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The End of The World (As We Know It)  ©2021 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

I’m observing what is going on in the world today, and I’m seeing huge growth and expansion. In order for expansion to happen, however, old, restrictive patterns need to be released.

There’s an aspect of this that is natural. This planet is always in the midst of creating and destroying, disintegration and regeneration. Then there’s our man made, physical level of destruction and creation. We can see it evident in climate change and the effect of fossil fuels, but also in our creation of machines using alternative fuels, becoming more “green” in our building, more aware of our carbon footprint.

And then there’s cultural and societal changes, working towards equity and equality for all people.

I’ve spent the last forty years engaging more in the unseen realms, and here I am seeing more intensity than ever before. I believe it starts with the unseen and evolves to the physical, so what we’re witnessing in the work is a reaction to what it happening to all of us within. I think we haven’t experienced such enormous transformation in nearly two thousand years.

When you view it from the physical or even societal perspective it can feel like the end of the world as we know it. But it’s not the end of the world, just the world as we know it. You can feel like you’re dying. But it’s just the restrictive patterns that are going away. You can see prominent people in the news trying to reinforce restrictions, trying to drag the evolving world back to olden times. It’s not going to work, any more than trying to stop a tsunami with sandbags or a volcano with boulders.

It’s bigger than them. It’s bigger than their versions of reality. Evolution is happening whether it’s comfortable or not.

When you look at all of this from the perspective of Consciousness, you see it as light and patterns. Consciousness begins outside the hologram, but shows up in the hologram as vibration. It’s very high, very clear, and as it comes into form, it creates patterns of varying density. Bright light destroys shadows. High vibration shatters denser structures. We’re all experiencing being in the light in different ways.

Some of us are exhilarated. This is what we feel we are born for, to break rigid patterns, to bring in greater light. We’re on the leading edge, we’ve felt different than others, we’re excited to see the rest of the world catching up! Some of us are really uncomfortable. We’re born to stablize, to reinforce structures, to keep things in order. When we can open ourselves to the new things coming in, we can assist by helping to create foundations, to support and anchor the new into form.

All of us are either reinforcing patterns or breaking them. Reinforced patterns start as scaffolding for new creations for Consciousness to manifest through. Breaking old patterns allows new growth. 

It’s natural to resist, whether it’s resisting old patterns we feel are being imposed upon us, or whether it opportunity for new patterns that will actually allow us to manifest what we’ve been desiring for a long time.

When we resist old patterns, we feel imposed upon, we feel those outside are more powerful than we are. That is exactly the old that is in the process of dissolving and going away. When you stop resisting, you get your energy back and empower yourself.

When we resist new patterns, we stop ourselves from expanding into our next level of evolution. When you stop resisting your own growth, you effortlessly go forward into your True Self, who you really are (beyond your body and personality).

It’s the end of the world as we have known it, and the beginning of the new world better than we could possibly imagine.

Weaving Between Levels of Perception © 2020 Joan M Newcomb, CPC

In recent months, with all that’s been going on in the external world, I’ve completely forgotten my storyline. That is, the levels of my story line, and that I’m the moving through this reality from different levels. That’s because I don’t see them as static levels, rather, I weave between the levels of perception. 

When I’ve lost my focus, I’ve dropped a level. That is what the last few months have been like.

I’ve been helping other family members with their realities and forgetting about my own.

Now I’ve had a couple moments of Consciousness, when I’ve brought consciousness in to things and that’s made a remarkable difference. It helped end someone’s struggle with what I now know was Covid (even as I began getting it myself), and helped someone else’s storyline continue (in their body) instead of ending. 
The only thing I did in either of those cases is bring more Consciousness in and to them.
In my storyline I’ve been responding to others and pivoting in response to things on their timeline.
Doesn’t mean there haven’t been unique and interesting things on *my* timeline, but it my focus right now has been furthering others in my hologram.
It’s hard to have a clear sense of my own reality, the external world is very loud at the moment.
Each time I’ve attempted to deliberately create something on my timeline, something else has swept it away. It’s been pretty frustrating. And surprising. Because I don’t normally feel like things are happening to me. Usually I’m aware that I’m creating it all as Consciousness. Even in the most difficult times, I’ve been able to see my creation and go with the flow.
But this time, man, I mean, what the fuck?
And stuff has come up on levels I haven’t interacted in, in years. I mean like fifteen, twenty, thirty years.
I guess it’s all about dismantling old patterns and creating new ones. And now, after what feels like a very long time, I can see myself forging a future, in partnership with others, in ways I couldn’t have imagined. And that phrase, “I couldn’t have imagined” is my clue that I’m creating it as Consciousness. It’s showing up deeper and more complex than I could have imagined as well.
This *is* my storyline. This *is* my creation. Even as it’s all about everyone else.
We’re all in this orchestra together, we all have our individual instruments to play. I can experience now as sitting for the duration of the concern on an uncomfortable chair with a cello between my knees and calloused fingers. I can experience now as the sheet music in front of me and the tenor line alone, which can be rather boring at times. I can hear the string section. I can hear percussion and strings together, and gradually become aware of the entire orchestra and the concert I’ve been participating in.
Any one of these things taken out of context makes no sense at all, and makes for a very humdrum experience.
But now is the time to embrace all of it. Every aspect, pleasant and unpleasant. The cacophony and harmony. 
Bring your full focus to what’s happening now. Bring your Presence into form. Bring Consciousness into the storyline. And watch the collective storyline transform.
How Consciousness Sees Reality ©2020 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC 

A group of Indian students of Buddhism were granted an audience with His Holiness The Dalai Lama. They asked the most profound questions. One was regarding the perception of the mind versus the perception of (my words) Consciousness or maybe they meant Buddha Nature or Enlightenment, in regards to reality. 
Which is a really great question and here’s *my* answer on it. If you want to know what HHDL said, you’ll have to Google it. 😀

It’s a noticeable difference when you are perceiving reality through your mind’s filters, than when you’re seeing it as Consciousness.  Our mind is rational, judgmental, views things as good or bad, black or white. From Consciousness. it’s more than a thought, more like a feeling perception. Consciousness is neutral, mind is more structured, and that’s why the word ‘illusion’ seems like an inaccurate translation because the more solid and dense reality is, the more of an illusion it is.

I’ve been hesitant to write about this because we’re in very dense times with very painful storylines, just like I wouldn’t have, during the 1930’s and during WWII, been blithely saying ‘it’s all an illusion’. This is definitely a time of Consciousness expanding and density appearing more dense, darkness coming to the surface. 
However, the last few days, walking around my neighborhood, reality hasn’t felt… entirely real. It feels more like a movie set. Now I’ve experienced this before but usually only in glimpses, like walking across the parking lot at  a grocery store. But this has been consistent for several days. It’s a very odd feeling. 
It doesn’t mean reality isn’t real, it just means that I, like many, am experiencing a Consciousness Shift. I’m in the storyline, but not of the storyline. And the story is constantly shifting.
And what stories there are in the storyline! We’re each having our individual story, entangled with the other characters in our lives, entwined with stories going on in our town, our area, our country, the world. 
From a greater perspective, it’s really exciting what it going on, because that which seems so dark and destructive is actually in itself breaking down. That which seems so dominant and powerful is actually in the process of losing power. Consciousness is coming more into form, each of us is experiencing it more within ourselves. We’re all becoming more individually powerful just as we’re all feeling more collectively connected. The old paradigms aren’t working anymore, intolerance, dominance, prejudice, etc. can’t exist in the light of Consciousness.
How is this showing up in your life? What are you noticing? You don’t have to do anything differently. Just start by noticing. Shine your own light of awareness on your life, and things will transform.

When Diving Deep Into Density Is The Way To Higher Consciousness ©2020 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

I had plans this week to write about this shift to 5D and what it looks like from an in-body perspective. I may still write about it. But right now, through a series of completely unexpected events (very eclipsian), I’m sitting in my son’s living room, acting as the caretaker for my ex husband. He’s been disabled since having a massive heart attack in 2012, and my son, who was 25 at the time and is now 33, has been caring for him ever since.

So I am still not done with my helping my brother, but I’m down to flying out to NYC only 1 week out of them month. And this came up suddenly, and the hands on caregiving is only meant to last until they can hire someone. But it is so, so, so very interesting that it’s me here doing it.

My ex and I divorced almost 25 years ago. A whole other wife has come and gone since then. We shared custody of the kids, but I had some clear boundaries. I never even stepped into the most of houses they lived in during those years. Never saw my kids’ bedrooms there. 

When he had his heart attack, I was in DC caring for my mother. When I came back the following year, he was still somewhat functional. But over time it became clear that he was neurologically affected by oxygen loss during the heart attack, and has other physical issues.

I viewed him as a relative that was ill, and extended a hand when I could to support my son. Mostly that’s looked like runs to Costco once or twice a month. There was a time I tried taking him to a memory support group, after he was diagnosed with dementia. And picked him up from the hospital a couple times after some severe bouts of pneumonia.

But this is the most I’ve actually been in this house, and interacted with him, in almost 25 years.

It feels oh, so, eclipsian. And actually a reflection of the Consciousness Shift. 

You would think that a Consciousness Shift from 3D to 5D would be raising higher in vibration. But this is diving deep into ancient patterns, shining light and disintegrating them simply by being different with them.

This is walking, clear eyed, straight into them. 

My son has done an amazing job taking care of his dad in extraordinarily painful circumstances. His brother lives in Spain and can only come out a couple weeks a year. There is no other family here. His dad has dementia and also emphysema, so he is being with someone who is slowly dying, who is taking years to die. There’s an ongoing grief that happens when you are with someone doing that. Who they were has already died and you mourn that loss. Your job is to provide a safe space as they are leaving the body. During the eight years since the heart attack, my son bought the rental house they’re living in, and has begun a very successful business. But has sacrificed in other areas of his life. How many 33 year olds are in this position? Usually we’re much older, having raised our own families, when this happens.

I sit here, when I’m not bringing his dad coffee, moving the cat out of the room when he wants to smoke (yes he still smokes), or helping him navigate to the bathroom (he can’t recognize shapes or distances any more), and bring Consciousness into this place. With no specific intention. Not changing, fixing, manipulating or controlling the hologram. Just responding to what is. 

My ex is amazed at my ability to recall. He asks a question about something in the past and I tell him exactly what happened in way too much detail. I’m calling myself The Keeper of Memories, since it seems I’m the only one to know these things.

This is what it looks like, the shift to 5D from a 3D perspective. We can’t take our past with us. We are all needing to leave our baggage behind. Those of use with a heavier load of experiences (or concepts or beliefs) are being extra confronted at this time. The more capable of us have created more challenging life times.

And I get to bring light into darkness, which is my purpose for being here. I get to break family patterns by responding differently. 

I just remembered that today is my first wedding’s anniversary. The irony is not lost on me, that I am here today, thirty five years later.

In greater Consciousness, there is no past or future. There is no deeper or higher. As Consciousness all the histories are happening at once. As we expand into greater consciousness (5D) yet remain in form (3D) we get to experience physical reality with less density, less pain. We shall not regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it. We will comprehend the word serenity and we will know peace.


We Want Our Space Back (But what *is* space?) ©2020 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

Saw on Twitter a woman who’s been in the UK since she was 18 months old, married to an Englishman with a British passport with two kids, also with British passports, but she’d been born in Turin, and was separated out when they last went on holiday because her passport was Italian.

So she applied for citizenship and was rejected by the home office, being told she wasn’t “qualified” to live there.

It reminds me of the USA sending countless people who’ve lived all their lives in America to (often dangerous) countries, where many of them have never been before.

The virus is sending us all into our homes to get our space back. And the UK and the US are wanting to send people back to their “home” countries to get it’s space back. 
But there’s a distortion in the truth there. We’re in our homes to maintain our health, it’s a response to the virus because there’s no vaccine and no cure. And it’s meant to be temporary.
The UK and the USA are dislodging people who’ve been there for decades. And what’s truly distorted is that the US was founded by people from other countries, and the UK is made up of centuries of people from other places.
But they’re trying to get their space back. An astrologer in England voted to leave the EU because he felt that the country had gotten “too crowded”.
The darker sides of the US are trying to do that without looking at their own last names.

Identity. Identity is breaking down as we as Consciousness grow into greater connection.

It’s all really about energetic space. The unseen, that we each personally have, and that connects us all. “Getting your space back” really means stepping back from distractions, from other people, places and things. The virus sending us to our homes, kinda sorta does that. And yet it’s also connected many of us globally on Zoom.

But if we’re not aware of Consciousness, if we view the world as Identity, we feel fear and resistance and want to make forceful separations. We cling to old definitions of identity and also descrimitation.

I’m reminded of being at a David Spangler workshop in Duvall, walking by myself in the woods and having the enormous awareness of Love surrounding me. I was frightened at first that I would lose myself if I fell into it and when I did, I discovered being more myself in the midst of it.
That was a good five years before my consciousness shift into 5D.
Interesting to look back on my evolution.

My original training taught techniques for defining and owning your energetic Space, which I adopted with rigidity. Years later I realized that you can’t fall in love without merging, and that it’s through non resistance (which Consciousness is/feels like) you can be together.

When you fall into Consciousness, it’s an incredible expansion, but you don’t lose yourself, you actually gain a greater awareness of who you really are.

I invite you to play with this, this week. I believe the more of us that do this, the easier the collective evolution will be. And wouldn’t it be wonderful to ease us all into a more loving way of being?

We Aren’t Dying (But Why It Feels Like We Are) ©2020 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC 

The other night I woke up in the middle of the night, and as I was waking up, I saw what looked like hand drawn five pointed star in a circle. It was black and white and sketchy, so I got up and Googled it. It is spiritual geometry, used in beliefs like Wicca and groups like the Free Masons. It didn’t feel like 5D Consciousness but that I was picking up on something more 3D related.

The point was up which meant spirit transcending form, as opposed to spirit coming in or embodying form. Which got me thinking about my early mystery school training and actually also Findhorn (the way they hold hands in a circle, the energy cycles around so as to come more into the earthly realm) which are all about spirit coming into form. 

Now you may imagine that transcending form is the thing to do. And that coming more into form seems limiting or less than. 

But actually my training was all about Spirit coming into Body. Trying to transcend form can seem like leaving the body. And many people think that if you transcend to 5D, it means your gonna die.


We All Have Multileveled Spiritual Paths “One Point Of View Does Not Show The Whole Picture” ©2020 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

I came across this video that perfectly described my Spiritual Path. I think it’s actually the path of an electron.

Most people’s paths are not linear and yet society’s expectations is that you go along a prescribed route that is measurable and buildable and results in a long term marriage, a solid resume, and a healthy retirement account. Does any of us actually have all of those things?

What this video illustrates how many things are happening at once, on different levels. It may appear that you’re spinning your wheels, that you’re stuck, or that you’re even going backwards. And yet so much is occurring on unseen levels. Spiritual and emotional growth that cannot be validated if you only measure things in a lineal fashion.

Consciousness is experiencing all of this reality from multiple perspectives simultaneously and instantaneously.  There. Is no “progress” not “regression”. It’s not about improvement, it’s not about achieving. It’s not even about fulfilling a life purpose, if you define that to mean completing a mission you supposedly can here to tackle.

Consciousness creates this reality to experience the opposite of what Consciousness is in the state outside of physicality. It’s all about density and effort, it’s all about emotions and sensations. Consciousness’ natural state is expansive joy. When you shift to a 5D perspective, you’re able to experience that joyous ecstasy while still being centered in form. Even while the story line is going to hell in a handbasket.

Diving Through The Collapsing Wave ©2020 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

After a year and a half of commuting to New York to care for my brother who’s had a stroke, the exhaustion caught up with me and I put a pause on my regular ezine/blog posts and you tube videos. I felt like I was saying the same thing over and over again.

I thought I’d start up again in February but the Coronavirus swept across the world, and it seems I was in front of it. The first reported cases in the US were in the Seattle area in February, and I attended a large gathering at the Seattle Center on February 22nd. Then I flew to New York City just as a single case was reported there. On March 1st I flew to Spain, and over the seventeen days there I got to witness the city of Madrid shift from being rarely casual about the outbreak (“there are only 400 cases in a city of 4 million”, to completely locking down on March 14th – people were not even allowed out to exercise. Only one person in a car. You could be fined 50-600 euros for being on the street if you weren’t going grocery shopping for essentials.

I flew back to NYC on March 17th and self-isolated for 14 days. I thought I only had a cold but now with better awareness of the symptoms am convinced it was a mild version of COVID19. While in NYC my sister in law came down with much more recognizable symptoms, and I was there a full month helping her recover and doing my best to keep my disabled brother from catching it.

I’ve been on Vashon Island since April 16th (did not leave the house at all for the first 14 days) and feel like I’m only just getting my head above water.

It’s been an intense few months and it ain’t over yet.

Regardless of what city I’m in, the fear is palpable whenever I go out. I’ve been hesitant to give a spiritual perspective on what is happening, feeling that neutrality could be mistaken for being disconnected or in denial. Also, if I’m so good at what I do, why am I in this parallel Universe? Why haven’t I changed, fixed, or manipulated this hologram?

Here’s the thing – this is all part of the Consciousness shift. What is breaking down, what is disintegrating in our lives whether physically or emotionally, is because greater Consciousness is coming into form.

Now I used to resist the doom-and-gloomers who said, ‘not everybody is going to make it’. And yet, wow, we’re seeing an awful lot of death in a short period of time. But a way to look at it is, there is no death, our loved ones have just left their physical forms for the loving embrace of greater Consciousness. There’s no good or bad about dying or the amount of time you spend in one lifetime in physical form. Also from my “5D” perspective, there are parallel universes where their bodies are still alive. And as Consciousness we’re always connected, whether we’re together in body or not.

My interpretation of “5D” isn’t that we’re all going to shift into it, one of my favorite astrologers thinks that means death. What I have found is, as I experience myself as Greater Consciousness coming more into my body that my reality feels lighter and more fluid. Time is malleable. Grounding is different. Physical reality is less dense. It’s like going from dialup to wifi.

As Consciousness, I’m in total agreement with what is going on, even as my personality rages against it. It’s not about superimposing a rosy vision on what is. It’s more like observing as a city or neighborhood or world goes through an upgrade. Telephone poles get taken down, sewers gets dug up, squalid tenements get condemned.

Right now it’s very glaring that this is a world of opposites. The loudest and weakest are in power, the old paradigms they’re fighting so hard to continue imposing are fading away. What is emerging, I see, is a new, internal sense of empowerment, that we are all inherently and uniquely valuable. As we expand in our awareness, the old definitions are fading away as well, in terms of gender and sex.

It ain’t easy, and it won’t be over in a minute or a month, this transition will continue to unfold.

A while back while playing in the waves at the beach, I learned not to turn my back to the ocean when a giant wave came towards me. You just dive through it to the other side. As these waves of change come towards us, face them, take a deep breath, and dive through them. Reality will be a lot more fun on the other side.

Is There Any Such Thing As Perfect Timing? ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb

Today I’m musing about timing. I’ve been having things come into form that have taken ten years to manifest. My first book, originally written in April of 1996, was self published in 2006. I’m getting a handle on money issues that have been around at least that long, if not longer. I’m in a relationship that’s everything I’ve always wanted – and have been consciously praying for and energetically working on manifesting since the early 80’s.

Then I think about manifestations from my earlier years – my two kids were planned pregnancies that occurred without effort, with quick births, yet they had their own timing for being born.

Why do some things happen quickly and some things take forever to show up?

When I was a teenager I lost 50 pounds, simply by charting what I ate, limiting calories, and walking to school and back every day (about 5 or 6 miles). It took most of a year to do this, and was tremendously transformative and empowering.

Buoyed by this experience, I set my sights on a relationship, which took about five months to get the guy to go out with me. It was initially wonderful but then heart breaking.

As I look back over my different life experiences, some consciously manifested, some unconsciously attracted, and there has been a sense of what I used to call Divine Timing in all of it.

“The Universe gives you what you can handle” is one way I used to look at it. You attract what you’re ready for, is another way. I’ve resisted what I thought the Universe was giving me; at times I’d say “it thinks I’m too friggin’ capable”.

But now I have a different perspective as Consciousness,  reframing my experience of timing, and also of manifestation.

It’s not the Universe giving me anything, it’s me as Consciousness creating everything I experience in the physical.

Someone once mentioned that reincarnation didn’t make any sense to them because everything was happening at once. I got the instant understanding that there is no time or space as Consciousness, so from the perspective of Consciousness, all past and future lives are happening ‘at the same time’ this one is. There is no linear link from past to future, it’s not like going up grades in school. And if you can grasp that in Consciousness there is no individuality, then there’s really no one spark of light going through a series of experiences (like grades in school). As aspects of Consciousness we just jump into the pool of life, splash about, and then jump out into the All-That-Is.

As I reconcile it taking me so long to get to where I am at, I realize that it really took no time at all. Each lifetime is just a blink of an eye. And what I’ve accomplished in this one is just a glimmer of the great Spark of all of creation.

As I relax into a perspective of creating as Consciousness, it really doesn’t matter how much or how little I have achieved. It’s all about Creation. It’s all about playfully creating in the physical. I either manifest something, or I don’t. It either happens now, or later, or not. I create this, or I create something else. And I can choose to create happy thoughts, happy experiences, or challenging ones.

When I shift to navigating life as Consciousness, what shows up is bigger than my little mind can imagine.

And when you add the awareness of Parallel Universes into the mix, you realize that you as Consciousness are simultaneously experiencing other possibilities within this storyline. There’s a parallel self that has experienced success earlier in life, there’s a parallel self that is already experiencing whatever I want to create right now.

Whatever you want to create, it already exists, you just need to step into the Universe where you already have it.

It becomes a much more fun way to experience life. And I can welcome all these wonderful things coming into my life and enjoy my time with them Now. Which is really the only time there is.

Revised 2017, original post from 2009 

There is a lot of emotional and mental noise in the world today. Things are really polarized. And there’s a big message out there that if you aren’t upset about something, there’s something wrong with you!

