How To Find Constancy In Turbulent Times ©2019 Joan Newcomb

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How To Find Constancy In Turbulent Times ©2019 Joan Newcomb

I’ve been quite caught up in the political roller coasters happening on both sides of the pond. An UK High Court ruled that Boris Johnson’s recent closure of parliament was against the law, shortly before the story about Donald Trump asking the Ukraine for help with the  US election broke.  
It got me thinking about time and cycles of time. Brexit began shortly before Donald Trump was elected. It’s taken until now for things to start to unravel although they haven’t fully done so yet. However the UK’s also been through three Prime Ministers since it started. 


The US has had two presidents, if you count that Russia’s interference in the US’ elections started during the last election campaign.  
I honestly don’t know enough about the UK’s parliamentary system nor it’s constitution to comment about what’s going on there. I have learned a ton about the US’s constitution and it’s system of checks and balances in the last three years. And, the US experiences pendulum swings every four to eight years. What was done by the previous administration is being undone by the present one, but what the present administration’s doings can be undone by the next one. Except for deaths of immigrants at the border and the increase in hate around the country. 
One thing the UK has, which the US hasn’t, is the Queen. She’s been a constant presence above the political fray for over sixty years. How many Prime Ministers has she outlasted? She gives an identity and models behaviour that continues regardless of the scandals and drama, and what is currently rocking her subjects to their core.
I got up early on Monday to acknowledge the Equinox and to experience Nature’s shift at this time of year. As I sat in meditation, I felt the constancy of Nature. Nature continues through it’s cycles. Yes there is weather and even climate change, and yet Nature feels enduring. I remember reading, I believe it was in “To Hear The Angels Sing” by Dorothy Maclean, the perspective of trees. Trees have enormous lifespans, some have existed for hundreds if not thousands of years. They silently witness the seasons and the passing years. They are also the lungs of the Earth.
There’s a remarkable peacefulness about Nature, even as fires burn and glaciers melt. We’re the ones freaking out, because we are vulnerable and can only survive within narrow parameters on this planet. Nature will continue to exist.
My rational mind is chattering away as I type this. It flashed me pictures of a dead planet, as if the Earth is on the verge of becoming Mars. 
As I settle into the enormous embrace of Nature I am also shown multiple possibilities, including if humans band together and make specific changes now. 
This planet is one of contrasts, where opposites exist. Nature has its many levels of creating and destroying. Some trees don’t germinate unless there’s a forest fire. Earthquakes indicate the planet is expanding, the continents are still moving. Human beings have their own cycles of creating and destroying as well. As we evolve, we have to de-story old ways of being. We are witnessing the death knell of those things that do not align with increased Consciousness in form.
In the last three years I’ve hit many points of wanting to change, manipulate, and fix external reality. I want to be in a different Universe. And yet I had also come to a realization that, as Consciousness, I *am* creating this reality, moment by moment. If I try to alter or adjust what’s going on outside of myself, I have lost my focus as Consciousness and am trying to control from an egoic level.
Recently, however, I’ve been playing with my old techniques. They don’t work very well – rather like opening up a computer that operates solely on MS-DOS. One thing that has created surprising results is to simply bless my circumstances. I imagine gold sunlight coming down over me, or my day, or my journey. I do it whimsically, without expectations. And then I’m completely gobsmacked how things unfold in my favor, even to the point of time and space reorganizing. 
If you have felt overwhelmed by current circumstances, I invite you to disconnect from the newsfeed for a bit and connect with Nature. And if your own timeline feels unmanageable, bless it.
Try that for the next few days and see what happens! 


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