited to make this information available to more people in the world!

You can opt to have more support, either on a group level or individual coaching level at any time as well.

There are extra bonuses if you sign up before next Tuesday, December 5th.

Then I will close the doors until I open to the general public in January.

Go here to learn more!

Facebook Live Dec. 5, 2017

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Total Transformation-vip

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Facebook Live Nov. 28, 2017

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Facebook Live: Being Authentic

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Mystic Minute YouTube Video: Responsibility and Non Responsibility!

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Mystic Musings: When Growth Gets Messy

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When Growth Gets Messy ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

We’d all like personal growth to be effortless and easy, smelling like spring flowers. It’s not always that way.  Growth can get messy. Even when it’s something that we want, the precursor to, or the fallout from, the change can be really messy.

When we have a something we want to manifest, whether it’s a material thing, a relationship, or a condition change, to Consciousness it already exists. We just have to shift ourselves to that reality. But sometimes that shift is seismic.

It’s going to look so much better when you’re done

I’m reminded of a woman I met who’d lost over 200lbs. Now, 200lbs is like dropping an entire human being out of your space. I asked her what contributed to her success and she shared that she’d done a lot of emotional work prior to the weight loss. That EFT had helped her work on core inner issues that supported external results.

I’ve had several times in my life where I called in enormous transformation, only to see my currently life razed to the ground before a new reality became established. Each time, it revealed flaws in my foundation. Let me correct that, *sometimes* there were flaws that came to light.  Other times it was just that a new operating system was installed and all my old programs didn’t work any more.

(Now, if you’re going through a huge paradigm alteration, often the response to such growth can also feel “blah” or a weird sort of apathy. When you expand as Consciousness then all your old measures of success disappear. You no longer desire the material things you once thought were necessary. You lose that urge to compulsively fill empty needs. Satisfaction can seem boring. )

Messiness can look like a divorce, an illness, or big emotional reactions.

How you respond to this mess depends on whether you’re experiencing it as your body personality or as Consciousness. If you’re reacting as your body personality, you’re going to go through it kicking and screaming. I know, there were times in my past when I’d drive and scream at the top of my lungs, it was so painful.

If you’re responding as Consciousness, you might actually feel excited. You may be amused. You feel empowered and invigorated. You know that You, as Consciousness, are coming more into form. You are occupying your body space more fully.

You know you’re going through a life renovation or remodel. It’s possible to do this without getting divorced or sick. When you do this as Consciousness, you can create your loved one’s coming along for the ride.

I experienced this kind of remodel over a period from 2010-2013. My business was earning more than I’d ever had before, but my marriage was filled with conflict. Then my mother came down with Alzheimers and I left Seattle to go Washington DC for what I thought was a few months, to help her move. I ended up there for two years to help her die. My husband joined us after a year, and going through that ordeal brought us closer.

The relationship I have now is one I never imagined possible. We are more in love now than ever before. We have a prosperous life together. And my work has expanded to areas I’d never dreamed of.

You may be in the mess of your own Consciousness remodel. You can change your experience by shifting your awareness to viewing it as You as greater Consciousness.

As Consciousness you know the bigger picture. When you go through your growth experience as Consciousness, it actually is comforting to your body personality. As much as your analytical mind wants to control the show, it’s relieved that you as Consciousness are driving the bus.

Radio Show Podcast 11/1/17 Consciousness, Instant Change, and What To Do With It

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November 1st

Today on Conscious Conversations, Joan and Janet talk aboutConsciousness, Instant Change and What To Do With It. For Consciousness, change happens in an instant. But the body/personality says “can it be that easy”? Tune in to hear how to gracefully allow transformation in your life.

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