Often, however, the more dramatic the scenario, the less likely it is to be true. It’s more likely a distraction from something else really going on. Or is simply an indicator of a distorted perception.

97% of us grew up in dysfunctional homes. Many of us suffer from PTSD. When triggered, there’s going to be a very, *big*, reaction. And, wow, there’s a lot to react to in the news.

But how does it feel to react to all that’s going on? How does it feel to be in the thick of it?

I find it really frustrating and painful. I had a lot of sleepless nights this time last year. It reminded me of the misogynism and narcissism of my childhood. My response, when I got old enough, was to fight back. In that scenario, I think I was the only one to leave without feeling like a victim, with a sense of power because I could stand up.

Yeah. That’s a pattern that’s not in present time.

My expanded perspective now, as Consciousness, is that anything that is negating, anything that is dramatic, is not the Truth. It is an entanglement of density. It emanates from bodies and personalities and is disconnected from Consciousness.

When I’m responding as Consciousness, I feel neutral. I don’t get emotionally caught up in the stories. I have a bigger picture viewpoint. I see the greater Light of Consciousness shining in the world and exposing that which has been hidden in shadows. I see uncomfortable patterns rising to the surface to be cleared.

There’s a valuable tool I learned when working with families and friends of alcoholics, and it’s called ‘detachment’. It’s being able to detach, to not be emotionally affected by the alcoholic’s behavior. When you stop responding to the chaos created by someone actively drinking, you can clearly see how you can adjust your own behavior. You can learn how to step back and let them have the consequences of their actions. It gives you the energy to take care of yourself instead.

Now, folks who are embroiled in the drama are going to get pissed off if you’re not in the trenches with them. They’ll accuse you of being disassociated, or frigid, or ‘on the other side’.

But when you respond as Consciousness, you’re able to not get drawn in. You don’t need to apologize for being neutral.

Being neutral doesn’t mean not having any feelings at all. But the feelings are even, not turbulent. Mostly as Consciousness, I feel compassionate, and even amused if it’s really batshit crazy.

I’ve even felt sad about some situations. But as Consciousness I know things can get reversed in an instant. As Consciousness, I know that *everyone* is Consciousness, even if they’re not currently acting like it.

As Consciousness I know that this lifetime happens in a blink of an eye. This, too, shall pass. They, too, shall pass. Things, and people, can change.

Responding, from neutral, is retaining your power as Consciousness. No one has authority over your internal space. You can make empowered choices as Consciousness. And that leads to an incredible sense of freedom.

When You’re The Only Magician In The Room ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

It can feel a little lonely, being the only magician in a world full of muggles. There’s no one to talk to about all the amazing things you’re experiencing. And when you try, your words get all jumbled up and people look at you as if you’re crazy.

You’re not crazy. Far from it. You may be the only sane person in the room.

The world is going through a shift in Consciousness but people are each waking up at different a pace. And those who are already awake may be hiding it, because they don’t want *you* looking at them as if they’re crazy.

It’s hard to understand how people can remain unconscious, when there’s such beauty and wonder all around.

So, of course, our first impulse is to run around trying to help everyone wake up. And to furiously use magic to make things different.

It works, temporarily, but always seems to backfire. Or worse, when you get entangled in other’s unconsciousness, it draws you back there, too.

How can we take them with us, our unconscious loved ones? How can we make the world less unbearable?

The world of Muggles becomes a lot easier when you’re not trying to drag them all into consciousness. They’ll wake up in their own sweet time. And you needn’t disguise yourself or dampen your energy to match them. Stay your bright and shiny self.

Unbearable things are going on in the world, and have been since the world began. Things are actually better than they used to be, and are getting better (news headlines notwithstanding).

There is one ‘Potteresque’ technique you can use to make it easier on yourself in your newly awakened, heightened sensitivity.  I call it the invisibility cloak.

Wrap yourself in it the next time you’re going to be around unconscious people. It won’t necessarily make you invisible, but it will help you be non-resistant to their denser energy. It will allow you to maintain your bright and shiny higher frequency.

You won’t always need to use it, but it will make it easier for you to be out in the world.

And as you learn to maintain your own unique energy as you navigate the world, you’ll begin to encounter other magicians. They were always there, but you couldn’t see them while preoccupied with muggles and mugglish things.

Play with this, this week, and see what happens!


How Can You Tell If You Are Going Through A Consciousness Shift? ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb

We hear all about this Consciousness Shift that’s happening, but how can you tell if it’s happening to you?

People like Eckhart Tolle and Byron Katie had very marked transformations. They each literally woke up one morning and each found their ego had dissolved.

And, you know, they’re famous people. They have best selling books. They’ve been on Oprah. So that must be what happens when you shift, right? No more pain, no more money worries, and you’re instantly enlightened.

That’s what happened to them. That’s what’s happened to some people. I talked to a woman in New England who’d had a similar experience, but lived a very quiet life afterwards.

It was a relief to connect with her. Because I was worried about turning into Byron Katie or Eckhart Tolle. I think it would be a pain in the ass to live with them. I can’t imagine staying married or having my kids around me, if I were questioning every thought or being constantly in the present moment.

Of course that’s the monkey mind ego talking. Because in reality, Byron Katie has a better relationship now with her adult children than when they were growing up. And has a loving relationship with her husband. Eckhart Tolle is also married (although I remember reading how he drove his wife crazy sorting out the recycling a piece at a time, when she just wanted to get it to the curb for pickup).

But the Consciousness Shift is different for everyone. It’s like being at a baseball game and the crowd does “the Wave”. People across the stadium start standing up, and it goes around the stands until it comes to you. Not everyone is standing up at once. And not everyone experiences it in the same way.

I’ve been evolving as Consciousness since 1974, consciously using techniques since 1981, and my language and experience has changed and expanded along the way. In 2006 I reached a tipping point, which propelled me into a new way of being.

Some people are finding themselves hyper sensitive, they’re feeling or sensing everyone around them. Some are having a hard time sleeping. Many feel uncomfortable and out of sorts with their old lives, and yet excited and impassioned about what seems to be awakening within.

A lawyer I know felt crazy because she wanted to quit her practice and be a Reiki Master.
A Christian who spent every Sunday in Church since childhood, left her community and discovered a deeper spirituality than she’d ever thought possible.

What happened to me is my old practice stopped working, my old belief system disintegrated. It was very disorienting, since I was very identified with my teachings. I was an energy expert, in techniques that have been around for thousands of years.

I’ve successfully “upgraded” those original techniques, and found new ways to navigate. I had to learn to bypass my intellect, and be improvisational, responding to whatever shows up in the moment.

In the past few years my empathy has gone through the roof. I sense family members who live 3,000 and 6,000 miles away. I know when someone has read an email I’ve sent. And that’s just with people who are still alive.

Ten years ago when I had a stint as a phone psychic, I developed clairvoyant techniques for talking with dead people. However what I experience now is kinesthetic, I’ll feel them waft through me. And visual, usually symbolic reminders that they’re around, although recently I’m actually detecting thought forms. Which might be more about time and space breaking down for me than actually connecting with the being in it’s deceased non-physical form.

The newest experience for me is noticing gridlines. Not vertical like in the movie the Matrix, but horizontal, and sparkly, superimposed over physical reality.

The other day I was having a challenging time, taking someone recently diagnosed with dementia to a support group. It was bringing up memories of doing the same thing for my mother, although this situation and this person is completely different. Experiences like this have been coming up recently and they’re an opportunity to be in present time, and release past energy.

When I was in the present moment, I would see these gridlines. When I sunk into my thoughts, they went away. Or, more accurately, I sunk into density and my ability to notice the gridlines went away. I’m choosing not to label or define it, I’m just noticing what is happening.

It’s a very subtle shift. And I suspect for everyone, their expansion into Consciousness on one hand is subtle but profound.

On the other hand, physical reality could be completely falling apart around you. That does tend to happen when we move to a new level. When you no longer match the density you’re in, reality reorganizes.

It’s less painful when you don’t resist the changes. It’s more graceful when you navigate it as Consciousness.

You don’t have to try to do anything to expand. It’s happening without any effort on your part. You just have to notice. And enjoy the ride.


How To Handle The Mosh Pit of Life

©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

It’s been an emotional roller coaster ride recently. With all the events around the world, no one has been spared, it seems. It’s hard to maintain equilibrium in the midst of it all.

My original training as a healer and spiritual counselor taught me to be detached from my clients. The intention was to stay out of sympathy with them, because sympathy can actually be disempowering. If you feel sorry for someone, it invalidates their capability as Spirit. When you acknowledge them as Spirit, it recognizes them as whole and capable of creating their reality.

However the other end of the pendulum presented was empathy. The problem with empathy is that you’re feeling their feelings. Which makes it really hard to be neutral.

I’m sure the original translation of the teachings meant to be compassion. That is, compassion in the Buddhist sense, which accepts and doesn’t resist suffering, but also wishes all beings peace and happiness.

When I shift from my everyday perspective, where I can get caught up in injustice and sorrow, to an expanded perspective as Consciousness, I truly understand compassion.

As Consciousness I view the world as my creation, not a school but a playground of experiences. I can appreciate both the creativity of myself as Consciousness, and also the other aspects of Consciousness, in their life stories in form. I recognize that even the most unconscious-seeming person is still Consciousness. I can have compassion for the pain and discomfort that comes from being in form, in a body, without awareness.

There are some very painful stories out there. There’s heartbreaking loss. And yet, as Consciousness, there is no loss. The dead are still with us, we just can’t see them. The house is gone, things are lost that are irreplaceable in form, but there is life beyond.

Consciousness is neutral about these things. Consciousness is also neutral about time. It may take years to recover from the trauma, to rebuild lives. To Consciousness, this entire lifetime is in the blink of an eye.

Before “waking up”, I was in tremendous pain for so many years. I was suicidally depressed some of the time. When I lifted out of that level of depression, I made choices that may have limited me to the outside world, but were intended not to tip me over, to keep me from going back into that pit of despair.

Our societal measurements of success are not the same as Consciousness.

You can’t dive into physical reality without getting muddy. If you try to avoid it, you’ve missed the point of being here.

I look at what is happening in the world and I want to end poverty and starvation. I want everyone to feel nurtured and loved. I want everyone to be spiritually enlightened. I want everyone to have their heart’s desire.

And when I shift my perspective as Consciousness, I see that what everyone is striving for, they already have. Freedom. We are free to experience the world in all of its aspects. We’re free to explore the depths and the heights. We are free to create expansion *and* contraction, increase and limitation.

What everyone is desiring, they already are. At their Essence, they are Consciousness.

When I sense all of us as Consciousness, as much as I’d like to say it’s like a symphony, it’s really more like being in the mosh pit of a heavy metal concert. In the rain.

When I sense everyone as Consciousness, I can see how everyone is actually enjoying themselves here, even folks who thought they had tickets to Vivaldi and found themselves in the crowd listening to Metallica.


Manifesting Effortless Miracles (Are Easier Than You Think) ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

Four weeks ago I moved both my home and my office, and it feels like I’ve been sorting through boxes forever.  Today I excavated a bunch of notes from various training programs I’ve taken, and, my goodness, what a lot of information is in all those pages.

Just looking at them (not even reading them) feels overwhelming. And something I remember from one of the programs group calls was someone complaining how many hours she spent each morning implementing the techniques. She was meticulously doing *every*single*action* to make something happen in 30 days or less.

That’s a good way to make nothing happen in 30 *years* or more!!

But we’re so programmed to believe that if you work hard and do everything perfectly, good stuff will happen.

However, when you’re working as Consciousness, the opposite is true.

Effort, and trying hard, stops your creativity as Consciousness. Perfectionism paralyzes us into inaction.

If you’re trying really hard to magnetize your energy to attract something, effort repels it instead.

Consciousness works effortlessly. Actions taken as Consciousness are playful. Systems and processes only work if they’re done with curiosity, and improvisationally.

Intentions need to be open-ended. Techniques need to be used with a beginners’ mind. In fact, you often have to trick your mind, because it’s the part of you that wants to be in control, it wants to KNOW exactly how to do it, and be very specific about what is going to be created.

On the Transformation Game  board, there’s a Miracle Square, and when you land on it, you’re instantly relieved of all your pain and can gracefully go forward to any step on your path that you choose.

Going forward as Consciousness, you have an infinite amount of Miracle Squares in front of you. And any step, in any direction, can effortlessly land you in a reality bigger than you can possible imagine.

Life for me now, is like a full immersion Transformation Game. Every morning is a new beginning. Every door a portal into a new reality.

Play with this for the next few days and see what happens to you!


When It’s Good To Lose Your Cookies (and How To Keep What You Don’t Want To Lose) ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

We are multidimensional beings, so much more than just bodies and minds. Out energy exists both within and outside of time and space. We intuitively know that coming into this life but the world of density and effort diverts our attention. We quickly forget that we are Consciousness creating in form.

From the moment we’re conceived, we’re creating and absorbing impressions. Our bodies and energy systems are picture galleries. Our experience of the world is colored by all the data we collect.

By the time we’re adults are hard drives are filled with every memory we’ve lived and every concept we’ve taken in. We’re quite solidified in our beliefs about reality.

When we go through changes, we release anything that shaped our prior reality and create new ones. When our body/personalities are in agreement with these changes, or at least know what’s coming up, it’s easier. There may still be an adjustment but the discomfort is less when our body/personalities know what’s coming up.

From the body/personality level, in order to move forward we need to delete our cookies. This can take time if we choose to “process”, use rituals, or talk it out.  It can also take forever if you don’t want to lose pictures or memories that you feel are precious. They may be painful, but you feel are significant to your identity.

At the next level up, in the mind, thought, Spirit realm, you can de-energize the cookies (you can symbolically blow them up, make them disappear, or highlight and delete them). But you face the same stumbling blocks.

The level beyond is Consciousness, where transformation is instant and effortless. It’s a shift in dimensional frequency where you can still be “here”, fully embodied and present, but not in the density of the story. Rather than clearing blocks or deleting cookies, you just step into a parallel universe where everything is different.

You don’t need to think it out when you’re operating as Consciousness. You come from a place of playful curiosity.  It’s subtle but very profound. It’s pictures beyond pixels, reality beyond atoms and molecules.

It’s helpful to know that nothing you care about is ever energetically lost, even if it’s gone from your experience. Everything still exists as Consciousness, you can imagine storing them in the cloud. As Consciousness we have infinite storage. A simple way to do this is to decide to ‘delete cookies’ when you go to sleep at night, and that anything you don’t want deleted can get moved to your cloud storage.

Play with this for the next few days and see what happens!


How To Handle Internal Noise ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

When I first started dating my husband, I could only hang out at his place for a limited amount of time. He lived in North Seattle and you could hear I-5 from his house.

I lived on Vashon Island, with less than 11,000 people. The city was just too noisy for me.

By the time we moved to Tacoma, I’d been back east caring for my mother and I thought that I’d become desensitized to city sounds.

What I hadn’t counted on was an increased empathic sensitivity. The neighborhood we moved to had a growing population and the energetic noise got to be too much.

It’s not just location, I notice the internet emanates a collective sound as well.

I believe we’re all evolving as Consciousness and thus experiencing heightened abilities. For some people it’s empathy, the ability to feel other people’s feelings. For some it’s telepathy or tuning into people’s thoughts. For some it’s clairvoyance, the ability to see on multiple levels. Precognition is the ability to know what’s about to happen. Clairaudience means heightened hearing. You may be able to perceive through touch, or smell, as well.

When you first start having heightened sensitivities, you think it’s you. I must be thinking these thoughts (until other people start to say them out loud). I must be feeling these feelings (even though there’s no reason, your not triggered or tired). I must just be making this up.

As you become familiar with your awarenesses, you can start to discern whether it *is* you, or outside of you. You realize that you’re always drained after staff meetings at work, because you’re feeling the tension of all the people in the room.

For me the inner noise is quite remarkable. It’s like listening to an arena full of people. You can’t quite make out the conversations but you can hear the collective sound.

When you combine that with heightened empathy, feeling loved ones’ feelings (regardless of what state or country they live in), it’s a cacophony of vibrations. It can be quite frustrating or overwhelming, like living in an apartment building with thin walls; you can’t make the neighbors turn their stereo down.

So, what can you do about it? There are several ways to handle the internal noise.

You can’t make your neighbors turn down their stereo, but you can turn down your own internal ‘hearing aid’. Imagine a dial for your sensitivity and turn it down a notch. For you this may not be a dial but a digital up or down button, press ‘down’ until the vibration subsides.

If it’s an individual’s communication (picking up on how your loved one is feeling) another technique is placing their energy in a window, to where they get the relief, answer, or solution they are seeking. You don’t have to be everyone’s personal healer!

Music not only drowns out external noise but can uplift your internal vibration as well. If you’re vibrating higher than the collective, their energy can pass through without you being affected by it.

Play with these this week, notice what works for you, and see what happens!

Intersections of Life ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb

My evolving awareness is that life is a creation of Consciousness, and we *are* that Consciousness. It’s not accurate to say it’s an illusion but it’s a manifestation of our focus as Consciousness.

I use the term ‘hologram’ for this world, which isn’t entirely accurate but then language cannot begin to describe the process of going from our infinite vastness into the density of form.

I also describe life in this world as a game, because to Consciousness, it is a kind of full immersion ‘virtual reality’ experience.

purchase on Etsy
By Peter Gorman (for sale on Etsy*)


There are lots of ways to play this game, and there’s no good or bad way to participate. You can dive in, completely unconscious, and feel tossed and turned by it. At this level you experience physical reality at it’s most dense. In order to create you have to use a lot of effort and it takes a lot of time.

Another way to play is with some awareness, in the realm of thought and law of attraction. This takes less effort and feels more playful, as you use visualization and repetition (and vision boards and pink balloons) to make your ideas become real.

Yet when you’re playing fully as Consciousness all the old rules go out the window. You have no need to try to manifest anything. You know that You are creating all of this as Consciousness, down to the smallest detail. You just show up fully in the present moment and respond to what is.

In fact there’s no need to make anything happen in the hologram, because there’s an infinite number of holograms with an infinite number of possibilities and outcomes. You just shift yourself to where the reality is unfolding in your favor.

However, even if you choose to play fully as Consciousness, it doesn’t mean everything is just ducky.

If ever there was a time I wanted to change, fix, or manipulate the hologram, last month was it. The house we were living in had mold, and I’d been able to ignore it since turning off the furnace in Spring, but knew that come September there’d be problems again.

Life flows forward like cars in traffic and if you don’t make conscious choices, eventually you’ll feel that you’re forced into them. You’re not really forced into anything, but if you’re driving without your hands on the wheel… or with your eyes closed…

What I observed happening over the previous month was possibilities arising and stepping towards each one. Reality reorganized around that possibility and I had the opportunity to check it out in body. Then it would shift to a different scenario as I became clear about my preferences.

What ultimately unfolded is perfect but completely different than I originally thought I’d wanted. When you play as Consciousness what shows up is beyond what you could possibly imagine and the house we’re in now certainly is that.

While writing this blog post, I came across an illustration of the intersections of Seattle by Peter Gorman. When he first moved to Seattle, a friend told him that Seattle’s layout is easy to understand. “It’s all a grid,” she said, “until it’s not.”
It’s a perfect one-dimensional rendering of Seattle’s three-dimensional intersections. Life has such intersections, just on a multidimensional level.
This game is infinitely complex. You come to places in your life’s journey that are more complicated than mere crossroads. There are multiple possible options. In form you can only experience one option at a time. The good news is that there are no mistakes, as Consciousness you’re running and experiencing all the options instantaneously and simultaneously.
Play it any way you feel moved to play it. And, if you choose to play it as Consciousness, it will start unfolding in surprising, sometimes bizarre, and sometimes delightful ways!
*Prints of Gorman’s map, along with maps of other cities, including Cambridge, Portland, and Manhattan, are for sale on the Barely Maps Etsy shop. Intersections of Seattle Minimalist Map Print [Etsy]

Operating as Consciousness in Body ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb

Someone asked me what specific techniques would be useful to create a desired outcome for navigating as Consciousness.

Techniques don’t matter as much as perspective. If you’re trying to change, fix, or manipulate the outcome, you’re not operating as Consciousness.

If you feel like outer circumstances *need* changing, fixing, or manipulating, you’re not operating as Consciousness.

If you feel like someone or something has more power than you, you’re not operating as Consciousness.

As Consciousness, you are creating this reality. Including things seeming to need fixing, changing or manipulating. Even the aspect of you that feels powerless in the moment.

What if I feel like someone or something has more information than I do? What if I don’t know how to do something?

As Consciousness, you are Infinite Intelligence, you *are* the Cosmic Internet, with all information available to you at any moment.

However you’ve created a body/personality with limitations, which doesn’t have all that information in it’s hard drive.

You’ve created other people and things in your reality with that information.

The power issue is a little different because it’s where you place your Source. Others in your reality are not your Source. Bosses, banks, and governments are not your source.

Money isn’t your source. It’s an expression of appreciation in this physical reality.

When you internalize this, and internalize that *you* are Consciousness creating all this, it creates an enormous shift in your reality.

Nothing daunts you any more. Infinite possibilities become available to you.You are free to play and choose from all options.

You feel free to express appreciation for information or support, because you’ve created that information or support or person, place, thing, in your reality.

Consciousness Techniques work when you use them as Consciousness. When you use them as body personality, they’ll be as flawed as Law of Attraction is when you’re coming from a place of lack.

When you’re operating as Consciousness, you can make up your own techniques and they’ll work for you.

If you’re not operating as Consciousness then no amount of techniques are going to get you then. Even a glimmer of Consciousness manifests miracles.

I’ve created mentors and teachers in my reality, but they are not my Source. They are other aspects of Consciousness. I value their experience and information, but doing it exactly their way isn’t going to work for me. I have to own it for myself, which may mean upgrading or adjusting it to resonate with me as Consciousness, for anything to work.

