Mystic Musings: What’s coming out of the woodwork now?

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What’s coming out of the woodwork now? The pendulum swings in another direction. ©2018 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

I just completed a year of being president of my toastmasters club and I pretty much sucked at it. I’m a reluctant leader. I want everyone to lead themselves.

So I was frustrated when folks stepped up to officer positions with no interest of actually doing the job, they didn’t even read the leadership manual that said what duties were expected. I think of folks like these as ‘seat warmers’. They’re just there occupying space, and in some ways taking a lot of energy as well.

But in a volunteer organization, you can’t expect people to do anything. You can just appreciated the ones who are present and show initiative.

In the world we see everyone is becoming more internally empowered and self governing. That’s what this evolution is about, accessing your own internal power and own internal wisdom and creating your reality from that space, that energy. it’s not about doing it because someone else told you to, or doing it to impress someone else.

At the same time there’s increased networking and interdependency. People are working together for the common good. so when you observe a group of people who are working towards what only benefits themselves, to the detriment of the whole, it’s especially irritating. There’s increased intolerance for those kind of folks.

We’re all in charge of our own reality. We don’t need gurus. We need peers and mentors, people who’ve walked this way to show us options. But we also need space to experiment and try our own ways.

I like coaching and teaching because it empowers people to do it for themselves. Coaching sees you as whole and complete. If you have a dilemma then you have within you the resources to resolve it. As good coach will ask powerful questions that allows you to connect with your inner wisdom and discover what’s right for you.

During the last presidential campaign I observed a lot of low-vibration, dark energy, crawling out of the woodwork. It was coming to the surface to be cleaned and I assumed it would clear by the election. But the infestation was deeper than could be imagined, which is why the clearing process it taking so long.

So now I’m noticing a lot of high-vibration, light energy, emerging. It is fiercely coming forward with truth and integrity.

It’s exciting to see how Consciousness is evolving into form. What isn’t in alignment with it will disintegrate.

If this feels daunting, if this feels scary, just know that’s your body-personality, the part of you that is physical reality and so interprets these changes from a survival level. When you as Consciousness anchor into your body, it calms and reassures it.

Then you can be excited about the changes, and amused by the drama. Then you can enjoy the roller coaster ride called life.

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