I have mentees, students and clients in my reality, but I am not their Source. I am a creation of Consciousness by them. I see my main role is to validate them *as* Consciousness and not their personality.

I also happen to have valuable experience, information, and techniques that may be useful, but only if they own it as Consciousness.

When you move through this world as Consciousness, when you own this world as your Creation, it completely transforms your reality.

Life becomes effortless and fun.

I just spent four weeks manifesting a house. When I first started, I wanted one just like the one I’m in (a 1905 Craftsman, in the historic Proctor District of Tacoma). It was fascinating to watch the creation reorganize, and go through different possibilities before it finalized in a 1956 ‘Mid Century Modern’, surrounded by trees, in a quiet suburb next to a golf course.

My mind would not have intended this. But it is unfolding perfectly in my favor. And I had been saying that a part of me yearns to go back to being a “Mystic In the Woods” as I was for many years on Vashon Island. I realized today that maybe this might be an aspect of this new creation.

When I operate as Consciousness, what gets created is beyond my wildest imagination.

Try this for yourself and see what happens!

Behind The Scenes ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb

Driving home this morning, I was appreciating the scenery. There’s a covered bridge on some acreage on the road I live on and today there was a wonderful mist hovering in the field beyond it. Viewing this world as DensityAndEffortland, I am continually awestruck at how real physical ‘reality’ is.

I suddenly had the impression of being on a movie set and could almost see the Devas and Nature Spirits who work on creating the set. Devas are the energetic architects of all things in physical form. Each thing has an individual nature spirit tending to it.

From the highest consciousness level, it’s all me (just as it’s all you, since we’re all one). Not just my creation, but is all my energy as well. I was struggling with an appropriate analogy here, when I got the flash of an orchestra. An orchestra is producing one beautiful piece of music, yet it’s many different instruments.

When I came back from Findhorn I had learned several different songs along with the harmony to them. I recorded myself singing one part, then made a second recording of myself as I harmonizing with the melody/ I actually managed to do this with four part harmony with my voice singing all the parts.

Highest Consciousness is singing all the parts, but it trickles down to a multitude of instruments producing the vibrations. Physical reality is the symphony of sound.

When you identify yourself *as* Spirit, Source, as Highest Consciousness (even to say ‘your’ Highest Consciousness distances you from You) it raises your awareness and expands your perspective.

When you see the bigger picture, and sense all that is going on behind the scenes, you have an overwhelming appreciation of this creation.

It’s not that this reality is an illusion, it’s not fake, it’s actually very deliciously physically real.

It completely changes your engagement in this world. Even though you may feel more neutral, less enmeshed in chaos and drama, you actually feel more in love with all of it. It’s an incredible heart opening.

We’re all on the tipping point of this right now. Any of us, at any moment, can shift into this new experience of reality.

We can’t do this from our mind, it’s not a matter of changing our thinking. It’s an intuitive shift of perspective. The easiest way I find is to walk through invisible doors to parallel universes. Every step takes you to a new Universe. If you walk quickly, you don’t have time to think about it.

Walking in this way subtly adjusts our reality. You’ll notice yourself feeling lighthearted. The world will be brighter, clearer, in sharper focus. Doing this on a regular basis will transform your reality beyond your wildest imagination!

(refreshed from 2007)

Manifesting In The New Consciousness ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

I recently created a scenario which seemed to require conscious manifesting. In the old days I would have written about it, vision boarded it, affirmed it, put it in a pink balloon, two pointed to where ever it already exists, and, yes, stepped through doors to parallel universes where it’s already happening.

Because yeah, man, I’m an expert and I already know this stuff.

And I didn’t do any of those things. I created something that afternoon that wasn’t quite the thing. I sat with it, and watched other possibilities unfold. This required interacting with others in my storyline, and dances with relationships.

It was (and is) very interesting to see what is coming into form. And very interesting to see my discomfort with not being entirely in control of the creation.

It’s still not fully in form. The agreements are still being drawn up. And Mercury is going retrograde on Saturday!

But something bigger is unfolding, beyond what I can imagine, and a part of me is excited to be stepping into the unknown, to having something more that what my mind wants to design.

There’s so much potential for drama and disagreements. And yet all that dissipates when I don’t resist what is.

Manifesting in the new Consciousness is the opposite of how it was before. It isn’t about changing, fixing, or manipulating the circumstances. It’s not about claiming power and declaring it to the Universe. It’s not about specifics and time limits.

All of that was Ego/Personality/Mind wanting to control the outcome. The part that is fearful, the part that feels powerless, the part that is based in survival.

Consciousness is creating all of this. You are Consciousness. You’re creating all of this. All possibilities exist within this creation. You are dancing between possibilities.

It’s all good, because as Consciousness, you love your creations, you love your Self that is playing in this field of reality.

Playing this way you totally know it’s a benevolent You-niverse. Wherever you fall, you are being caught.

There are no mistakes, because all possibilities are running simultaneously and you chose this one in the moment. Things can transform themselves, when you play at this level, when you expand to a different outcome.

Manifesting in the new Consciousness is about creating, not control. This is a playground, we are here to create, it’s all about creating and being creative.

As Consciousness you are benignly neutral. There’s no good or bad to what you create. If you manifest disasters, it’s equally as creative as manifesting miracles. If you want to create something different it’s a very subtle shift in direction.

It’s incredibly freeing to let go of control, and to go forward completely improvising as things come up.

Creating as Consciousness allows you to manifest beyond your wildest imagination.


Everyday Time Traveling ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

I’m writing this from a hotel room next to the Yakima River. It’s a scorching day in August, yet the river it running full and strong. I’m not used to rivers, I live in the Puget Sound, which has tides that flow and ebb along the shore.

The river reminds me of our experience of time in this physical reality. Time flows, from past to future. When I meditated on this, while looking at the river, I saw myself standing still, wanting to walk upstream, wanting to let the river take whatever I wanted to release.

It illustrates my resistance to going with the flow. It shows that I’m facing the past (upstream). The current of time is continually moving us forward, down the river. As Consciousness focused into form, we cannot cling to the river bank.

It also illustrates how, in this new reality, everything is the opposite of what is was before. My old focus would have been to stay anchored in one spot, and to release energy that way. When I see myself as Consciousness flowing down the river, I see that past energy is released in every moment. It’s not even an issue. It is gone, and the continuous flow is the present moment.

My body feels unnerved with the prospect of releasing its grip on the bank. It doesn’t feel exhilarated by the flowing water (as it may have when I was younger). It anticipates drowning, which is not fun.

But when I gently cradle it in my loving energy as Consciousness, it allows the flow to happen. I feel the shift in energy. I relax into the continuous change that is always available.

Nothing is truly lost, nothing is really left behind, it is put into it’s proper placement in the storyline, it is stored in the Cosmic Cloud. No one is really gone, nor abandoned, we are all still connected as Consciousness.

Consciousness exists outside of time and space. The flow of time is just one of the elements that construct this reality. It keeps the story moving along, it’s the background music that helps propel our personal game of life.

We are bigger than our story, we are bigger than the river, we are Consciousness that encompasses it all. When you identify as Consciousness within form, this all becomes an enjoyable activity, even if we’ve hit a patch of white water and are rolling over rocks.

When you hold a bigger space in your life, as you effortlessly do as Consciousness, it is easy to cast off the bowlines and go into the current, towards everything you’ve dreamed and desired.


How To Handle The Waves of Change ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

Wow, this is an intense time. So many things are coming at us. We have to handle multiple things at once. There’s no time to rest. There’s certainly no sleep at night!!

Now, some people may find this exhilarating. They may feel on top of their game. Yay, them.

Most folks are finding this challenging and overwhelming. If this is you, even though your circumstances are unique, you’re not alone!

What is happening is that Greater Consciousness is coming into form. This is stirring things up.

This will show up in your life in situations or relationships provoking feelings of conflict, resistance, pain, fear, anger, or just wanting to sleep all day!

How to handle these waves of change?

You can fight it. This might be energizing to some. It may keep them from being paralyzed with fear. It might help them break through to the next experience. Or it might get you more enmeshed in it.

You can pretend it’s not happening. This is a different tactic. Just keep going to work and home and act as if nothing unusual is going on. Fake it ’til you make it. This strategy is useful to some folks, a way to hunker down and get through it. However this can also backfire, the situation can accelerate until you have to pay attention to it!

You can ride with it.  Life is like kayaking, sometimes we hit white water, grab hold of your paddles! This is a great way not to resist and ‘go with the flow’ no matter how fast and rough it may seem.

You can dive through the waves. If you’re standing in the water at the beach and the wave seems too big, just dive through it! You’d be surprised how quick you get to the other side.

Old patterns are breaking down. Situations that don’t serve are either going away or getting worse. It’s an opportunity for you to try something new or different, or put into practice what you already know.

However it’s on the way to getting better. You could come out of this time period completely transformed! Don’t resist the ride.

If you really, really want things to be different, this is your chance to change things! Portals of change are opening and are everywhere. All you have to do stay is stay alert, and step through them!

How To Deal With The “New Normal” (c) 2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

One of my neighbors stopped me on my walk and offered condolences. “Emma’s died?” She and her husband had seen us carrying her out to the lawn in her last days.

When she came back from the vet, after her biopsy, she’d stopped walking. So we carried her outside twice a day. It wasn’t all that different from before, since she’d like to sleep most of the day anyway. It was a “new normal”.

She was too heavy for me to lift and at some point my husband hurt his back, so we both lifted her using the four corners of the towel that we had under her. I found myself singing the song from Aladdin as she went on a ‘magic carpet ride’ to the outside world. Corgis are always smiling, but she grinned even more as she could feel the fresh air and smell all the smells.

This concept of it being a ‘new normal’ had helped me when my mother, after 10 months on home hospice, stopped walking and became bedridden. She had Alzheimer’s and cancer, and the blessing was that she didn’t know she had either. She wondered why she stayed in bed all the time. “Oh, you always like to sleep a lot.” I said. Which was true, she had hated me getting her up in the morning and now I didn’t have to…

Now the new normal is that Emma is gone and we’re putting off getting another dog. We’re cherishing being able to sleep in on weekends and go out for dinner without having to walk someone.  I did, however, get a new fish, which I call “Puppy”, so I can say that I did get one.

It occurred to me that we’re hitting “new normals” all the time, even if they’re not healthy.  People are getting numb from the news, the emotional roller coaster of deliberately inflammatory and distracting tweets, of human rights being systematically dismantled and withdrawn.

There’s always a pendulum swing in politics and at some point this will all reverse itself. And as Consciousness, I see what is really happening is that those who seem most powerful, are actually the least. And they are scrambling to restore a paradigm that has already disintegrated. We are have evolved as Consciousness, are embodying more of ourselves as Consciousness, so we are all already individually too empowered to go back to that antiquated acceptance of domination.

It hit me that we’re stepping into a new existence, which requires us to expand to a new normalcy. Energetically it feels lighter. We’re used to feeling weighed down, that being more powerful means occupying more physical space.

When you embody more of yourself as Consciousness, it feels buoyant. When you feel empowered, it feels more internally powerful. It actually feels effortless and relaxed. Standing in your own power feels confident, because as Consciousness you *are* wisdom. There’s an absence of a need to dominate or compete because we’re *all* Consciousness.

It starts by focusing within, because our bodies are our anchor points as Consciousness into this physical realm. However, we’re operating at a higher frequency than ever before, so it really only requires a focal point, a pinpoint of Consciousness, to bring you fully aware into form. And it can be anywhere within. I used to have rigid opinions about where this should be and how it should be done. Rigidity is the old normal.

Try this for yourself. Wirelessly connect as Consciousness into form, and notice what’s different. That’s your new normal. Doing this regularly has a ripple effect into the rest of your reality. Play with this during the week and see what happens!

Serenity Amidst Chaos ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

Seventeen years ago, I was training to become a CPC (certified professional coach) and being coached myself. I asked her how to maintain a sense of calm within the storm of my life at the time. She had me come up with an image, and I immediately saw a Buddhist monk in saffron gold robes.

A Buddhist monk can maintain serenity regardless of whether they’re standing on a mountain in Tibet or in the midst of the Mall of America at Christmas.

It was a very effective visual image. Later she gifted me some sheer saffron cloth, which was a lovely affirmation as well.

I’ve moved several times since then and have no idea where that cloth is, but I sure could have used it this week.  Our neighbors are having a new roof put on and the noise and chaos coming through to my office has been unbearable.

We’re in tumultuous times. There are earthquakes, fires, and floods happening. There’s combustive events in the news. Astrologically we have some very major eclipses coming up and people are already feeling things being suddenly “eclipsed” in their lives.

What helped me in the last few days was being aware that, even if my nerves were frayed from high pitched tools and staple guns, there was a part of me that had a bigger picture of what was going on. That greater awareness could navigate through the “Sturm und Drang”.

What surprised me during this time was how upset my body was, and how emotionally detached I was as Consciousness, at the same time. I wasn’t in denial that my nerves were shot. I just continued taking the next indicated action. Kind of like a mom that needs to get her errands done with a toddler that is overstimulated and needs a nap.

Finally yesterday afternoon I plugged in the earbuds (wished I’d remembered them earlier) and blared TedTalks really loud. Pandora would have been a better choice for concentrating and working but by that time I was done, completely done, with work.

Operating as Consciousness doesn’t necessarily mean having all aspects of ourselves on board. Doesn’t mean our bodies and our personalities are as composed as Consciousness. It just means letting Consciousness drive. The rest can sit in their car seats or nap in the back seat.

Our bodies and personalities just want Consciousness to drive anyway. Even if they seem to be struggling for control.

We are not our bodies nor our personalities. We are Consciousness. We created Our bodies and our personalities as vehicles in the physical. We’re meant to inhabit them, and drive the car from within them.

When you shift your identification away from just being your body, or your personality, to being Consciousness, it completely changes your life.

Imagine yourself as greater Consciousness, and imagine focusing into form. I like to pick an ‘anchor point’ in my body as a focal point. It’s like you, as Consciousness, are the entire internet. And your body is the device you’re using. Your focal point is your inner cellular connection.

Play with this, play with bringing your information as Consciousness into your form. And notice what happens!

Getting Out of Your Discomfort Zone ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

One of the things I’ve discovered, as everything is breaking down and reorganizing, is that often what is required is the complete opposite of whatever has worked before.

Tried and true techniques and systems are no longer effective. Things that were absolutely the wrong thing to do in my old practice is the absolute right thing to do in my new practice.

So, for instance, something has been going on today – I’ve been feeling a very high, vibrational frequency in/on the top of my head. In the old days I would have judged this as bad. I would have thought someone was invading my space. I would have wrestled with this energy all day long.

Now, what it feels like isn’t bad. Nor is it invasive. I’m not really sure what it is. Is it a female energy in my head? Or is it a download of something new? Heck, maybe it’s just that I’ve been drinking jasmine green tea today instead of earl grey.

In the old days I would have absolutely had to know where it’s coming from and what to do about it.

Instead, I’ve just gone about my day, noticing what is different. And pretty much everything about today has been different, starting with this energy. I’m curious to see what unfolds from this.

What this reminds me of, is someone who went to one of my Meetups and did the walking through doors to parallel universes. The next day I talked with her, she’d taken medicine for vertigo. “Is it unpleasant?” I asked.  Turned out it wasn’t vertigo, but that wavy feeling of expansion that happens when you play on this level of Consciousness.

A couple went to my cohost Janet’s meetup in Portland, and then they went dancing afterwards. Her husband had a difficult time because he felt too ‘lightheaded’. Hmm. Not really surprising after major transformational energy work.

Rather than resisting or turning away from new sensations, I turn towards them. I move more deeply into something rather than trying to get it out of my space.

Moving through the world in this new way of being requires being improvisational. Requires not knowing. Requires curiosity.

If something isn’t working for you, then it’s time to do something else. But don’t mistake discomfort as an indicator that something is wrong.

Birthing a new self doesn’t have to be hard. Just breathe through it. Sometimes action is required, but sometimes that may look like taking a walk. Or a nap. Maybe it’s just to stop doing whatever it is that isn’t working, and wait to see what emerges instead.

When you stop trying to make things fit within your comfort zone, then what manifests can be bigger than you can imagine.

Why Inspiration From Seminars Doesn’t Last (and what to do about it) ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

Remember that last seminar, workshop or retreat you attended? Remember how wonderful it felt? What happened to that rosy glow after you came home? It kinda faded off, didn’t it?

You got back into your daily routine, with work and relationships, and pretty soon you could barely remember all that marvelous transformation that happened, and all those great revelations you had.

That’s why it’s called ‘The Suntan Affect’.

Seminars, workshops, and retreats are chock full of great information, they’re designed to inspire change. While you’re sitting there with a group, you feel a magnified effect from everyone going through the same experience.

When you come home, however different you may feel at first, you start to match your familiar surroundings and go back to your old ways of being.

It’s especially frustrating when you learned new techniques to make things happen, and even they seem to lose their magic after a while.

When I used to teach Psychic Meditation classes, I’d tell people that you could get all these tools and concepts in a weekend workshop, but it’s a little like learning golf in one afternoon. The reason to take an 8 or 12 week class is that repetition helps make it real for your body.

You as Consciousness already know everything. You *are* the Cosmic Internet. But not everything is stored into your physical form (that includes your mind and brain). Whatever was downloaded from a weekend doesn’t stick unless you continue to put it into action.

The other thing that an 8 or 12 week class provides is the power of a group. You’re with others who are learning the same things, and their experiences reinforce yours as well.

Most importantly, you have continued access to the teacher, who embodies and models whatever it is you want to learn. Regular contact with them helps make it real for you as well.

When I teach, I have you try any technique first before explaining what it’s supposed to do or how you’re supposed to feel. This way you have your own sense of what a particular technique can do for you. People have come away from my trainings with greater ownership of what they’ve learned, because it’s anchored in their initial experience rather than my information about it.

Nowadays, I combine my teaching with coaching. I prefer coaching, because it holds you as whole and capable. It honors your inner wisdom. If you have a problem, then you hold the solution within. As coach I can ask the right questions to bring it out of you. This allows you to change faster than if you were told to do something (thereby having to go through someone else’s information) which then takes longer before you’ve integrated it into your own way of doing things.

Rather than one-off sessions, I prefer to offer 12 week programs (although for groups I’ve had them as short as 6-8 weeks). This way I can hold space for your evolution over time.

As Consciousness you already know everything, you just haven’t brought it into your body yet or practiced utilizing the information through your body. Even though I provide my upgraded and developed techniques for transformation, You’ll have your own unique way of expressing your new learning, you’ll bring your own unique results into your life.

Now, if you’ve just come from a seminar or workshop and there isn’t any followup in place, you can try to create continuity on your own. Read the presenter’s books, watch their YouTube videos, join (or create) a Meetup group to connect with others on the same topic.

And, if you are tired of spinning your wheels and want lasting change in your life, go to my website and check out my coaching programs!

Is There Such A Thing As “Divine Timing”? ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

There’s a kind of fatalistic viewpoint, that things happen in ‘divine timing’, it’s along the lines of whether something is ‘God’s Will’.

The “good” part of that perspective is that it can get you out of effort or trying to hard to make something happen. When you’re working on manifesting into the physical, effort can have the opposite effect – it can keep it from happening. Which is why often things materialize when you least expect them, or when you’ve stopped trying.

It’s also useful to let go of ‘how’ you’re going to manifest something, along with ‘when’ it’s going to materialize. Turning that over, allows you to keep your focus on ‘what’ you want to bring into form.

The part of you that wants to control things down to minutiae, isn’t Consciousness. It’s your body-personality aspect.

When you desire something, as Consciousness you already have it. It already exists. You just need to step into the Universe where it is. Or, you just need to shift your energy to receiving it.

“But what about the timing? I want it NOW!” Body-personality says.

Bodies only exist in the now, in present time. The future doesn’t exist yet, the past is already over. They want it NOW.

And, if you’re operating fully as Consciousness into form, it’s entirely possible to spontaneously manifest something.

Certainly, when you’re operating as Consciousness, amazing things unexpectedly appear to come out of left field.

When you say something is ‘divine timing’, you’re usually saying it’s either not happening as quickly as you’d like, and/or you are just so grateful – to something outside of yourself – that it finally happened.

As Consciousness, You exist outside of time and space, so it all possibilities are happening at once. Consciousness’ timing is random, spontaneous, and instantaneous. It’s unpredictable only because it happens outside of rational thought.

It happens *better* when you’re not thinking about it. I like to say when you’re creating as Consciousness, what shows up is beyond what you could imagine. It manifests bigger especially when you’re not thinking.

Creating in this new reality seems to require the exact opposite of everything we’ve ever learned about manifestation. Focus and repetition seem to repel what you want. Releasing, letting go, holding it off to the side, works better.

Precise formulas don’t really work anymore, much to the frustation of our body-personality-rational-mind. 5D into 3D is very improvisational.

When you’re creating as Consciousness, you’re coming from a place of experimentation and curiosity. There’s no attachment to an outcome. As You step into the Universe where it already is happening, there’s a feeling of childlike delight.

This work is very subtle and very profound.

‘Divine Timing’ is an old paradigm and contains an implied limitation. Consciousness Timing is expansive. Want to manifest a desire? Step into the Now where it already is, and see what happens!

How to Know If It’s Time To Pivot ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

You know when things just suck and you want to throw in the towel? Or maybe you’re at a breaking point. Or maybe you are done, like, “stick a fork in me, I’m done!” kind of done.

Or maybe you’ve been stuck in indecision, or maybe you’re stuck in persistence. That is, trying so hard for so long, but not wanting to give up trying.

How do you know if you need to keep slogging at it, or pivot in another direction?

Sometimes decisions require immediate action, and sometimes a solution needs to emerge.

Several months ago I felt like I was at a turning point. I felt burned out with what I was doing. I was wondering whether to quit this and become a hospice chaplain. I’d actually applied for chaplaincy training back in 2001 and backed out at the last minute. It’s something I could do now, as a ‘real world job’ that wouldn’t take the same energy my current calling requires. Or so I thought.

Then I got chosen to give a talk at Ignite Seattle,  out of *lots* of applicants. Which felt like a nudge to continue.

Ignite Seattle happened just before a scheduled trip to Europe to visit my son, so I decided to let my decision “float” while I was gone. I thought I’d get inspiration while I was on vacation.

Instead, I came back to the same issue. The same feeling of burnout and frustration.

And then this week my 15 year old Corgi was diagnosed with cancer and we’ve been doing doggie home hospice for her. It’s brought up a ton of feelings from 2013 when I helped our other dog, and both my parents, each die at home. And I got really clear about that part of the decision.

Emma dying on my kitchen floor helps me shut that door. No way do I want to work in hospice. Or hospitals, actually. So ditch that idea (what was I thinking)?!?

This reminds me of times where something happens that is the turning point, the straw that breaks the camel’s back, when I wouldn’t have let go or given up until then.

So instead of doing a summer chaplaincy training, I’m midwifing my dog to spirit. That’s requiring a lot of focus, but it won’t need to be sustained for a long time.

I still get energized by speaking and teaching, I’m still passionate about helping people transform. But the way I’ve been doing it needs to change.

In the old days a door would have slammed shut. In the old days bridges would have burned.

Navigating in this new Consciousness, is a more gentle way. Simply releasing the past and allowing the new path to appear.

So if you’re struggling, if you feel like you are spinning your wheels, if you are stuck in a traffic jam or hitting a brick wall, stop. You don’t have to blow up the blocks.

Just step back and let the scenario change. Or step into a parallel universe where it’s already different.


Money Is Neutral ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

This week I was a little surprised when I heard someone say that ‘money is neutral’. I mean, I’ve had a lot of experience with money, from having a lot of it to not having any. It was great to have a lot, and problematic not having any. It’s never seemed to me to be neutral.

I’ve also worked with the Deva of Money, who comes across to me as an ocean. The ocean may seem placid at times on the surface, but it is deep, and can change with the weather. It may be filled with life that nurtures you, but also can be deadly so you should never turn your back on it.

And then it struck me, that it’s how we feel about money that is decidedly not neutral.

The energy of money is not only neutral but impartial. It doesn’t automatically appear in your bank account because you’re a good person. It’s just energy.

There is no good nor bad about money. It’s an avenue of exchange. It’s an expression of appreciation. It’s an energy form. It’s a morphic field.

Our stories about money are dramatic. They’re tied into our survival. We’ll die without it, we think. People have killed themselves (and their families) over debt. And there are other stories, people doing good things for others with money.

It’s funny. Not having money is bad, having money is good, and yet we demonize rich people. They’re not spiritual, they’re unconscious, they’re disconnected.

People are people. There are wealthy people who are spiritual, conscious, and connected. Just like there are poor people who aren’t. It can’t really be dichotomized like that. I find usually people are a mix of everything, because they’re human.

As I started writing this blog, a little voice said, ‘yeah, tell ’em how to get more’.  Because that’s what we all want, right? We never have enough.

Abraham Hicks says “The world is awash in money! Do you hear what that means? It is awash in money. It is flowing for everyone. It is like Niagara Falls. And most of you are showing up with your teaspoons.”

The more I think about it, the more like the ocean ‘money’ is. It is vast and present and available for you to utilize. It is completely neutral.

And, as an energy, it is infinite. It’s our ability to have or receive it that shrinks or expands. We can propel it away, or attract it.

Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer both have told a story of waiting for the Maharishi, who was finishing a meeting about a project. Someone asked him, “but Maharishi, where is the money going to come from?” And the Maharishi smiled and waved his hand, “from wherever it is at the moment.”

At one level, money is an energy that flows. At a higher level, it just materializes. As we expand energetically to embody more of our 5D self into this 3D form, as we are greater Consciousness within this physical realm, it becomes more easy and effortless to manifest whatever we want.

Which transcends money, because whatever we want isn’t the actual numbers or currency, but the freedom it represents.

And here’s the funny thing about that. As Consciousness we already have whatever we want. As Consciousness, we already *are* freedom.

How would your life be different if you knew that?


If This Is A Simulation, Are Other People Real??  ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

If this is all a hologram, what about other people? It’s one of the first questions that seems to come up, when learning that this reality is a simulation, is  “are other people real?”

A twist on this is, “If this is game, am *I* real?” And, “whose reality am I in?”

I struggled with this when I first grasped this concept that I, as Consciousness, created this for my own amusement. My teacher at the time basically said things like that other people were a creation of my Consciousness, they were another aspect of myself, a reflection of myself.

Now, I’m an empath, and I could feel my relatives who lived 3,000 mile away, and I knew they weren’t my feelings and that my relatives weren’t me.

And when I was back East helping my parents die, I was creating myself to participate, but they were creating their own realities that I was participating in.

The thing is, even though reality is a simulation, a kind of hologram created by Consciousness, doesn’t mean that it’s fake. This game is meant to be real, that’s why it’s called Physical Reality. It’s meant to be felt, tasted and touched. Your body is a real, biologically manufactured vehicle for you as Consciousness.

What about other people? It’s not accurate to say they are other aspects of yourself, but You are Consciousness and so is everyone else. Other people are real, as much as you are.

The teacher I had indicated that the “extras” in your reality weren’t real, they were just stories in your story line. I’ve come to see that this game is bigger and more complex than that. Everyone is real. And everyone is a creation of Consciousness and everyone *is* Consciousness, whether they know it or not.

However, I have found that, when you operate as Consciousness other personalities can change. People who were ‘bad tempered’ can shift to being easy to get along with. People can come into your storyline saying things that you’d only just thought about.

People can suddenly leave your storyline when you’ve shifted to a different vibratory awareness. At one of my meetups, someone was dealing with an abusive boss. They played the “parallel universe” game and when they went to work the next week, the boss resigned. I explain that she didn’t make them resign (that’s not how you play the game at this level), but she’d stepped into a parallel universe where they did.

As you keep upleveling your experience, you become more distinctly aware of your own Uniquesness and at the same your own inner connection to All That Is.

As Consciousness, you created this to be the opposite of who you really are. That’s why there are different people, places, plants, animals, things. There’s conflict in this reality because there is only harmony and oneness as Consciousness.

As Consciousness, you love your creations. You love yourself and your body, and those you’ve created to interact with. And they’ve created themselves to interact with you.

As Essence we’re all Consciousness but it would be skipping a step, or missing out on this planetary realm’s uniqueness to dismiss individuals as fake or that you’re the only one that’s real.

It’s much more fun to relax into this reality as Consciousness, to appreciate it all in it’s infinite complexity and enjoy

A Brief Explanation of History without Time ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

This will contradict my previous blogpost. This planet is one of polarities and dichotomies. It is a world of contradictions, where opposites are true.

I’ve been musing on my story of the evolution of Consciousness. It’s a story, because Consciousness can’t evolve. It’s like saying the evolution of infinite intelligence.

Technology evolves. We create technology to replicate Consciousness, that is, everything we can do as Consciousness that we think we can’t do in our bodies, such as flying, telepathy, healing, etc. Except if we were embodied with full Consciousness, we could easily do these things.

From our body-personality perspective, there are skills to gain in order to utilize our bodies with full Consciousness. Our body-personalities feel like we need to learn something, as they needed to learn how to walk and talk, read and write.

If you read Aristotle and study ancient civilizations, you will see timeless wisdom expressed. Leonardo Davinci designed the helicopter in late fifteenth century, the Romans had running water a thousand years before we had it (and the Assyrians had it hundreds of years before the Romans).

It’s funny to look at the explanations why. Maybe aliens came to earth and gave this information?

When I was a past life reader, I’d say it was us, that we’d lived in a previous culture, Atlantis, that self destructed, and we reincarnated into Homo Sapiens. I’d see people sitting at camp fires with other hunter gatherers, who remembered when they had flying cars, thinking “this is bullshit”.

Another story is time travelers. Doesn’t that make sense? You can just go back to the past with your smarty pants present day knowledge and influence history.

But if you look at this all from the perspective of Consciousness, creator of this game, all time and space exists at once. You’re not just coming in for one lifetime along a timeline. This lifetime happens in the blink of an eye. As Consciousness, you’re experiencing all lifetimes simultaneously and instantaneously.

I used to describe in individual lifetime and jumping into the pool, and you get out when swim time is over. I just realized it isn’t even accurate to say you dip into the pool and get out of it again, when you are the pool as well as the swimmer.

Knowledge comes in and through and expresses itself regardless of the time or space measurement. That is why you will see or mankind will discover great wisdom in ancient places.

We can’t comprehend, that is our bodies cannot comprehend, an existence without space or time. It’s too mind blowing to imagine everything happening at once. But we can know it.

We can have an inner knowing of the bigger picture of things. We can have an intuitive experience of a broader awareness.

When you start to operate from this perspective, as Consciousness, you allow more of your Infinite Intelligence into your form, and your life changes in profound ways.

Amusement, Fear, and Consciousness ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

I’ve been telling groups that as Consciousness we’re amused by Donald Trump and I’m afraid I’m going to get stoned by an angry mob afterwards.

I totally get it. Because at one level, there’s nothing funny about the destruction happening to our country, our healthcare, our national parks, our national security, women’s rights, people of color, lbgtq, I could go on and on.

It’s infuriating, and it’s terrifying.

At that same level, it’s become so bizarro world in the news, the only response is hysterical laughter.

The amusement I’m talking about isn’t that kind of laughter. But nor is it ‘let them eat cake’ kind of laughter, either. It’s not flippant, it’s not denial.

Consciousness amusement is expansive, like the sky, like the ocean. It’s embracing and encompassing. It’s neutrality and compassion at the same time.

I’ll confess that I couldn’t have written these words a few months ago. I was too enraged. I did not like the parallel universe I found myself in on November 9th. And it shook my confidence about the work that I do.

You know the reactions, fight, freeze, or flight? I had the first two while wishing for the third one. Fighting is my way of not getting paralyzed by fear.

Fear is a body emotion, bodies take everything seriously, bodies aren’t going to make it out of this lifetime alive. Bodies feel the impact of the news.

We’re not neglecting or abandoning our bodies by allowing amusement, by relaxing in. It’s allowing Consciousness to be more present in physical form. Bodies find this comforting. (Because, hey, a body without Consciousness is dead).

So back to amusement. I know we’re collectively coming through this, that we’re surfacing to a new level, because these words are being written.

As Consciousness you exist both in this physical world, and outside of it. The greater part of you exists outside of time and space. The viewpoint is more than the bigger picture of your individual life and this point on your timeline. The greater part of you sees all lifetimes and all possibilities.

If you could take your life as it is now and hold it in this bigger context, what would that be like for you?

If you knew that nothing was ever lost, including loved ones, what would that be like for you?

If the story of your life had infinite possible plot twists available to you, what would that be like?

Consciousness’ experience of this world is appreciation, joy, wonder. Amusement, because it experiences no loss. Amusement, because it takes nothing seriously (not to be confused with disrespect or disregard).

Over the months, a lot of spiritual people have said the only antidote to what’s happening is love, to send Donald Trump love. I couldn’t do that from the space I was in before.

Now, I can see how.

As Consciousness, you love this world as it is your creation, your playground, your fishtank, your children, your physical home, your plants, your pets. There is loving neutrality with the world and with how storylines unfold.

And, I firmly believe, no, I know because I see it happening, that as greater Consciousness comes into form, as we’re so strongly experiencing now, that things can change quickly (sometimes in an instant).

The current story can be reversed or rewritten at any moment.

(I’m writing this on a Tuesday, to be published on Friday, so I’m very curious to see what unfolds by then).

Just as people radiating love into the world have impact (as much impact as phoning Congress and marching), so does allowing yourself to be amused. It’s an avenue for greater Consciousness.

There’s room for all responses, as they work on different vibratory levels.

Notice if, in the midst of the onslaught of news, you have glimmers of amusement. That’s the greater You breaking through.

Relax into those glimmers and watch them expand into your life.

Play with this and see what happens!

A New Definition of God ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

I’m not that familiar with non-monotheistic religions, but the stories all have examples of Godly abilities and human frailties. They tend to place their Gods remotely, up in the sky or down below in the underworld. There are differing interactions with humans, and it seems to me extreme power struggles.

I’m more familiar with Christianity from a mystical perspective. If you broadly look at the Old Testament, God was this jealous, vengeful and angry guy way up in the sky, who threw frogs and plagues at them. He demanded sacrifices, whether goats or first born sons. People were like ants compared to God.

New Testament God was parental, compassionate, loving. You could have a conversation with “Him”.  It was a new definition of God that was very radical. Even today, people confuse the two.

This new definition came at a radical, evolutionary shift in Consciousness. And we‘re at another shift yet again.

There’s a new definition of God emerging, and from our antiquated viewpoint, we describe it as God within. An Inner Being.

I invite you to a different perspective of all of this.

Think of this world as a marvellous creation of Consciousness. It’s a manifestation experiment that played with different forms to physically embody. Dinosaurs were the beta version, they didn’t quite work out.

(Now, Consciousness creates all of this, thus Consciousness is in all of this. But each form provides a different experience and comprehension)

If you shift your perspective to that of Consciousness, that is, *you* are Consciousness, you can see the evolution simply being You coming more into form.

As Consciousness, you’ve been tweaking with the form design since before dinosaurs, fine tuning it to fit into.

What we are experiencing now is greater Consciousness coming into form, a higher vibration embodying the density of the physical, Our bodies have been redesigned to accept this increased energy. When a higher frequency comes into form, denser aspects disintegrate. We’re seeing this as egoic states breaking down.

Egoic states don’t like this. They think of themselves as separate entities. They don’t wanna disintegrate. Their existence is threatened.

The personality level views things in black and white terms. It interprets things as life and death issues. It doesn’t see this evolution as a good thing. It sees it as an invasion, an assimilation.

As Consciousness, it’s exciting. It’s a birth into a new collective form. When you shift your perspective to You as Consciousness coming into form more, you feel joyous and happy.

All it requires is adjusting your perspective and the rest will come. Notice in the moment if you’re viewing your life as if things are happening to you, or as if You are creating all of it as Consciousness.

At first it may seem difficult, because you’re changing your habitual thinking. But it quickly creates a profound paradigm shift.

There’s no confusion from this viewpoint. There’s only love, emanating inward and around, and outward. And that love is You.

It’s About Time ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

Time is such a fascinating component of physical reality. We measure it from past to future. We track it’s passing. We use it as markers for experiences in our lives, and place expectations upon ourselves for accomplishments.

When you’re going through challenges, it can feel like it’s taking forever. But other experiences seem fleeting. And yet, when you look back on your life, it seems like only yesterday that happened.

We place high values on time efficiency, time management, getting stuff done. We resist slowing down and being in the present moment. And yet, when you center yourself into present time, it feels infinite.

When I started connecting with dead people, I discovered that we experienced time differently. I had the sense that I, in the living, physical realm, tracked time in a spiral. They would come in and out at different intersections, that did not match up to my thread. They’d show up having been long gone when it was only a few months, or show up as more recently departed, years later. Although when I do readings, I can tell if they’ve been gone for a long time because from my perspective they seem more diffuse than more recently departed.

I know that the past is a denser vibration, and the future is a lighter vibration, and when I’m in the present moment, I can sense the past or the future but not leave my body behind.

As Consciousness, I realize there is no time or space. To Consciousness, it is all happening at once. When you pass, you realize your life happened in a blink of an eye. And as Consciousness, all lifetimes are happening at once, all possibilities within each lifetime is happening at once.

This is way over my head, to try to comprehend.

Everything about the physical realm is a dichotomy. It’s impossible to explain being Consciousness in a body without contradicting yourself.

On one level we’re in bodies to experience physical reality, but it can be challenging to stay focused within time and space, since Consciousness is everywhere at once. It’s hard to get ready to go on vacation when a part of you is already there!

On another level, greater Consciousness is coming into form, so time itself is becoming more malleable. Time slows down or speeds up at random. The challenge here is not to resist the expansion. We’re here not to figure it out but to experience the deliciousness of all the sensations available to us. When you relax into what is happening, it all unfolds effortlessly and perfectly in your favor.

‘Yes, We’re Living In A Simulation (But We’re Not Just Avatars)’ ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

This is the transcript of my talk to Ignite Seattle on May 18th

Have you ever played video games? How about online ones with gamers around the world?


Elon Musk, says there’s a strong probably that we’re living in a simulation and is working on how to break out of it.

The idea came from  ‘The Simulation Hypothesis’, a paper published in 2003  by Nick Bostrom, a philosopher at Oxford University, which stated that we are almost certainly living in a computer simulation.


Last year Neil DeGrasse Tyson led the Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate “Is the Universe a Simulation?” in NYC with a panel of cosmologists, physicists, from MIT and Harvard.


So here’s the flaw with most of their (arguments) – they’ve coming from the perspective of being an avatar in the game.
Yes, life is a simulation, but we’re not just avatars!
At the Avatar level, in the Physical Realm, life seems to be like a full immersion, virtual reality, where you’re playing with other gamers all around the world. At this level, even though this game is preprogrammed, and is structured in specific and measurable ways such as time and space, there’s a certain amount of choice. If you go left, you set in motion a different series of events than if you turn right. Also at this level, other people can influence your game. Say you decide to go to the grocery store. The moment you get in your car and head out on the road, everyone else in their car, can affect your trip. As an avatar you experience limitations, and take things very seriously. It’s a pretty frustrating and powerless experience.

The next level up is the Programmer level, in the realm of Thought.  This is the area talked about in The Secret, by Abraham-Hicks, The Law of Attraction, and Mike Dooley’s “Thoughts become things”,  if you focus on something enough, you can bring it into your reality. You can change your reality by changing your thoughts. It’s like your brain is your ‘Inner GPS’, and, you can rewire your neural pathways with positive thinking.  You can program your GPS through affirmations and vision boards.  This can be a big deal for people to discover, because it feels like you have more control. And yet, even at this level of the programmer, you can be operating as if you’re the avatar.

So what’s the next level of awareness? That you are the game designer.


As the Designer, in the realm of Consciousness, there’s no need to break out of the game. Because you’re simultaneously in the game AND outside of it. Outside of constructs of time and space. And you as Consciousness are creating this down to the smallest detail. 
Let that sink in. How would your life be different if you knew that you’re the creator of everything in your reality?  How would it change your choices, and how you looked at life?

When you begin navigate this reality *as* Consciousness Designer rather than as your avatar, you feel this tremendous shift. It’s like going from Newtonian Physics to Quantum physics. Reality, time and space, becomes more malleable.  The story of your life appears to break down. It may seem that everyone is scripted, but *you* get to ad lib.You feel joyous, happy, expansive, maybe even bouyant, like gravity has changed.


At this level, strange out of the box things happen. Storylines take unusual twist and turns. Reality show TV stars become president. Idiocracy becomes real.
But wait, there’s more.

Consciousness exists outside of time and space. So from the perspective of Consciousness, this lifetime happens in the blink of an eye. To Consciousness, everything is happening instantaneously AND simultaneously. All lifetimes are happening as once. All possibilities are happening at once. As Consciousness, You’re not just turning left or right, you’re turning left AND right. You can shift your individual experience by effortlessly stepping into a parallel universe.


If this idea excites you and you want to know more, I have free monthly meetups Seattle-Consciousness-Conversations


The Curious Complexity of Creating Your Reality As Consciousness ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

There is a curious complexity (and relative ease) of creating your reality as consciousness in this new field of awareness that we’re all experiencing. It seems like the opposite is true for all the ways we’ve done it in the past. Even “immutable laws” aren’t so immutable anymore.

On one level the polarity is obvious. In the physical realm, things take time to manifest. They require effort. They often require sacrifice, in that you have to give something up in order to have something new. Spiritual creating is effortless, can be miraculously instantaneous, and you have to release the dream in order for it to become a reality.

But to create from the realm of thought, which most people access when using the immutable Law of Attraction it seemed to require repetitive focus or attention.  It seemed you had to “give it energy”. It seemed you had to draw on your inner authority and command it into being.

What I’m noticing, as I give myself over to Consciousness, is what is required is letting go of control. Any of my old “spiritual” techniques that had any density at all, aren’t working nowadays.

My old mystical training was that you had to be really specific about your manifestations, even down to when you wanted it (time limits). But I now know that the mind that comes up with specifications is responding to the current lack of what I want or the current problem I want to solve. That means there’s always an element of the lack or problem in whatever results are created.

Giving myself over to Consciousness isn’t quite the same as turning it over to God. God is a concept outside of myself, something more powerful and all knowing. My old mystical training was that I was Spirit and Spirit was a part of God, that I had inner divinity, but there is still so much separation in those beliefs.

I am Consciousness, and the me that is giving myself over is the personality aspect of my physical vehicle. As Consciousness I already know the big picture, and there are infinite possibilities to access, and all of them are in my favor, even the ones my personality would deem as not favorable.

The feeling of the little me giving over to the bigger C (Consciousness) is like one of those trust exercises except you’re falling forwards into an expansion you could not have thought possible.

It’s realizing that Consciousness is me and I already know what and where and how, beyond my analytical brain’s ability to figure it out.

It’s being so in the present moment that I have absolutely no idea what’s coming up (something that would have driven me crazy in the past) and that’s absolutely fine.

As Consciousness you’ve created this adventure in density and effort, and so any dilemma or issue you’re facing is all part of the game.


How To Be Neutral When Life Gets Crazy ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

The other day I was talking with a woman who is a natural psychic. She sees things in depth, but is swayed by the pain and suffering that she uncovers.

It made me remember my days as a clairvoyant student and the bulk of our training was on reading from a neutral space. In order to give a clear and balanced interpretation for a client, we need to see them without our own preconceived notions coloring our ‘lenses’.

Cosmic Soap Bubbles (God Takes A Bath)

This ability to see things from a higher perspective is invaluable, especially during these insane times.

It’s not heartless to be neutral, it’s actually highly spiritual.

The qualities of Consciousness are neutrality, amusement, childlike wonder, immense wisdom, depth, and impartiality. It is Love in it’s highest form, which is unbiased and unconditional.

Now we’re all becoming more highly sensitive, which means our abilities are increasing: to feel other’s feelings, see clearly beyond façades, intuitively “know” what’s about to happen, pick up on other’s thoughts, and the list goes on.

When we’re experiencing life from a ‘boots on the ground’ viewpoint, we’re going to feel the world’s pain, we’re going to judge what we see as good or bad, we’re going to feel responsible for events beyond our control, and be confused about what is us and what is the collective.

Terrible things are happening in the world all the time. There’s a bigger spotlight on them now, we can immediately see tragedies around the world, where ever people have smart phones that can load images on the internet.

It’s overwhelming.

How can you be neutral when life is so crazy?

Here’s a few things you can do:

1. Imagine yourself a Half Step Above whatever you’re experiencing. If you’re in a crowd, allow yourself to be a “half step above” the prevalent emotion. If you’re watching something on TV or on your device, be a ‘half step above’ internally. It shifts your perspective up a notch, giving you some distance from what you’re observing.

2. Another way to do this is Be A Different Color or Tone. If you’re in a group of people and their energy is darker, imagine your personal bubble to be a lighter or brighter color.  If you detect things by sound, if you’re perceiving static or disharmony, let yourself be a different musical tone.

3. Blow bubbles, you can do this for real, or just in your head. Watching TV or reading the news, imagine a stream of bubbles popping. It helps clear your preconceived notions about what is going on. This is also a great way to go to sleep at night, clearing your brain so you’re fresh in the morning.

4. A Consciousness Technique is to view things from farther away, like sitting in the Skybox at a football game, or hovering over the game in a Goodyear Blimp. When you see people as players on the field (and even yourself down there as a player in this game of life), you can get a ‘bigger picture’ of what is going on.

This world is full of dichotomies and contradictions. Physical reality is real in that it’s meant to be physically experienced, through our bodies. But it’s a creation of our Consciousness. As Consciousness, we love our creation. As Consciousness, we’re both in time and space (as we’re experiencing it in form) and outside of it. Outside of time and space, it’s all happening at once in the blink of an eye. It’s all happening simultaneously, that means all lifetimes *and* all possibilities.

We can’t comprehend that from within our bodies and personalities, that live along a linear timeline.

When you can get neutral, and shift your perspective to that as Consciousness, you can have compassion for those that are suffering, and also for those that cause suffering. You can appreciate and love all of this wonderful world.

Try these for the next several days and watch your life reorganize in amazing ways!


Attack of the Zombie Gremlins! ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

We all have negative voices in our heads. Dr. Daniel Amen calls them Automatic Negative thoughts. Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor says they’re a cluster of cells on the left side of our brain responsible for keeping us organized, reminding us to buy milk on the way home from work, or get our taxes done by the 15th. I realize that it’s our body’s GPS, containing all the programming we’ve ever received about how to be in this world.

Our GPS’ are filled with outdated maps and misinformation. It’s set on “avoid highways” and ‘fastest route’ at the same time. And if you try to vary your method for getting somewhere, it will loudly protest.  This is your inner Gremlin, your Automatic Negative Thought.

Gremlin voices arise Whenever you try something new, and go beyond the programming from your childhood, whether it’s family, societal, cultural, religious or whatever.

Gremlins are familiar, they’ve been in your head all your life. You don’t even realize they’re not your own thoughts. You just accept them as reality.

They’re incredibly limiting. You can’t go beyond their boundaries. They dismiss your dreams.

I woke up in the morning with this thought, “Zombie Gremlins”. Reflecting on what is going on in the world today, there seems to be so much unconsciousness. So many people running off their Automatic Negative Thoughts.

They’re not even questioning their thoughts, they’re just letting this dysfunctional GPS steer them off into the bushes, like some jury-rigged self driving car.

It’s easy to do, when you think that you *are* your vehicle, and you think your Automatic Negative Thoughts are real.

You feel powerless to these thoughts, and incapable of changing your route, when it seems like *everyone* is driving this way.

However, when you shift your awareness to your Essential Self, you recognize that your hands are on the wheel. You steer where your attention is.

Take your attention off the negative thoughts, and you start to notice so many more possibilities out in the world. (The ANTS get louder at first, but when you don’t feed them with your attention, they fade away).

The bigger reason why Zombie Gremlins seem so prevalent in the world today, is that greater Light is more present in the world today.

Greater Consciousness is more present. And your Essential Self is the You that is Greater Consciousness.

You turn on the lights and exposes the dysfunction. You start to drive differently and your ANTS go nuts. Temporarily.

When ANTS show up during the day, squash ’em, feed ’em to your ANTeater, send ’em to the ANT farm.

Put a bowl of sugar outside the garage before you retire at night, beside the Anteater cage (within tongue licking distance).

Or you can just tell yourself you’re going to update your GPS when you go to sleep and your inner computer with automatically reorganize.

Play with this for the next 7 days and your life will totally transform.


Staying Present In Traumatic Times ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

The last couple weeks were somewhat traumatic. First, my 15 year old dog had a seizure and possible stroke, and the next week a family member who has COPD (possibly emphysema) and MCI (mild cognitive problems) went into the hospital with pneumonia. It took be back to a time I’ve written about a lot, 2011-2013, with our other dog who had cancer and then neurological problems, and my mother who had Alzheimer’s and lung cancer.

This recent period felt like a “pop quiz” reminder of what I learned then. Or perhaps continuing education, as there’s always new awareness to be gleaned.

2010-2013 was a long, arduous process of ultimately midwifing my mother (my dog, and later my father) back to Spirit. Each of them had their own exiting process, each had different circumstances and choices to be made.

It’s a shock when it first happens, and it’s easy to feel that things are out of control. When my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s (right as we had finished paying off the dog’s cancer surgery), it was a breakdown in my own reality as well.

However, for the most part, I remembered to keep a higher awareness, while external circumstances seemed to crumble. It would have been easy to have collapsed in a heap, but reframing reality helped. This was *not* a crisis but an event.

Joan and Dorothy, Washington DC, Sept. 2012

I reminded myself that I was powerless over events and other people’s reactions to them, but not necessarily my own. I had choice over my actions (and response as best I could). I worked hard at being mindful, researching and asking for advice before making important decisions.

I also learned to not resist what is. I thought I could combat the Alzheimer’s, get her into a memory program, give her the right nutrition, do my energetic healing, etc. But it was like trying to stop a river with outstretched fingers. When she was diagnosed with cancer, and the initial treatment didn’t work, it shifted my focus to quality of life (rather than longevity).

It would have been a waste of energy to resist the little things, becoming my mother’s parent, her eventually confusing me with her older sister who died in 1997.

It was important to stay focused on the important things (creating moments of joy for my mother). And to stay in present time, as I was back in my old home town that I left in 1981 and interacting with some people who hadn’t talked to me in ten years.

I had to stay the grown up, the one responsible for life and death decisions, and do the next indicated thing that was best for all concerned.

This is all coming back to me as I observe my other dog age, and as this family member is navigating this part of their life path. It’s different now, I’m only peripherally in this family member’s life, and this current dog isn’t doing so bad for 105 in people years.

We all have (at least) two parts to ourselves. The physical personality that reacts to situations and runs off of memories tinged with emotions. And the greater aspect of ourselves, Consciousness, that encompasses the bigger picture.

When you see things from that bigger picture viewpoint, and can let yourself as Consciousness be the one that makes decisions and takes action, it’s so much easier to get through painful and traumatic times.

Your not in denial about what’s happening, you can still be grieving the loss of what it was like before, but you’re able to hold a bigger space, respond with greater inner authority.

We’re in traumatic times even if our daily lives are going well. The world seems to be falling apart, when it’s really Consciousness reorganizing reality.

Shift your perspective to Consciousness and you will inwardly know that all is very, very well.

When Your Past Revisits You ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

I found myself walking into the hospital yesterday to visit a relative. The last time I went there, they were in the emergency room and I almost couldn’t go in, I was having so many flashbacks to taking care of my mother and being in the hospital and sleeping in a chair in her room for 18 days with her.

This time I felt an energetic shift as I walked into the building. My body, my energy system, felt fully in the present moment. I was aware of the memories but detached from the intense emotions from that time.

photo credit: Melissagarcia17

It allowed me to have a pleasant visit with him, even setting up Skype so he could talk with his son.

This has happened in layers over the past few years. My mother went into the hospital in August of 2011 (first traumatic event). We went to the same hospital for laser treatment on her lung cancer in October. We went for a followup MRI in December where it revealed the treatment didn’t work. In February of 2012 she went on home hospice so we didn’t have to go there any more.

In June of 2013 my husband was hospitalized overnight for a suspected heart attack (it was an infection instead), and I was surprised at my visceral response. Different hospital, opposite side of the country, but even so.

And since then, there’s been three other hospital trips with different people, so I guess repeated exposure has helped de-sensitize me, and de-energize my memories.

For some people it re-traumatizes every time, and hardens into full blown resistance.

Today I see them as opportunities to release and let go.

Our past seems to revisit us but really the patterns are swirling about us all the time. We notice them showing up in our reality, because we’re passing through that pattern. It’s either unraveling or tangling, and we have an opportunity to respond differently.

When I don’t fight the memories, when I see the patterns as opportunities, I can soften to them and not get entangled.

When someone shows up in your story line from the past you can see them as an actor returning for a cameo role. Unless you want them to reenter as a returning cast member. It’s you’re show, you can decide.

Also, as you navigate your life from the perspective of Consciousness, you will notice that some people drop out of your life, because they’re no longer a vibrational match. You can view them as cast members who aren’t renewing their contract this season.

Just because your past is revisiting you, doesn’t mean that you are returning to a previous state. It’s like going home and realizing that your childhood house seems much smaller now. You’re bigger, and maybe no longer a fit for those circumstances.

Even if you want to go home, you’re not returning as the past person that you were. You get to be there in the present moment, as the adult and evolving Consciousness that you are.

Consciousness is expanding rapidly. We are experiencing frequencies accelerating at an unprecedented rate. There’s a lot of turnover happening right now.

Stay in present time and non resistance, and all this can be very enjoyable!


When To Hold On, and When To Let Go ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb

My dog Emma had a seizure and possible stroke this morning. She’s nearly 15 and her back legs tend to give out, so when I heard noises at 5am, I thought she’d lost her balance on the kitchen floor. Instead she was lying sideways, looking like she was running, except for the drool coming out of her paralyzed face.

We sat with her as it finished and tended to her for what seemed like hours as she regained her ability drink water and then to walk.

Corentin de Chatelperron by Elaine Apa

I flashed back to 2013 when our other dog, Basil, died very slowly, probably from a brain tumor. He’d had an operation in 2010 that was temporarily successful, but when it apparently came back at age 12 we let him complete his life at home. It was an arduous and unnecessarily painful death.

Today, however, I sat with Emma and did my Consciousness Techniques on her, helping her electrical system come back on line when the seizure completed, allowed for the bigger pattern to reorganize, and still was surprised how normal she was when we were able to get her into the vet.

Thinking of Basil, I’d also communicated with her that if this was time for her to go, it was okay.

Basil’s initial illness came during a breakdown-breakthrough time in my life, in fact the operation and the year long repayment for it, helped postpone any decisions. Which lead to my being able to go back East to help my mother the next year. It was a time to hold on. Hold on to Basil, hold on to my mother. Yet I also held on to the on line aspects of my business, my radio show and my phone consultations, while letting go of my Seattle office and in person classes, and wedding business.

2013 was a time of letting go. My mother finally passed in January. We came back to Seattle with a dying dog. Basil passed in April. We let go of our house on Vashon Island that October, and after we moved to Tacoma,  I flew back East to help my father pass. There was also some holding on – my husband was hospitalized in July for what was thought was a heart attack (it was not).

The last few years have been a time of rebuilding, I started a new radio show with a cohost, I started Meetups around the Puget Sound, and I restructured my coaching business. It’s felt like a long time of holding on, holding space to provide stability for new growth.

I’m aware of the cycle shifting again, and I’m wondering what letting go is required. As I wrote this, I got the impression that a sailing analogy was called for. Except I’m not a sailor. So I Google’d “sailing terms” and found this:

Often you can’t sail straight at your destination because of the way the wind is blowing. A sailboat cannot sail straight into the wind. So, if the wind is blowing at you, often you have to work your way toward your destination by turning the bow of the boat back and forth, through the wind. If it’s blowing with you, you turn the stern of the boat through the wind. From

If you’re sailing through life, you have to hold on sometimes, and sometimes let go. If the wind is coming at you, you have to let go of your sail, and the expectation that you’d get there as soon as you’d like. If you hold on at the wrong times, you can get blown over or go off course.

When the wind is at your back, you still have to let go of your sail or it could violently swing and the boom knock you over.

We’re sailing through the energy of life and it requires skill and intuition. Just like sailing a boat, there’s a whole body artistry to it, sometimes holding on and letting go at the same time.

There’s an expression sailors use, to “leave it on the wave behind”. Let go of whatever needs letting go of, hold onto what needs holding, and you’ll get there more swiftly.

How to Create Reality  (a simple primer for manifesting as an Infinite Being) ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

Reality is created from the non-physical. It’s created outside of time and space. It’s created beyond thought, although thought has an effect. It starts with an intent, a notion, and is given form through focus. It is created by Consciousness or Source, and which is the spark of life in everything. That includes what we would deem as not alive. It may not have perceivable sentience, but it has Consciousness as it’s source.

It is all Consciousness, and we are Consciousness. Our life Essence is Consciousness. We are creating this reality moment to moment.


Reality is a spectrum and has different densities to it. What we see, physically feel, seems solid, is one part of the spectrum. There is a part that we sense physically that we can’t see, we may describe it as a place’s “atmosphere”. It’s a collective resonance contributed to by all life forms (this can include plants and animals, and historic events).

Emotions are unique to our physical bodies, it’s our body’s communication system, it’s our response to the world and we can create from this part of this spectrum. You can bring your desires into reality by focusing on the feelings they create in you. (We unconsciously bring what we *don’t* want into reality by being preoccupied with uncomfortable feelings)!

Thought is another way to manifest into form. What we think about regularly takes on density, Which is why visualization, affirmations, and vision boards seem to work so well. However, if the mind that is using thought to do this is coming from the perception that there’s something lacking, something wrong, etc. – that will show up in the manifestation as well. Which is why you may find there is always a loophole or a glitch in the things you try to consciously create!

Reality seems solid and real yet can shift in mysterious, magical ways. It’s only part of the program in this physical game, just as time and space are part of the structure. When we create from the emotional or thought levels, it takes time and space to bring things into form. They have to be constructed within physical rules. There’s a rhythm to this kind of creation, it takes two years for things to manifest into form from first conception.

When we create as Consciousness, it is very effortless. It is ‘outside the box’ manifesting. The timeline becomes less fixed and solid. Things can happen instantaneously. Things may seem random. They don’t come in predictable ways, they usually show up ‘out of left field’.

Bring an open minded intention to Consciousness and the results are more than you can possibly imagine. The qualities of Consciousness are playfulness, curiosity, neutrality. As Consciousness, you are lighthearted and amused. There are no mistakes and nothing is ‘bad’. This world is a game, a playground, an experiment.

At this level, we’re not ‘co-creating’, it’s the realm of unity, oneness, I-AM ness. Nothing influences You, nothing is more powerful than You.

As you go about your day, shift your awareness from your normal way of thinking. Start to perceive the world as Consciousness, the Essence of who you really are. See everything as your Conscious creation. Notice what changes when you do that.

Give yourself time to notice what that feels like, without trying, without effort. And watch how your life reorganizes around you without your having to do anything to make it happen. Things start to show up in your reality with delightful synchronicity. All you have to do is appreciate and enjoy the process.

Try thing for the next seven days and see what happens!


Enjoying Uncertainty (and Randomness) © 2017  Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

Don’t we all love our routines. We want life to be predictable. We find comfort in the familiar. We go to astrologers and psychics to be told our futures, so we can be certain what it coming ahead for us.

Physical reality feels so solid. A mountain is a mountain, it’s going to be there, in the same place, day after day. The sun comes up every morning and it goes down every night.

“Agua” Photo by Carlos Adampol Galino

Our bodies feel dense, they move us about our day, they help us be here in the world. We enjoy the world through our body, taste, touch, sight, smell, we savor physical sensations.

We want things to stay the same, be predictable, and at the same time we get bored and want change. Not too much change. Maybe a change of scenery, by going on vacation. Maybe a change of routine by moving to a different dwelling or changing jobs. We like that level of differences.

But something bigger is happening, and it’s throwing us all off. We’ve had previews of this coming up. We’ve had shocking times when a relationship suddenly ends, or we get fired, or some natural disaster upends our lives.

This is different. Reality is speeding up and breaking down. It all looks very solid and real, it still feels very solid and real. And yet, at the same time, it’s malleable.

I’ve noticed this recently with time. I’m very time conscious. I’ll know I have about 5-10 minutes to do something before I need to leave the house. I’ll check my watch, my phone, my laptop, multiple times while I’m finishing my tasks. At the numbers don’t move. It stays 10:45am (or whatever time) until I complete what I need to do.

(That’s actually happening now as I write this).

It’s reflecting in daily life as well.

You’ve noticed times where you’ve had synchronicity, you think of someone and they contact you, you think of something and it manifests. You have a song going through your head and then turn on the TV and it’s playing.

And these things are happening more frequently, and in more extreme or bizarre ways.

Life is becoming more random and it can be uncomfortable.

I see these as reminders that this reality is a hologram, a creation of Consciousness. As we each embody greater consciousness, life becomes less certain but it’s not a bad thing.

It means that life is a game to be experienced and enjoyed. Approach each day with curiosity, and wonder. Respond with playfulness, improvise solutions.

As you start to navigate from this higher perspective, you no longer resist what’s going on in the storyline. Negativity stops being negative, no longer triggers you. In fact, entrenched stories completely transform. That awful boss either quits or becomes angelic, for no apparent reason. Your family no longer irritates you, you find them amusing.

Things aren’t happening to you, and nothing is more powerful than You are.

Relax into this new experience and observe reality reorganizing around you. Things you desperately desired you no longer care about. Situations you struggled to create suddenly happen effortlessly.

Inherently it’s a benevolent Universe. Inherently *you* are Consciousness. At your Essence, or as your Essence, you are creating all of this. And we love our creations. You are creating your Self, and You adore you.

You may be at the tipping point of this realization, afraid to take the plunge.

Come in, the water’s fine.

Psychic Kindergarten vs. Quantum University ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

My original training in metaphysics was at a mystery school that described itself as a psychic kindergarten. It meant that we learn by doing. Nothing was written down, it was conducted in an oral tradition, classes were experiential.

I always felt that everyone needed that basic training, especially from a young age. How would the world be different if we all learned how to manage our energy as children, connect with our inner wisdom, and the rudiments of manifestation?

Laurel with a Yoda eyepatch

I still do feel that way, and there are a lot of people out there teaching these basic principles. This information is easily available to you. In fact, I recommend a couple great books:

More people in the world attend kindergarten (or grade school) than University. You could say that you need to go through the early training to get to the next level, but that’s not necessarily the case.
I had one student who said she needed the original training (that I was teaching at the time) to be open to the next level. But for some people, it gets in the way. Practitioners of ancient systems may have an especially difficult time transitioning. Yet there are other people with no background in energy work at all, lawyers and accountants and the like, who take to these new Consciousness techniques like ducks to water. 
There are less people attending Quantum University, partly because this is a new emerging field. It’s on the leading edge, so not a lot of people know about it, it is just coming into awareness.
Quantum University doesn’t seem to require taking the SAT or GCSE, but in getting to the level or desire and interest, to step into Consciousness training, one has usually overcome some hurdles in life.
The entrance requirement is willingness and commitment. A willingness to invest in one’s own transformation and a commitment completely change one’s life.
And as I reflect on this, I realize that the work I do is post-graduate level. And a better metaphor is Jedi-Mastery (without the light sabers and dark side scenarios). I’ve jokingly considered calling myself ‘Joan Kenobi’, although I’m feeling more like Yoda nowadays…
I work individually with people who are fully committed and focused, and who are ready to leave behind their fears, the old worries about money, time, health or whatever. I call it Conscious Mastery and the techniques I’ve developed (and am developing) ‘Consciousness Techniques’ – you won’t find them anywhere else.
Someone described me as a ‘teacher’s teacher’, for people are spiritual teachers and energy workers ready to move to their next level.
We’re all coming into our own. Our own increased Consciousness, our own Inner Wisdom, and it’s requiring that we ‘upgrade’ our old ways of being. It’s unfolding effortlessly.

You can choose to enter Quantum University, or play in Psychic Kindergarten. There’s nothing you *have* to do. You can just show up and see what happens.If you are ready to for advanced Masters level training in Consciousness, I have space now open in my  Private Mentorship program, and receive my individual attention to create a complete transformation!  Email me to find out if it is a fit for you!


How are You Experiencing the Earth’s Energetic Shifts? ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

I’ve been tracking shifts in reality for the past decade or so, and it’s fun to see scientific explanations show up in my storyline.

As I started ‘upgrading’ energetically, one of the most disturbing changes was the disappearance of the center of the Earth. I was teaching grounding in a meditation class one day, and went to connect to the Earth’s magnetic core, and it wasn’t there. For me there was just outer space, as if I’d gone straight through the holodeck and outside the Enterprise.

NASA: Artist’s rendition of Earth’s Magnetic Field

Grounding had been my foundational technique for thirty years. When I corded the center of the Earth from my root chakra, I would feel gravity increase. It helped me come into my body and feel more present. My body felt more secure when it was connected to the planet.  And then it was gone.

Eventually, I adjusted. I came up with other ways to center in the hologram without being tethered to the planet. I discovered how to wirelessly connect into my body and into this physical reality in a way that wasn’t so dense. Instead of feeling increased gravity, I now feel this pleasant sense of buoyancy.

Recently, I taught these techniques to a couple of people and they reported feeling heavier.  Hmm.  So afterwards I played with using my original techniques again, and it just wasn’t the same. Everything is still lighter, and more diffuse.

Then I came across a YouTube video of Inuit elders talking about changes in their environment, and saying the earth’s axis has tilted. I wondered if this was part of what I’d been sensing.

More research revealed a report from NASA saying that polar shifts are normal, they take place over millions of years. However the shift has sped up in recent years, It is moving faster now, and “scientists estimate the pole is migrating northward about 40 miles per year, as opposed to about 10 miles per year in the early 20th century”.

The Earth wobbles fairly regularly, but another NASA report stated that “around the year 2000, Earth’s spin axis took an abrupt turn toward the east and is now drifting almost twice as fast as before, at a rate of almost 7 inches (17 centimeters) a year.” Which they find “puzzling”.

So, things are speeding up. Magnetic poles are shifting. The planet is responding. Our bodies are responding (since they’re our vehicle in physical reality).

Physical reality looks the same but feels different. There are different ways to balance and center now. Wireless connections, rather than cords, help me energetically center in this reality. Our bodies like feeling connected to the planet, so for some people walking barefoot helps. I don’t like being cold, so for me just walking outside (bundled up against rain and wind) helps.

This hasn’t gotten around to explaining how, as I walk, I notice reality shifting in an out of focus, and how, to me, it I sense moving in and out of parallel universes, but that’s for another article.

We’re Consciousness, experiencing this world of form, and our body is our vehicle. Notice for yourself how you perceive the changes going on, and what your body may find supportive.

Whatever helps your body feel balanced and centered, do it. And you’ll have a much more enjoyable experience. 🙂

Mastering the New Consciousness ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

We have already shifted to a new level of Consciousness, it’s just that not all of our bodies and personalities have come up to speed.

For one thing, reality looks the same. For another thing, reality feels completely different.

And in this new reality, many old paradigms no longer work.

CCTV lens flare. Photo credit: Hustvedt

Like when you upgrade your operating system, you have to upgrade much of your software.

In fact, most of the old ways of operating are now defunct. You can’t apply the old rules of power in this new reality. Your energetic engine has changed. Gasoline doesn’t work in your Tesla.

Your ego may value being an expert. It may value being the know it all, having all the answers, being better than and smarter than.

Yet in this new Consciousness, approaching things with a bigger’s mind is far more powerful. All the answers are available to you, you just don’t have to carry it around in your hard drive any more.

Power looks different as Consciousness. It’s inner power. It has clarity and a sense of well being.

There isn’t any competitive energy, because there’s the awareness that *everyone* is whole, capable, and Conscious.

Everyone, at their core, is Consciousness. Everyone is equally powerful. As we each grow in this awareness, there is more interconnectedness. There’s more teamwork. There’s networking. There’s interdependence and independence at the same time.

Having more stuff doesn’t carry any weight in this new awareness. In fact, heaviness has no place here. There’s no density nor effort.

At some point of development, manifestation becomes instantaneous. And, the urge to manifest, the urgency, is gone. It’s all about creativity. This world is a fun playground.

Conscious evolution happens in waves, there’s always individuals on the leading edge, bringing new information into form.

If you’re reading this, you’re one of them. You wouldn’t be drawn to this article if you weren’t.

While the rest are coming up to speed, it may feel lonely at first. It may feel like people don’t understand you or where you are at. That’s just the old patterns playing out, dissipating.

If you notice anything that “makes you feel” frustrated, powerful, reactive, rebellious, resentful, resistant – you are bumping up against old paradigm patterns.

Nothing is more powerful than You. That becomes apparent when you shift your perspective to seeing yourself *as* Consciousness, creating your reality, through this physical form, in this hologram, this game called life on this playground called earth.

You don’t have to go out there to change, fix or manipulate anything. As you navigate as Consciousness, reality starts to reorganize around you.

That doesn’t mean you can’t choose to respond to what is showing up in your reality. Maybe you feel like making a phone call and expressing your views or requesting an action. Maybe you feel like going out to stand or walk with people who share your interests.

But you’re coming from an empowered space, and responding to what is. It feels different to engage in the world this way.

Mastering the new Consciousness means acquiring proficiency with the new skills of navigating reality that is manifesting with a higher vibrational frequency than we’ve ever experienced before.

Really, it’s Consciousness mastering the new physical reality.

We’re going from wading at the bottom of the ocean, where our bodies felt like deep sea divers suits, to not-quite-astronauts in zero gravity on the space station. In zero gravity, force propels things away from you, or you away from what you’re going for. It’s a more subtle way of moving through the world.

As you move through your world this week, notice what is different. Take the time to shift your awareness and view things differently. Make different choices and responses.

Try this for the next seven days, and see how your life transforms!

Are You Creating or Destroying? ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

This planet is a playground, an adventure in density and effort. It is here for us to experience physical reality in all it’s glory.

The primary energies at play are creation and destruction.

If you look at nature, you see examples everywhere. Trees fall over in the forest and become hosts for new saplings. Waterfalls erode their rocky beds. Birds spread seeds, bees pollinate plants. And predators cull overpopulated prey.

Destruction is needed in nature. Forest fires release seedlings that otherwise would not grow. Volcanoes spewing lava create new islands. Destruction can actually be very creative.

It’s a fundamental truth that if you want to create something in your life, you have to destroy something.

We have tremendous ethics around destruction. It’s bad. When in reality, what may need to be destroyed in order to create, may be your limiting thinking.

Destruction feels like death, and in some ways it is. It may be death to an aspect of your identity. It may be death to a dream that wasn’t even yours to begin with.

If you want to expand, you have to knock down a few walls.

The energy of destruction need not be violent. And it need not involve other people.

Often when someone wants to expand in their lives, they think they have to destroy their current relationships. They think others are holding them back.

When you release whatever is inside you that is holding you back, often people around you change. You’ve released the limiting pattern and the people in your life transform accordingly.

Sometimes you shift to a new level and friends fade away, with new friends showing up. You don’t need to reject anyone, only those who match your new vibration are in your new reality.

People enmeshed in old paradigm power games don’t understand the gentle grace of Consciousness. Consciousness is bringing expansion, always evolving with benevolent intent.

As greater Consciousness comes into this world, old ways are disintegrating. Those who are strongly identified with dominance and limitation are having a difficult time right now. To them it feels like *they* are dying. They are fearfully trying regain structures that no longer exist, that cannot be held in this new world.

If there is something you’d like to let go of, you don’t have to ‘burn bridges’ or ‘kill your darlings’. Focus on what you’d like instead, and watch your reality reorganize itself to accommodate your new desire.

The new way of Creating as Consciousness is very subtle yet very profound. As you shift your focus, it shifts your energy, and what no longer has your attention will disappear from your reality. And what focus on will manifest.

It doesn’t have to be a perfect vision, in fact it often shows up more quickly when you focus on the feeling. When Creating as Consciousness it’s helpful to have broad intentions.

When you’re overly specific, you’re often resisting what you don’t have. Open-ended requests allow you to create more than you can possible imagine.

Play with this for the next week and see what happens!

Creating Moments of Joy  ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

When I was caring for my mother who had Alzheimer’s, I got this book called “Creating Moments of Joy”. It specifically focuses on being in the present moment with people with dementia and celebrating whatever happiness you can have, right here and now.

It was an enormous relief not to fight what was happening, but to dance with her memory loss and the resulting behavior as the filters broken down. We savored the moments, sitting in the sunshine and going for drives in the countryside.  And monthly field trips to the Kreeger museum that has a special program for people with memory loss and their caregivers. And, a couple times, before it became impossible, an evening at the theatre.

Those moments are highlights over the rest of that time, which was nearly unbearable, it was so painful. Yet when I look back, those are the times I remember the most, more than the others.

It seems to me life is a series of moments of joy, amongst times of challenges.

When we’re little, we flow from one moment to the next. We find joy in dandelions and butterflies. We cry when we scrape our knee. We laugh at silly things.

As we get older we accumulate more ‘scraped knees’, and carry the experiences with us. Rather than picture books of happy times, we’re galleries of war photos.

You can’t move forward, with your evolution as Consciousness, with such density.

In stressful times, you need moments of joy. It’s not being in denial about the awful things going on. It’s coming up for air once in a while.

The worst is coming out of the woodwork right now because we’re in a collective shift to a higher vibration of consciousness. It’s in the process of being cleared, as it’s exposed to more light it cannot fail to disintegrate.

It’s painful to watch. It’s reopening wounds, revisiting past trauma. Which is allowing us to heal our scar tissue. We can get through this by creating moments of joy.

Moments of joy can also redirect you out of misery. It doesn’t take very long to shift longstanding patterns and introduces new experiences of reality. Abraham Hicks says it only takes 17 seconds. You catch your habitual thoughts and redirect them.

When I manifested my now husband, l did this. I realized I’d been driving around thinking of all the terrible relationships I’d had. Which was creating an energetic inventory for the next relationship. So I deliberately focused on the qualities I wanted instead, and he showed up.

By creating joyful moments, you can created more of them. You shift your attention to what you want (without resisting what you don’t want), you bring it into existence.

There will always be things to resist. There will always be pain and unpleasantness. This planet is a dichotomy of beauty and ugliness, a playground of density and effort. We’re here to create, to bring our unique vibrations, to feel the feelings of the physical realm.

What moments of joy can you create today? Be on the lookout for opportunities. As you notice them, more possibilities show up. You’ll gradually rise up out of the current vibratory level to one of more wellbeing. And this has a ripple effect. It assists with the collective evolution. As more of us create moments of joy, the more joyous the world will become.


We Shall Not Regret The Past (Nor Wish To Shut The Door On It) ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

We’re engaged in an uncivil war. 

In this time of fake news, and with even “real” news regurgitating complete falsehoods, it’s too easy to get taken off course by things that are deliberately designed to evoke an emotional reaction.

It’s exhausting and distracting and makes even the most enlightened of us forget that we’re Consciousness, we’re Infinite Beings creating our reality.

Trump’s heralding in a new age.

We are actually in a time of clearing and healing. There is greater Light in the world and it is revealing the most repressed darkness. All the ugliness that has come to the surface is being cleaned. Your home always looks worse when you’re deep cleaning.

It’s triggering each of us at our very core. It’s bringing up childhood memories and generational miasma. You can’t take this baggage with you to the next level of evolution.

Even as we are inspired to take action, we’re disempowered by our own”stuff”. We are at war in our minds, we have insane cabinet members in our heads who threaten to destroy the different departments of our lives.

The news may trigger us, but we’re creating our own drama and feeding it with our thoughts. When we stop fighting in ourselves or wrestling with scenarios, we can take clear action.

Years ago I was married to a covert cocaine addict. In order to regain my sanity, I needed to learn to detach from the emotional roller coaster. I made up my own slogan: “Don’t React Dramatically – Even If It Seems Dramatic.”

If I am triggered, if I am reacting with strong feelings, I am not in present time. I am engaging with a lie. What I am perceiving is not the truth.

I have lost control and I am fighting with the illusion.

We’re powerless over the illusion and we’re powerless over other people’s insanity. We’re powerless over what they say and what they tweet and what they sign. But we’re not powerless over our own voices, our own votes, and our own actions. We just feel powerless when wrestling with the insanity rather than the solution.

Where Real Power is.

We can regain our internal power in several ways.  First, by stepping back and not engaging with crazy people or crazy headlines. Take time to respond rather than react. Take a break from the noise, turn off your devices and take a walk.

I always reconnect with Consciousness when I’m out in nature, even if it is just noticing trees on city streets. There is a power greater than Faux news. And You, at your Essence, are this power.

When you’re reconnected within, you become clear at what your choices are and how you can contribute.

Because this time is not calling us to be in denial or to go back into our caves or bubbles. It is calling us to be fully in our bodies and to participate. You can take truly empowered action when you’re aligned with yourself as Consciousness.

The Bigger Picture of What Is Going On.

The birth of a new era requires expansion and contraction.  Progress experiences ebbs and flows.  This feels like the past because we’re at a new level of releasing those old patterns. After we’ve cleaned the kitchen and the living room, we go upstairs. Just because the bedrooms and bathrooms are dirty doesn’t mean we haven’t been cleaning, we’re just on a new floor.

We’re not going to back to Nazi Germany because we’re America and our basic foundational pattern is freedom. We’re seeing these shadows of the past because they’ve come to the surface to be cleared.

We have checks and balances and we have an inherent sense of our rights. There’s more collective empowerment in this country than 1920’s and 1930’s Europe knew. You cannot control a country founded on rebellion.

Remind yourself that this is 2017, bring yourself into the present moment. In Present Time you are fully connected with yourself as Consciousness. This is where you can transform your reality.

This is where we shall not regret the past (nor wish to shut the door on it). Let the baggage of the past be archived. It’s not forgotten, it’s acknowledged as useful building blocks to where you are now.

I leave you with the Work of Byron Katie. There’s great revelations and relief in this video.

The Curse of Complacency (and the Gift of Desperation) ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

One of the times where we can get stuck on our spiritual path is when everything seems to be going well. We have enough to get by, just not enough to achieve our desires.

We’re not in complete survival, but we’re not completely happy or satisfied. But we’re so better off than (where we were, where others are, where we could be)…

It can actually be a pretty horrible place to exist. And people can stay here for years.

Sweet Briar College, 1920

Complacency is like a big, goosedown duvet covering you and your life – on a warm, summer’s day.

Sometimes we’re stuck in complacency as a result of trauma. We’re not really complacent, we’re numb. We’re afraid to move. We’re terrified of risking our status quo.

A clue to being in this state is – how clear are your dreams and desires? When we’re in fear, our vision for the future is a winning lotto ticket, prince charming, someone or something to instantly get you out of this situation.

When we’re complacent, we may not even have dreams and desires, we’re so disconnected from our essence. Everything looks just fine. What have we to complain about?

Sometimes, as Consciousness, we create an opportunity to break out of this state. Something disastrous happens. A betrayal, a layoff, an accident, a national disaster… it wakes us up.

Sometimes the opportunity creeps up on you, you develop an illness that forces you to tune into your body, a loved one’s addiction is revealed, shattering your denial.

Desperation can be a gift, it gets us moving. It gives you the energy to start making positive changes. You can feel more alive in an emergency, because you’re more fully present and alert.

And yet some people get addicted to the adrenalin rush of chaos and drama, and instead of breaking out of their rut they dig themselves in even deeper.

Complacency mustn’t be confused with the neutrality of Consciousness. At the highest level of Consciousness, there is no good or bad, you’re completely detached from pain of what is happening in the physical world. It’s like viewing the planet from the International Space Station, you’re just in awe of the beauty and wonder of the world.

As Consciousness, we provide opportunities to wake up, and no opinion if we choose to stay asleep. As Consciousness there’s no time, so no judgement of how long it’s taking.

However, our core purpose for being here is to experience life in the physical, and express ourselves as Consciousness.  If we’re numb with complacency or spinning our wheels in continual crisis we’re not fully experiencing or expressing from Consciousness.

Now, when we’re in our bodies as Consciousness, it feels good. We’re enjoying ourselves. We inherently know it’s a benevolent Universe. We’re amused, we’re curious, we’re creative.

Our desires look different when we’re creating our life as Consciousness. We don’t need to be rich and famous. We are rich in relationship, we have prosperous lives.

Our own egos/personalities will hold us back, fearing that if Consciousness is in control, they will die. In truth, an aspect that we may have identified with will dissipate, but we will feel freer and more expansive afterwards.

When we operate as Consciousness, we achieve outcomes greater than old personalities could have imagined.

So if you’re in complacency and reading this, know that you have an opportunity to wake up without waiting for a breakdown. You can have a ‘high bottom’.

If you’re in desperation, use this information to propel you forward to new choices and actions.

You don’t have to know how to solve your problems or fix your situation, just take the first step towards the light. Intuitively step towards whatever feels lighter, brighter, clearer, more open. The light is You.

When you connect as Consciousness, you’ll find that the answers and solutions have been in You all the time.


Newfound Hope @2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

hope noun
  1. 1.
    a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.
    synonyms: aspirationdesirewishexpectationambitionaimgoalplan, design


    • a person or thing that may help or save someone.
    • grounds for believing that something good may happen.
      synonyms: hopefulness, optimismexpectation, expectancy
  2. 2.
    a feeling of trust.
verb hoping
I was going to write on a very different topic this morning until I looked out the window. The sunrise changed my mind.
I looked at it and I thought, “Hope”.
There’s not been much to hope for recently. The news is disastrous, the weather is crappy, people are depressed.
It’s hard to believe that any good could come of anything at the moment.
If we really create our reality, why are we creating global warming, poverty, war, and cancer? If we really can manifest anything we truly desire, why isn’t it already here?
Can we even be hopeful when things are so bad? Isn’t that just being in denial?
When we look at life from our body/personality level, it’s going to be frustrating. We feel helpless. We feel blocked.
That’s because our bodies, and to an extent, our personalities, are locked into this reality. Our bodies only exist in the here and now. They take things very seriously. They view things in black and white, life and death. 
Life is a school with lessons to learn, and punishing consequences if you mess up.

It’s you as Consciousness that is creating life down to the smallest detail. 


To Consciousness, this world is a marvelous playground. Life is a game to experience. It’s not about getting good stuff. But it feels good to navigate life from this higher awareness, using consciousness techniques with playful curiosity. 
Living life as Consciousness, feels joyful and lighthearted. You manifest effortlessly and with ease.
How do you do this? It’s not a mental activity. You can’t do this by thinking. In fact, I like to do “tricks” to bypass my thinking. That’s why I enjoy stepping through invisible doors to parallel universes every time I walk my dog. It shifts my feeling state into a new experience.
It’s a deceptively simple technique. The changes are subtle. But the ripple effects are profound. Your mind will try to discount it, because your mind is part of your body’s operating system. It’s designed to keep you on track, but ends up keeping you in the same rut. 
When you navigate life as Consciousness, you manifest results bigger than your mind could have imagined.
When you shift your awareness of yourself to Consciousness, as Consciousness, you can see the infinite possibilities available to you. You regain hope. You get little reminders how big and miraculous this world is. You see sunrises.

What Do You Really Want? And How Do You Really Make It Happen? @2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

We’re into the first weeks of January, New Year’s resolutions have been made and broken, visions have been created and forgotten, goals have been set and set aside. It feels like the year has begun with a giant belly flop. Why is this?

Most of us have no friggin’ idea how to keep our resolutions, or even create a vision for the year. If your resolution was to lose weight, your vision was to look like Chrissy Teigen or Ryan Reynolds. Or your resolution was to have more money, your vision was a winning lotto ticket. Or you want a relationship, your vision is to be married to Prince Harry.

There’s nothing in any of those resolutions, weight or money or relationship, that give you anything concrete to achieve. Those visions are unattainable, they’re wispy dreams.

We desire transformation and have no clue how to create it or support it. We want magic to happen, by wiggling our nose or blinking our eyes or waving a wand and shouting a spell. 

Here’s the thing. When you desire something, as Consciousness you already have it. It’s in your reality. It’s just not in your body or in it’s experience of the present moment. It’s frustrating and confusing, because a part of you is already there. But the part of you that is here, isn’t there yet.

Magic happens when you’re lined up with yourself as Consciousness.  But when we’re mired in the not-having of our desire, we’re far removed from ourselves as Consciousness.

We feel fat, we want to be thin. We feel poor, we want to be rich.  We feel lonely, we want to be happily married.

We are in a time of embodying greater Consciousness. Manifestation is speeded up.  But as long as we’re in the “not having”, that is what we manifest.

There are lots of books, blogs, courses out there for achieving anything you want. You can hire coaches. Most of them miss an essential element, which is you as Essence.

So you can lose the weight, get the money, attain the relationship, but you’ll still feel like something is missing. And that something is You.

When you start by aligning with YOU as Consciousness and take inspired action from your greater awareness, things unfold easily and effortlessly.

It starts with connecting with our true power source, which isn’t outside of us. Our greater self is within us. When we give Consciousness our focus, then things start to happen.

But here’s the caveat – when we align as Consciousness, and start living *as* Consciousness, our goals change. 

Our smaller selves don’t want to give up our dreams (so they remain dreams). Our smaller selves don’t want to give up control, so they firmly grip the steering wheel (when they’re too small to look over the dashboard to the road ahead). And our smaller selves thing they’re gonna die if they align as Consciousness.

What really happens is, the ego doesn’t die, it just gets rightly placed, where it really is much more comfortable. The dreams transform, and they look different. 

We may lose not lose weight, but like our body more. We may not win the lotto, but we have a prosperous life. We may not find Prince Harry, but we have a great relationship with ourself.

And here’s the big secret – even though our manifestations don’t look perfect, we are really, really, really, really happy with them.

And that’s what we’re really going for. 

What Is Dying In Your Life? ©2016 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

This has been a long, hard year for many people. And we’ve had some significant deaths, as well. With the recent unexpected passings, I’ve joked that David Bowie and Prince are hosting one heck of a Sky Party.

And for those of us who are staying in our bodies, there have been other kinds of loss. If it hasn’t been material, or in relationship, it’s been within ourselves. Perhaps our world view has changed, or an aspect of our identity has gone. Perhaps we have lost hope, or inspiration.

Chinese Opera, by Nova

In the last couple of months some of these have been sudden and unexpected. We’re in shock, as well as grief.

For months now, I have been aware of an impending death in my life, and am not clear what it is. I’ve been rebuilding since 2013 (the year I helped both parents die, and also my dog, lost my uncle, my house, and my business effectively shut down).

I’ve also been aware of being at a tipping point, a sense of about to dive in, all-or-nothing. Which doesn’t entirely make sense to me, since I’ve always been resolutely committed to my work, which is my purpose and calling in life.

What this reminds me of, is when I did psychic readings and looked at people’s futures. Sometimes their future self would be right there on the timeline, pointing out what was going to happen. At other times, the timeline would disappear into a fog.

I had two interpretations for this image. One was that the person wasn’t meant to see what was coming up, they were supposed to stay in the present moment, otherwise they’d try to skip steps to achieve it. The other was that the future was still being written, it was still being designed.

I sense it is the latter for me. I am letting go of expectations and assumptions. Releasing effort, trying hard. It’s been several years of a lot of action, of running around giving it away, trying to reach as many people as possible. It feels like things are changing, my focus is narrowing to those who can show up and have the information.  It feels like a return to creativity as well. I’ve had a couple books that have been waiting years to come out; perhaps 2017 is a time they will be birthed!

So what is dying for you? What is going away?

Collectively, I think we’ve moved to a new level of Consciousness, so anything of a denser vibration no longer exists in this new reality.

We can use this time to our advantage, to actively release that which we may perceive as dragging or holding us back. Perhaps you’ve been struggling with something for a long time. You can leave it in 2016, and let 2017 be a different Universe for you.

You don’t have to know the solution, or the answer. You just have to step into the space where it exists.

You may find that you haven’t lost anything at all (anything of significance is always stored in Consciousness) and instead gain a whole new world!


Acceptance Is Not Surrender, Ceding or Giving In ©2016 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

There’s a popular prayer that starts by asking for the serenity to accept the things you cannot change.
It’s a powerful statement. You are accepting what is, but not agreeing to it.

In accepting the situation, you are acknowledging the reality of it. You are not in denial that it is happening, you are not avoiding the reality. You are actually standing in your own power, while being powerless over other’s behavior or external circumstances.

Acceptance allows you to take action, to respond rather than react. You can make better choices when you’re not reacting.

Glowing Flower with Sunlight, photo credit: Tbala11

Now, there’s also an aspect of Surrender that doesn’t mean ceding your power, or giving in. It means you are not resisting the dominating energy. When you resist, you become rigid, you get stuck. You actually attract what you’re resisting.  In non-resistance, the negative energy passes through. You can weave around it. It dissipates.

A few years ago I was in a situation that was intolerable. I was powerless over the outcome. I was powerless over other people’s behavior.

Others might have said, but you could have talked to them about it. This was your opportunity to speak out.

I did not waste energy fighting it or trying to change them. I placed principles before personalities. I focused on the bigger picture. I remained in integrity with my core values.

I was there to do something no one else could do, I brought my awareness of Consciousness to the situation. What unfolded was greater than what anyone there could acknowledge.

And so it is.

You may be going home for the holidays and dreading becoming enmeshed in the dysfunctional family patterns. You might be avoiding certain relatives because of painful memories.

You could be distracted by the news, by the current insanity in politics. You could be outraged by people’s refusal to be involved, or general unconsciousness.

You cannot change, fix, or manipulate the world outside yourself without getting entangled in it. You can detach, by stepping back emotionally.

You can accept that most people aren’t operating at optimal awareness. Most people are playing out invisible programming.

When you can see that and not resist it, you reclaim your energy from it.

You start to see the world through a different lens. You might actually be amused by it.

We have been through dark times before. There is too much light in the world nowadays.

The sun is more powerful than the night.

Stand in your own sunlight, shine in your own truth, and see how that transforms your life!

Don’t Give Up The Ship ©2016 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

When weather permits, I take daily walks for inspiration and to regain my connection as Consciousness. There’s a house on my route that has a flag hanging off it that says, “Don’t Give Up The Ship.”

I think about it’s message. Don’t give up. Don’t jump ship. Don’t give up the ship.

The ship, to me, is the body you have manifested in which to experience physical reality. We hit times that seem insurmountable, so incredibly painful that we can’t go on.

Yet if we do hang on, these times will pass. Life will get better.

Even if we can’t imagine how, or can’t know when.

As Consciousness, life is something to enjoy. We create being here for the fun of it, for the joy of it. To savor the sun on our face, the taste of chocolate, we love this world.

As Consciousness we are always aware of the bigger picture. We know this lifetime passes in the blink of an eye. We know we are always connected.

Those time that we hit a ‘point of no return’ in the physical, what is really happening is a dream is dying, an expectation of what it is supposed to be like, an aspect of our personality, our identity that we are attached to. Those things are dying, those limitations are breaking open and something bigger is coming in.

When I was sixteen, I was hospitalized for depression. I was there for three months and they released me with a bottle of antidepressants. I took the bus to my old high school and got a ‘dear Joan’ letter. I went to the McDonald’s next door and downed them all.

I was in so much pain I couldn’t think of anything else to do.

I was in a coma for three days. While I don’t remember having an out of body experience, I woke up exhilarated. (My mother thought it was from taking all those antidepressants).

So many things have unfolded in the years since then. So much love and many life experiences that wouldn’t have happened if I’d jumped ship.

Don’t give up the ship to depression or despair. The part of you that can’t see beyond the present circumstances is not the one who should be captaining the vessel. Let yourself as Consciousness do the steering.

It is as simple as shifting awareness to above the cloud cover.

However, it may take help to get there. These are tough times and you don’t need to get through it by yourself. Don’t be alone with your thinking. Be out among people who care and understand. Binge watch comedies.

For myself, on my daily walks I step through doors to parallel universes. I shift my reality to one where things are unfolding in my favor. To where everyone lives happily ever after.

When we navigate as Consciousness, we realize this is a benevolent Universe.

If we all try this, we can create massive change in our lives. Play with this and watch your collective reality transform!

Hitting Bottom ©2016 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

Sometimes your face has to hit the pavement before you turn around and look up.

Sometimes it has to get worse before it gets better.

We’re watching a group of people imploding because what they believe is true and real, is not. What they think is powerful, is not. They have no true foundation, so what they are building cannot last.

It’s scary to consider they could take the rest of us with them.

But maybe reality has to get just that insane, before we reclaim our power from it.

Do we have to step back and let it self destruct?

Non resistance is the most powerful form of protection. It’s when your energy is so light, so transparent, that negative energy passes right through.

Non resistance has also been a powerful tool for social change. Perhaps we need to access our inner Gandhi, our inner Martin Luther King.

In non resisting, we don’t feed the madness, we don’t participate with crazy.

When you have a loved one who’s an addict or alcoholic, you have to step aside as they are bottoming out. They need the consequences of their own actions. If you’re not going down with them, they can’t blame you for their bottom. But you can be there for them as they’re climbing back out.

It’s a different story when you’re dealing with a narcissist or abuser. There’s similar denial when you are entwined in their story, but it’s not as clean cut to detach and step aside. There’s no bottoming out for them. They’re focused on taking you out first.

The most dangerous time for someone in a domestic violence situation is when they are about to leave or have just left. That’s when they get killed. The abuse may have only been emotional or threatening before.

If an abuser is leaving, he created a campaign to assassinate your character. He spreads rumors, “she’s so cold and unfeeling,” “I’m leaving because of her mental cruelty” (when those adjectives really describe himself).

The best way to unfriend a narcissist is to ghost them. To slowly evaporate from their lives. Otherwise they’ll do a similar campaign.

In leaving an abuser you have to have a plan. Know where you are going, a safe environment, supportive people. It may take months, secreting money away, a suitcase of clothes, learning the legal implications and prepare for possible reactions.

Narcissists and abusers are extremely resistant to therapy. Narcissists are unable to look at themselves. Abusers feel entitled to treat people the way they do. They’ll pretend to respond to treatment and then revert back to their old behaviors the moment they have you back.

When I do the Skybox technique for this current reality, I look down at the field and it’s a riot in a rugby match. Players and fans rolling in the mud, the coaches and even the refs standing on the sidelines, arms folded.

Patterns are rising to the surface with the intent to clear and people are getting entangled in them.

I look for the lightbringers and they are dots in the darkness. They seem to be underground, yet creating a network of light.

The information I can access from the Skybox is that, although as players we may feel powerless over the situation, over other people, places and things, it is time to get in touch with out internal power.

As Consciousness we are infinitely powerful. How we hold our own amidst this chaos is to center into our internal power.

As we each do that, it changes the landscape.

When I move up to the Goodyear Blimp, to get a broader perspective, I see the patterns breaking up faster than anticipated. Those in archaic power structures scrambling to get what they can before it all disappears.

When I focus on areas of the field from this higher viewpoint, I can clear those sections. It gives me a sense of power (and knowing where the power comes from, my highest self, not my player self).

I bring that awareness down to the Skybox and it helps me looking down at the scrimmage on the field. I can see the lightbringers walking inbetween the players bashing each other, recognize the actions being taken to restore harmony to the field. It is the ultimate in non-resistance, not engaging with the fight energy but focusing bringing a different vibration to the whole.

I decide to join them, going down first to the sidelines, where I hear the coaches and refs talking. What I thought was inaction is really discussion and planning. Empowered movement is intended.

You can do this for yourself, for your situation. Go up to the Skybox and view your life from the bigger picture and gain wisdom from your higher self. You can bring it back with you in order to respond rather than react, and make choices and take action from more empowered stance.

I’m very curious to see what unfolds in the next few weeks.


Is Resistance Futile? ©2016 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

I woke this morning with the lyrics to “Do You Hear The People Sing” from Les Mis going through my head, and felt it was a commentary on the prevelant feeling throughout the world at this time.

“Do you hear the people sing? It is the song of angry men. It is the music of a people who will not be slaves again…”

People are angry. People are protesting. People are grieving. People are rebelling.

People are being called to action. They are speaking out. They are taking stands.

Aikido July 2002 Chateau de Clairvans, Gerard Blaze et Dominique

Then I remembered the scene in Les Mis, during the French Revolution, working class people manning the barricades. And they all got shot.

Is resistance futile? Do the big guys always win? Do our votes really count? Are our voices heard?

The energy of resistance usually attracts what you don’t want. What you resist, persists. So from that perspective, resistance is futile. It perpetuates you in the reality that what you’re resisting has power over you, is dominating you.

However, the energy of anger propels you out of the paralysis of fear. So if you are fighting something, that energy gives you the strength to take action and make changes.

The strongest stance, energetically, is non-resistance. That doesn’t mean that you accept the unacceptable. But it means you can’t be bullied or intimidated or triggered by whatever the other side does. You stand in your own power and negativity passes through without sticking.

Some forms of martial arts use non resistance to their advantage. When an opponent attacks, they respond in such a way that uses their energy against them. They step aside and the attacker falls over by their own force.

How can we possibly be non resistant to all the insanity going on right now? Wouldn’t that be staying in our ‘bubble’ of privilege, or being in denial?

Non resistance doesn’t mean not doing anything. It means to respond rather than react. It means standing back from all the noise and make conscious choices before taking action.

You can have strong feelings about things and still respond with non-resistance.

Bullies thrive on victims. Narcissists thrive on attention, even negative attention. Dominators aim to disempower people by getting them riled up and off balance.

We are all more powerful than we know. What is happening on the planet is that greater Consciousness is coming into form. That means your body is able to hold YOU, as Greater Consciousness, more than ever before.

Shift your perspective to your inner Essence and you will regain your balance.

Bringing Light Into Darkness (Now more than ever) ©2016 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

Many years ago, I worked for a small Church.  One night I dreamed that I was outside the Church building in the dark, handing out fliers for our classes. Inside the Church, in the brightly lit staff room, was my co-worker, sitting on the floor with two students.

It pretty much sums up my role in life. I never get to be inside the place of light, I’m always outside telling people about it.

Lightbringers are her to bring Light, to carry the message that there is Light, which means we’re always venturing into the darkness.

It happens in relationships, too. They get involved with someone and it’s all hearts and flowers, then dark things come to the surface. It happens in jobs, they start working somewhere and corruption surfaces. Not because they found it, but their higher vibration shines light that makes darkness evident.

Someone emailed me the night of the US election, “where’s my Parallel Universe now???”  Because in my Meetups I talk about how we have infinite parallel universes and you can change your present experience at any time by stepping into one where things are unfolding in your favor. It’s as simple as changing lanes on the freeway.

So I’ve been reflecting on why I’m in this universe, which appears really traumatic and suckky for the world, rather than one that’s more fun and empowering for all.

Because I’m a frigging lightbringer and of course I end up in dark places.

My message to everyone is, not just that there is light, but that you ARE light. You *are* the greater light of Consciousness. There is more Consciousness in the world than every before. Our physical bodies are capable of holding a higher vibration now, we can be more embodied as Consciousness.

This is why it seems that there’s greater darkness, because in actuality there’s greater Light. It seems like darkness, unconsciousness, corruption, demagogues, fascists, and dictators are gaining power but those patterns are in the process of dissipating.

Yeah, really?? Or are we heading into another 1930’s with the rise of Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, and Tojo?

It seems that way, and the difference now is that there’s greater Light. We, individually, are more empowered than ever before. And our ability to communicate with each other is better than ever before. Arab Spring was started by a Tunisian street vendor setting himself on fire, but it was spread by Twitter. Which lead to the collapse of long standing dictatorships throughout the Middle East.

We may feel powerless, but we’re not.

We may not all be Lightbringers, blazing trails in the darkness. Our life purpose for some of us may be anchors or stabilizers (creating a container for the new energy to come into form). There are many expressions of Consciousness in this world.

And we are each Light. As we stand in our Light, the world becomes brighter. Darkness disappears in full daylight.

Change can happen quickly nowadays. We can transform reality instantaneously. Let’s do so now, and not wait to create an American Spring.

Now more than ever, your unique Light is needed on the planet. Be authentically yourself. Express your uniqueness into the world.

Your light joins our lights and collectively we accelerate the evolution of Consciousness. Try this for the next 7 days and see what happens!


It’s The End Of The World! ©2016 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

It seems catastrophic. It’s not what’s supposed to be going on. Terrible things are occurring  everywhere. I can’t believe this is happening to me.

Sound familiar? Have you been thinking these thoughts? For many people, this is what reality feels like right now.

Crazy things are being reported in the news. It’s confusing. Frightening, even. We’re grieving the loss of what should be. Angry at what is. Scared of what could be.

It’s the end of the world as we know it.

Reckless Company 1904 (Public Domain)

I don’t like it either. I’m surprised at the weird shift in the time line. The wacky alt-Universe I’ve seemed to have woken up in. My body is resistant to it. I want to change, fix or manipulate it and make it different.

That part of you that feels powerless? That feels like it’s happening to you? That can’t imagine anything good coming out of this?

That’s your body. Your body only knows what it has experienced up until now. Your body sees things in terms of survival. It hasn’t lived the future yet.

When the story line shifts abruptly, it gets really upset. It feels like it’s going to die. It makes up stories based on what it sees or hears. It doesn’t have a the bigger picture.

The Essence of who you are, can see farther along the road ahead, knows there are more possibilities than just calamitous ones. It may even be amused by all of this.

It’s the part of you that is eternal so it’s not fearful it’s going to die. It’s here. To experience physical reality. It knows this is just a game. It finds this fun.

We’re collectively screaming with our hands in the air, forgetting that we’re on a roller coaster (not an airplane).

As Consciousness, you are creating reality moment to moment. A complex and beautiful world. The more Consciousness comes into form, the old, rigid, restrictive beliefs and concepts break down.

Your body may not be dying, but part of your identity might be. A reality you were attached to might have changed. This happens to us throughout our lives, every time we graduated and moved up a grade in school, every time we got into and then out of a relationship, started and changed a job.

This seems to be on a global scale, but what is it in you that is dying? What is it in you that is releasing? What loss is your body mourning?

For me, this past year has resurrected old family patterns that I thought had already died. I’ve been triggered as I see similar behavior played out in the news. I’m surprised to discover how I’m still entangled with them, how I’m still creating my reality through and from them.

If you’re really entrenched in them, these changes can feel seismic. What is your personal earthquake about? Where are you being shaken to your core?

Realize that you don’t have to stay stuck here. It doesn’t have to take years to work through this now.

When we were less Conscious, when we experienced less Consciousness, it took a long time for these things to change. Now they can shift in an instant (or overnight).

The more you operate as Consciousness in the world, the more sudden and unexpected things happen. The cosmic script writer part of you isn’t writing an adaption of War And Peace or Les Miserables. It’s sweeps week and a reality show. Expect plot twists.

If you want to win an Oscar, by all means go for it. Wrestle that bear. As Consciousness you’ll enjoy every minute of it.

If you don’t want Grizzly drool on your costume, shift your perspective to Consciousness’ bigger picture. You’ll see things with joy and wonder, curiosity and amusement. You’ll respond differently.

It’s not the end of the world, but the beginning of a new reality.

Bizarro World  ©2016 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

It has been a strange week. In the US, we had a surprise outcome to the election (although I feel the surprises aren’t done, keep reading for more). Tuesday evening, while the votes were still being tallied, someone emailed me that they were losing their shit. “Where’s my Parallel Universe now?”

Well, the Parallel Universe I’m in feels pretty bizarre.

Electoral College 1824 by MB298

Here’s what I know: 
When we begin to live life as Consciousness, weird and inexplicable things start to happen.
As Consciousness, there is no good nor bad. It’s all about experiences.
If you are experiencing negativity or limitation, that is your “player self” (I also call it body /personality).
If you are experiencing infinite possibilities, that it is a benevolent Universe, that’s yourself as Consciousness.

Our “player self” is resistant, rebellious, wants to change, fix or control things. And it can’t, so it feels powerless.

Consciousness is neutral or amused. Consciousness is also playful and curious.

You can create change in this reality *if* you are playful and amused and curious about the outcome. If you are trying hard, using a lot of effort, setting really specific intentions, you may build something that becomes real, but there will be loopholes or something wrong.

Here’s what I’m intuiting:
That there’s a lot that can change between now (November) and the inauguration (January 20th). We aren’t on a predictable path.

As Consciousness increases, it exposes the darkness, so it seems like there’s more of it, but it is in the process of disintegrating.

It’s no use directly fighting (or resisting) the darkness. That’s just shadow boxing. What dissipates the darkness is more light.

Now, Consciousness is continually in motion, and plot changes can happen at any moment.

This morning I was wondering what was going to unfold in the next few months, and I came across a video on the Electoral College, which is the group that actually elects the president. They don’t vote until December. 19th. I posted on Facebook yesterday morning that maybe this is why we feel something is “off” and it hasn’t happened yet.

Two hours later there’s a petition going around to make the Electoral College vote differently.

As I type this, it occurs to me that other things could arise to make this happen. The elected candidate is embroiled in lawsuits. More things could arise to change the outcome.

I remember years ago when someone was re-elected, I thought ‘it has to get worse before it gets better’. And it did. But that pendulum-swinging is an old paradigm cause-and-effect. We’ve shifted into the quantum world of randomness.

Just because we’ve had 8 years of progress doesn’t mean we need to swing back to balance. Anything is possible.

This is happening globally as well. Britain voted for Brexit, with a lot of loud regret after it happened. Their PM resigned and a new one stepped up to accelerate the process. A lawsuit called for it to require a vote by Parliament. So now it may unfold differently.

Here’s what you can do:
Take your focus off the drama, doom and gloom. Bring your attention back into yourself, into your Self as Consciousness.
Shift your awareness to one of curiosity and amusement, like you are viewing this as a reality show (which it is).
If you want to set intentions, do it with open ended statements. “Everything is unfolding in my favor.” “The Truth is coming to light.” “Everyone in my hologram is living happily every after.” (this allows for outcomes beyond your limited imagination).
Then release it, go forward with your day, notice what is different (subtle changes validate that you’ve made the shift as Consciousness and keeps you unfolding in the new direction.

Wouldn’t it be fun if everyone did this?

I’m curious to see what happens.

When Reality Breaks Down ©2016 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

If you look around you, what you see is physical reality. It’s been measured, poked and examined. We see rocks and dirt and trees. We’re told they’re made up of atoms and molecules. Different combinations of molecules make up rocks than dirt, water and air. Fascinating to think that scientists eventually measured something invisible like air, and discovered that oxygen has it’s own form of solidity. Air is thinner in high altitude places.

Barite, photo credit: Strekeisen

And then we acknowledge emotional patterns, they’ve been measured, poked and examined. We recognize that behavior patterns in families go back seven or ten generations, beyond what most of us know about our genealogy. We think we’re being unique and new and yet on one level we’re just replicating patterns.

Thought patterns have been around for millenia as well. It’s said that there’s never been an original thought. We read ancient philosophers and their comments are surprisingly modern. The mental level is another part of the complicated construct that is the hologram as we know it.

Our beliefs, our concepts, color the way we view reality. We think our religion is the right one until we get to know people that believe something totally different and realize they’re pretty good folk and maybe their soul isn’t going to hell after all. We think our family is one way until a family secret gets exposed and our reality is shattered.

Shattered is a good way to describe what it feels like when your pictures of reality disintegrate. It’s like the scaffolding of your life is withdrawn, and things collapse inside. Anyone who has been through a divorce knows this. Ways you define yourself, your identity, get removed and it is very disorienting.

When you take away those belief constructs, what you have left is physical reality, which is why nature feels so restorative. It simply is. It’s a break from the insane overlay of human dynamic.

We’re starting to experience what’s beyond the invisible, beyond what can be measured and examined. When you bring out the microscopes (or the telescopes) you can’t see it.
It’s been philosophized about, but you can research research all the religions and cultures in history and only get a minute sense of what we’re experiencing today.

We use euphemisms for this, Light and Truth, but words can’t fully explain what is happening.

It’s how an aquarium of fish must feel when a hand reaches in and moves the ornaments about.

Except we’re not fish, although our bodies are. And we’re not separate from the hand. We are the hand.

Consciousness creates reality by focusing. Focusing creates density. There is a spectrum to it, but not the separation we believe. It’s all Consciousness focusing into density.

In density we experience time and space, a historic storyline to our reality. We feel like this has been this way forever. When Consciousness shifts focus, we feel it. Greater Consciousness comes into form and we feel more real. And what’s not real seems to break down and go away.

Hands in the fish tank stir up all sorts of muck and mire, which gets siphoned out to clean up the water.

What’s going on around the world is a kind of rearranging of the fish tank, a siphoning up of the muck and mire that no longer serves us. The untruths that people have clung to as reality.

As Consciousness comes more into form, we sense our unity (because we’re all Consciousness). We also sense our individual power (because as Consciousness we are infinitely powerful). So on one hand we’re experiencing more of a collective connection. We see how we are ‘better together’, how we can help one another. And on the other hand we are rebelling against anything that impedes our personal sense of autonomy.  This planet is such a delicious dichotomy!

And anything that is the opposite of Consciousness, dominance vs empowerment, divisiveness instead of individuality, unity instead of identical… is what is going away.

You can sense the difference. Consciousness feels good. It feels expansive. It feels joyous. When you’re operating from Consciousness you feel lighthearted, clear, confident.  Unconsciousness feels constricted and limiting, fearful and powerless.

It’s a component of this world that is very evident right now. It is being illuminated as Consciousness comes into form. It’s in the process of being cleared. Our shadows are being exposed but will disappear in full sunlight.

It can be very uncomfortable as the muckiness of humanity comes to light. We think that other aspects of reality will erupt and break down as well. Our bodies aren’t dying but aspects of our egos are.

If you are experiencing any breaking down in any aspects of your life, the discomfort is palpable. It will pass, but it may take time. It will be a relief as the distortion dissipates.

The greater aspect of yourself *is* Consciousness, and that part of You can coax the little you through this.

Be easy with yourself. Implement super self care, doing self comforting things. Take time to step out in nature and just breathe.

This is the darkness just before dawn. We are huddled ‘neath our covers wanting our last bits of sleep. But waking up is a wonderful thing. Come into the sunlight, a joyous world awaits.


What is happening when NOTHING is happening? ©2016 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

We’ve all been going through tough times. Growing pains. And for many of us, no matter what we do, we don’t seem to make any progress.

It just feels like one obstacle to surmount after another, and it doesn’t matter what we try, we’re just getting nowhere.

Field in Raszkow, Poland, photo credit: Jacek Halicki

Here’s the thing –

We are all Consciousness manifesting into physical bodies. As Consciousness, things are easy and effortless. Our bodies experience density and difficulty.

Now it is possible as Consciousness to instantaneously transform. You can go from being stuck in a traffic jam to whizzing along to your intended destination just be shifting yourself from your current Universe to one where everything is unfolding in your favor.

When you’re creating on a body level, it takes longer.  Our bodies exist in time and space, where change is an evolutionary process. You plant seeds, water them, wait for them to sprout.

Nothing is ever not happening, but sometimes it takes a while for change to become evident.

You might be going through soil prep (and experiencing a lot of fertilizer in your life). You may have seeds you’d forgotten you planted, germinating beneath the surface.

Or if you feeling burned out, your field may be laying fallow. You may need a period of rest before your field is ready to plant again.

When you stop doing, you can start being. Creating as Consciousness comes from a state of being.

It’s a completely different approach to manifestation.

It doesn’t mean sitting on your meditation cushion for hours every day chanting yourself into a state of Beingness.

It means stepping into the reality as Consciousness where you already are the changes you want to experience.

There is *a lot* going on in the world right now. People are experiencing extremes – extreme emotions, extreme challenges, and being affected by other people’s extreme stresses. If you’re feeling that right now, do yourself a favor and take a time out.

It may be ten minutes to go outside and walk around the block. It may be turning off your phone or TV – a “media break” for a period of time. If you listen to music, maybe give yourself a period of silence.

You don’t need to be knocked about by external forces. They may be distractions that keep you from focusing within, where real transformation can happen. When you take your focus off the external world and tune into your internal world, that’s where you can experience Yourself as Consciousness.

As Consciousness you know that there is enough, and that you are enough.

Bring your attention back to yourself and you might discover that there’s no need to “do” anything. You can appreciate all that is going on without your efforts. You’ll know, within the fiber of your Being, that all is very, very well.


Birthing The New You ©2016 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

Last night was pretty phenomenally uncomfortable. I woke up feeling constricted with competition. It was such a surprise to me, because I don’t operate on that level any more. My work is so new, the focus is different, that it doesn’t compare to what anyone else is doing. It would be like a runner competing with a hang glider. Different sports, different areas.

I’m not certain whose reality I was experiencing, but I would dearly love them to know –

Playing in the realm of Consciousness, you realize there’s plenty for everyone. There’s space for everyone to succeed. There’s enough time, money, love.

Newborn in Nepal – photo credit: Krish Dulal

This world may seem rigid and finite, an adventure in Density and Effort, but when you’re playing as Consciousness, you realize that it’s all malleable. Time expands (or contracts) depending on your focus. Money is infinitely available (and usually comes out of left field rather than from the direction you’re expecting it). You are enveloped in Love. You ARE Love. There is always enough.

Even if you’re not feeling it right now, your inner Self knows it.

What it feels like now, is that we’re going through a collective Quickening. We’re feeling our creation kick. Their foot may actually be stuck under our ribcage. It’s when your pregnancy goes from just being morning sickness and weight gain, to the awareness that there’s something alive growing within you. It’s exciting and a little terrifying.

For some who have felt this evolution longer, it may be actual Transition. The most intense phase of labor, the most painful part as the baby is moving out through your cervix to slide down your birth canal.

In my two pregnancies, which were both at home and without drugs, when labor started I thought, ‘I’ve changed my mind!’ Whoops – too late. The baby is coming. Your body knows what to do. Breathe and relax and push when you’re in Transition.

You are giving birth to your New Self. The Greater Aspect of You is coming into form. It is powerful, it is exciting, it is thrilling and, yeah, a bit scary.

You’ve been going through contractions as you hit your internal limitations, all the programming and patterns created to convince you that you’re the opposite of who You truly are.

The world has been reflecting this, as people are having meltdowns, people are losing their shit, archaic beliefs are rising up, people are collectively crying out, no longer tolerating the intolerable.

When you don’t resist what is breaking down, when you don’t hold on to what is disintegrating within your fingers, you can enjoy this process so much more.

What’s on the other side of this is glorious. It is a love more profound than you can imagine. It is a greater relationship (with your Self) than you could have thought possible. It is the life of your dreams.

You are birthing You, you are magnificent, and adorable. You are loved, loveable, and worthy of love. You are surrounded by support. Everyone who shows up is a midwife or a doula to your new experience.

Relax, breath, and see what happens!



Denial and Delusion ©2016 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

It’s been a painful week. I think the majority of people (at least in the US, but I suspect it is showing up in different forms around the world) are suffering major post traumatic stress.

This has been coming in waves throughout the year, although it’s been going on for longer. I’m certain there’s an astrological explanation, maybe the Pluto-Uranus square, whatever.

Sunrise on Sea, photograph by Bogdan Giuşcă,Romania

We’ve had increasing light shone on things that we are no longer tolerating. Bigotry, racism, sexism, misogyny, abuse, assault…

The debates were traumatizing, watching someone point fingers and accuse the other person of the very things they had actually done or said, that they were currently on trial for. The abuser always accuses others, making themselves out to be the victim. Crazy making behavior.

Denial is strong. Someone claimed that God was going to work through their flawed candidate. Perhaps God sent him to bring all this up, not to have him in office?

People denying things said on tape, and on video. People living in delusion, lying to themselves.

This time, however, the pushback is strong. Women speaking out about unacceptable behavior, sharing their stories of assault.

You could feel the collective rising up of the issue, bringing the hidden to light.

But what really struck me was the men standing up in outrage, they don’t say things like that, they don’t treat women that way, they don’t think that way.


Little chinks of old patterns started falling away inside myself.

There are men in this world who treat women with respect. Men who are naturally faithful. Men who are loving to their daughters.

Who knew?

This is a time when the Truth is coming to the surface. Not ‘truths’ people tell themselves, but the light of Truth is coming in and dislodging whatever is the opposite.

For survivors of any kind of violence, observing the gas lighting by an abuser, the stories his supporters are telling, is excruciating.

If you were hit without warning, or verbally berated as a child, that was abuse. That was domestic violence.

For those of us that grew up in households like that, coming out of denial is quite painful. There’s a huge ‘no talk’ rule. Those who speak up are blamed instead.

For people who are comfortable sitting in the dark, the light hurts their eyes. Something is wrong with the light bringers.

This isn’t stopping however. We’re in an evolutionary shift. The light will continue to increase. We will continue to grow in awareness.

As we experience ourselves as Consciousness, pain will be replaced with love. Constriction will be replaced with expansion. We will breathe easier. We will stand taller.

It will be okay for us all to be in the light, and take up space.

Ethics, Values, and Morals (and Consciousness) ©2016 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

“A person who knows the difference between right and wrong and chooses right is moral. A person whose morality is reflected in his willingness to do the right thing – even if it is hard or dangerous – is ethical. Ethics are moral values in action” from

An exercise I do with new clients is called ‘Values Clarification’. It helps them determine their top 5-10 values and then they’re able to use it as an assessment for how satisfied they are with their lives. It is also a tool for making choices and taking actions. If you have a high value on relationship but you spend your days debugging software alone in your office, you’re not going to be very satisfied with your job (no matter how much Microsoft pays you).

Values are one thing, but ethics and morals brings the conversation to a new level.

GPS Photo by Darren Meacher

Consciousness is neutral. There’s no good or bad from the perspective of Consciousness. This confuses people. If that’s the case, then I can just start careening down my path treating people like shit and stealing from the government (“taxes, I don’t need no stinkin’ taxes”). Because I AM Consciousness and this is all an illusion so it doesn’t really matter.

The mind that is thinking that way isn’t Consciousness.

True, Consciousness is neutral. Consciousness is impassive. Consciousness doesn’t get caught up in drama or detail. Consciousness is also Love. Consciousness loves *everything* and *everyone*.

[LOL, I got an ‘Error’ message right at this point of writing and quickly copied what I’d written before having to reload]

Although it is all an entertaining creation to Consciousness, it doesn’t mean it’s not real. I love my plants, my pets, including my fish tank. I created them to be in my life. I love my kids, I manufactured their bodies but they are taking their lives and running with them. And I feel unconditional love for them, regardless what they do.

…that’s the parental perspective of Consciousness…

When I truly step into the perspective of myself Consciousness, the creator of my reality, it’s a little different. I feel no need to try to change, fix or manipulate the hologram I’ve created to experience physical reality. I don’t need to treat people like shit, if anything, I feel Compassion, because we are all Consciousness.

As Consciousness, I’m One, so for fun, I’ve created individuality, the sense of otherness. You could say this whole world is Consciousness playing with itself.

So the right and wrong thing. Although there is no right or wrong as Consciousness, there is light and dark in the physical realm. You navigate this using your inner Moral compass.

This Moral compass gets distorted much the same way as a little boy scout’s compass can be affected by magnets. It’s not pointing true north if you’re feeling extreme emotionalism. If you’re feeling that others are wrong when you are right. That’s not your moral compass, that’s your body/ personality/ intellect/ mind.

I know I’m navigating with my moral compass when I feel clarity. I may love this person but if they’re sleeping with someone else, it’s pretty clear we’re not in an exclusive relationship. I’m pretty clear I want an exclusive relationship. It’s a simple choice to step away from that relationship so I can create the space for what I want.

I may love my family of origin, but I feel insane around the old family behaviors. Clarity helps me with boundaries, how to navigate the holidays. I can go to the family dinner on Christmas eve but I can’t do breakfast the next morning with them.

When you align your body/ personality/ intellect/ mind with yourself as Consciousness then your sense of right and wrong becomes clear. Your Moral compass is clearly about You and how You want to navigate life.

If you’re staring at someone else’s vehicle, you veer into their lane. When you as Consciousness are driving, your eyes are on the road – your path – ahead. You don’t need to change how other people are driving.

It feels better to live life as Consciousness. It feels better to stand in the light. It feels better to have clarity.

Notice how you are navigating. Are you steering towards the shadows? Are you tailgating someone who you think is a terrible driver? Is your blinker on or tabs expired?

It’s pretty simple to shift your perspective, it just takes doing it.

Try this for the next few days and see what happens!


The Deva of Money and Morphic Fields ©2015 Joan M. Newcomb

This morning I had a little chat with the Deva of Money and I thought I’d share it with you.  

Devas are the unseen architects of Nature, they design things to be brought into physical form.  They hold qualities and communities as well. There’s a Deva of Broccolli that oversees all the brocolli plants on the planet. There’s a Deva of Patience that you can talk to in Friday afternoon commuter traffic. There’s a Deva of the country that you live in.

I know of someone who personafies the Deva of Money with a sexual connotation, which works for them. For me, it feels entangled with cultural history of women being dependent on men financially.

The Deva of Money, as I feel it, is light, bright, clear and impersonal, like the ocean, like God. The ocean is not vindictive, the ocean takes and gives, the ocean provides for wildlife and the planet. 

You fall in the ocean and drown, it’s not murdering you. Sharks eat you, they are feeding, being sharks. Your alertness keeps you from falling in the ocean, but what about boats going down, what about hurricanes and typhoons? Weather is not personal, it is patterns, it is part of the interweaving design of this world. 

Many of us are entangled in the morphic field of poverty and deprevation, lost in the “funhouse mirror” maze of distortions.

The Deva of Money invites you to come out, come into agreement with the flow.

Wealthy people grok the flow, yet multiple flows are happening all at once, which is why they can be assholes and rich, or why they can be personality deprived and opulent. They may be focused on money but not in integrity with relationships.

The game on this planet is to experience life, the game may or may not be coming into balance. it may be a goal in the game, we all get to set goals as part of the game.

All your feelings about money, all your opinions about rich people,  distance you from having it in your life.

This week, sit and tune into the Deva of Money for yourself. Notice your first impressions. What does it feel like, look like, sound like, smell like, ??

Have a conversation with it. Have a pen and paper handy, jot down what you think it’s communicating with you (unless you’re extraordinarily clairaudient, you may get visual images or thought/ideas rather than actual words).

Dance with it energetically this week, and see how your life transforms!

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Feeling Other’s Emotions ©2014 Joan M Newcomb

 Empathy – the ability to feel other people’s feelings.  Many of us have the ability to feel other’s feelings, we just don’t know it!  Or if we do, it feels like a burden.

Empaths are very sensitive to their environment.  They feel the energy of restaurants and offices, parties and gatherings.  It can be challenging to drive down the freeway, when you sense all the accidents that have happened there!

 If you feel an emotion out of the blue, not connected to what is going on around you or in your life, it’s probably someone else’s.  You can pick up loved one’s feelings, even if they’re 3,000 miles away.

Feelings that don’t make any sense, that feel really intense, are usually someone else’s communications.  They are emitting how bad they are feeling.

Sometimes they come in on familiar channels.  You may allow them in because they’re a friend or loved one,  Or they may remind you of a family members.

Sometimes it’s just proximity.  The guy in the apartment above yours has been laid off and is really depressed.  Even though you are happily employed, you start having a hard time getting out of bed in the morning.

People who aren’t empaths will say, that must really be your emotion, you’re just in denial, but I disagree.  If you live in an apartment building with too thin walls, you’re neighbor’s rap music at 12am is not your bedtime listening choice!

You have no control about other people’s remittances but you can, believe it or not, control your ability to receive.  You can ‘dial down’ your emotional ‘hearing’.  You can zip up the front of your chakras to help protect your space.  Imagine your lower chakras being like volume dials, and turn them down.

This may be hard for some people to do.  Their empathic ability protected them growing up.  Perhaps they had a parent that was unpredictable.  They never knew what mood they’d be in when they came home.  But they could feel them coming, and knew when to stay out of the way.

People communicate with feelings, a mother may have a hard time turning down her empathy with her children, even when they’re adults.  It’s important to know if your infant is in distress, but less so to feel the anxiety of your twenty-something preparing for their graduate exams!

We mistake empathy for compassion.  You can feel compassion towards someone who’s suffered a shock, a loss, but it doesn’t help you help them if you’re expressing the same intensity of grief.

If you’re rescuing a drowning man, you need to keep your own head out of the water.

Society places great expectations that we match the energy of groups.  If you’re actually able to be a half-step above the emotional energy field, you can be accused of being cold or unsympathetic.  You might, however, be the only clear-headed one in the crowd, able to lead the way out of darkness.

As an empath myself, my biggest revelation has been that I get to set my own energy level.  I can decide to be a different vibration.  I can imagine my aura to be a different color, I can see myself vibrating a half step above.  I can allow a sense of amusement for whatever black comedy I’m engaged in.

Give yourself an empathic break today.  You will find it totally transforming your life!


Truth *and* Consequences ©2013 Joan Newcomb 

This morning I had a reminder:  You can’t help someone if they don’t want your help.

It’s been challenging, because my empathic abilities have been amped up recently, so I’m feeling the emotional realities all the people I know who are in crises of one sort or another.

But I can’t help them quit smoking, or de-stress, or stop being codependent or whatever.  Most people need to learn from their own mistakes.  The best I can do is step out of the way to let them have the consequences of their actions.

Some loved ones create painful realities that you wish you could rescue them from.  That’s invalidating to the Being who created it.

Everyone is an Infinite Being having a human experience.  Therefore, *everyone* is capable, and magnificent, and already knows everything they need to know.  They are creating their reality, down to the smallest detail.  Even your involvement in their storyline.

So the person with health problems who persists in smoking is an extremely capable being.  They are creating the storyline exactly the way They want to.

On a Being level, they are delighting in their creation.  It’s like a screenwriter chortling with glee over his keyboard, as he comes up with a new plot twist for his script.  They’re not a drug addict or cancer victim, they’re an actor going for an Oscar winning performance.

You can’t take that away from them, but you can admire them for their creativity.  You can trust they’ll figure it out in the end.  The end may not be the way you would have written it, but yoau aren’t their screenwriter.

That doesn’t mean abandoning your loved ones.  You can write people in (& out) of your storyline.  You can’t go barging onto their soundstage without their having written you into the scene.

Often people do much better when you leave them alone.  Leaving others to their own consequences is a great opportunity to bring your focus back on yourself, and bring your energy back into your own creations. You are Infinite and Capable and writing Your own life.  

Imagine how different your life would be with 100% of your energy and attention flowing into it.  In fact, that’s all you have to do to get started, is imagine withdrawing your energy from all the people and places out there, and bring it back into your own ‘energy pool’.

Try that, whenever you think of it, over the next 7 days and see what happens!


Do Dead People Have Jobs? ©2013 Joan M. Newcomb

Just got off the phone with my cousin in Maryland.  She’s an art teacher, so very creative, and living solidly in the ‘real world’.  It’s always so interesting to chat with her, she asks great questions, which surprise me, because I forget what it’s like not to be acutely aware of the unseen.

Her mother died last September and mine in January, so the conversation naturally winds up talking about them.  She asked if I missed my mother and I said it’s a funny thing, because when I do, it’s usually because she’s around.  I said it must be frustrating for dead people because when they show up to visit, people start crying!

Also, my mother’s energy feels so very clear.  It’s her Presence, which was so very lovely, not the Alzheimer’s who stubbornly wouldn’t come out of the bathroom!

My cousin’s mother had been a difficult personality, and yet she’s able to recall the sweet moments with her.  I think that’s her mother’s Essence, which had been hard to detect when she was alive.  Our personal histories shape us and can distort the transmission of our True Selves.

When bodies die, that aspect of character goes too, and what remains is our Consciousness.

Then my cousin surprised me by asking if we have jobs in the afterlife.  “Jobs” is such a limiting concept.  I think it’s more that we have purpose.  I’ve read people who’ve lost children, and their beings show up as healers or angels in the family dynamics.  We’re pure energy, so without a body it’s more like we emit our purpose.

So it’s possible to come back as a guardian angel?  She asked.

To me, the idea of ‘coming back’ is a funny one, as they’ve not gone anywhere.  Imagine that we’re all driving around in Smart Cars, and we have the agreement to only see other people in Smart Cars.  Then one of us dies and steps out of their car.  They haven’t gone anywhere, but no one is acknowledging them!*

They may seem to come and go, but it’s more like coming in and out of focus.  When my friend died in 2003, I became aware at first they were having difficulty seeing.  I thought it was because they’d needed glasses.  But their body was gone, the eyes were gone, it was that they were having difficulty adjusting to seeing pure energy. If you close your eyes and imagine yourself somewhere, if you don’t intellectually visualize, you’ll sense the energy of the place.  Although it’s actually 1000x brighter and more pixelated.  

I explained to my cousin that when we die, it’s like diving into pure, positive energy.  It’s light, it’s freeing, we’re everything and everywhere at once.  It’s the exact opposite of how we see things.

Being in the physical world is like deep sea diving.  We’re lumbering through density, it feels like water.  Our vision is distorted by the helmet.  The world is darker, the lighting is dim.  

When we pass, it’s like being plucked out of the water into pure oxygen.  Imagine taking a breath of fresh air! 

Then my cousin wondered if we keep learning after death.  Again, a limiting concept, a projection from the world of form.  It’s our bodies that need to learn and grow.  When we die, we integrate into Infinite Intelligence.

Actually, there is always an aspect of Us that Is Infinite Intelligence, we never leave from one place and go into the other.  Just a portion of ourselves squeezes into form, and then pops out when we’re done with this lifetime.  There’s an aspect of you that is always connected.  Always connected with those you’ve loved who have passed.  Alway connected with your Infinite Wisdom.

It simply takes a shift of perspective.  Instead of viewing things from within the ‘deep sea diver’s suit’ of physical form, allow yourself to view things as Spirit, as Essence.  It’s immediate expansion.

*I’m being reminded my both my mother & my cousin’s, that dead people loved to be communicated with.  No body talks to them any more, is a common complaint.  It’s very simple to do – just start talking.  Be aware for a response.  It most likely won’t come in words, but in impressions.  Sometimes symbolic synchronicities will show up.

Imagine if we all really understood what it was like to be dead.  We’d rejoice for the person who passed.  We’d have parties.  We wouldn’t commit mass suicide, because we’d enjoy still being here.  We’d savor the experience of physical form.  And we wouldn’t miss our loved ones, because they’re, in a way, even more a part of us.

So this week, whenever you think of someone who’s died, say ‘hello’ and have a little visit.  It’ll make them very, very pleased.