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Mystic Minute: Asking And Receiving As Consciousness

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Mystic Minute: Waiting For The Shift

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Mystic Musings: It’s A New World But It’s Not Spiritual

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“It’s a New World but it’s not Spiritual” ©2019 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

Have you noticed an energy shift over the last few weeks? It’s been a continual and gradual evolution but the last few weeks have been particularly noticeable.

My husband, who’s a Tibetan Buddhist (which I describe as the Catholicism of Buddhism, steeped in ancient ritual and lore), said the other day, “it’s a new world, but it’s not Spiritual.”

I totally agree. Now he may have meant something different with his words, but I perceive that the hologram has shifted to a higher vibration, but it’s still physical reality (just a less dense version of it).

Last night he said it’s like we’re all being remapped, like a software update. I’ve noticed that going on for some time. I feel like our energy systems have gone from gasoline to fuel cell.  He also said it seems like our egos have changed.

Which makes total sense to me as our egos are the personality part of our physical reality.

My explanation for all of this is that greater Consciousness is coming into form, and our systems and the hologram has had to update in order to accommodate the increased frequency.

Those of us that identify with form, that identify as their bodies and personalities, are feeling really disoriented by the changes. They’ll interpret it as if they’re dying when really it’s just the denser vibration becoming more diffuse.

To me, the external world has become brighter and lighter. It sometimes feels like a movie set but still vividly real.

It’s a New World, and yet it’s still a hologram. Our bodies are operating at a higher frequency, but they’re still physical containers. We feel more integrated into them, just as we feel more connected to others around the world. Because we *are* that Consciousness more in form, in all forms. 

And still experiencing our individual timeline, our individual storyline, our particular weaving through this version of time and space. It’s just that time and space has become more malleable, and the storyline more variable.

You’ll have to go through your own updates with all of this. You’ll have to find your “sea legs”, you own, new way of grounding and centering in this upgraded reality. 

As Consciousness you can make up your own techniques, and they’ll work! Operating as Consciousness, you’ll find reality reorganizing in your favor in the most enjoyable and entertaining ways, with results beyond your wildest imagination.

Mystic Minute: How Are YOU Navigating?

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Mystic Musings: Breathing Into Expansion

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Breathing Room ©2018 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

Someone I follow just sent out their newsletter apologizing for “dropping off the face of the earth”. To be honest, I hadn’t noticed. I knew they were moving from a tropical island to a place in Europe where they could ski year round. That alone takes time and energy.

They explained that they needed time to integrate the change, and that they’d dropped everything, even their regular writing, as it was happening. Brilliant.

We need time to reorient within, before looking at our next steps.

This period of time has been relentless with continual transformations. We barely have time to breath before the next adjustment is required of us.

What’s been going on for all of us collectively is huge. Our greater Consciousness is coming more into form. To our body, it feels an enormous expansion.

It may have shown up as really challenging situations that required you to release things, belief systems, and relationships you were very attached to. Anything restrictive may still be in the process of being removed. It may have been very painful. At the very least, it might be an identity shift.

What was going on energetically was an internal renovation. Our old system couldn’t accommodate the increased vibration.

It reminds me of when butterflies emerge from their cocoon. They need to let their wings dry before they fly.

You’ve just gone through this metamorphosis. You have no idea how this new energy body works. Take a moment to feel into it.

Last Wednesday, we aired our last show of Conscious Conversations With Joan and Janet. The contract with the station had come to an end and my current circumstances don’t allow for regularly broadcasting a live show.

Now part of me wants to just jump into podcasting. To fill up that Wednesdays at 11am PT time slot.

Being a radio show host has been a part of my identity since 2009. It’s something everyone understood when they asked me “what do you do”.

What would it be like to not do that? To let there be that space. To see what emerges from the void.

And this blog – I’ve been consistently publishing it and my newsletter for years. What would it be like to skip a week? To go on hiatus?

I’m not sure that’s what I’ll do, but I am noticing the need to allow for something different. To not push forward as the mind, body-personality, wants to do. To navigate intuitively, as Consciousness, and let the next steps emerge.

I’m excited to see what happens!

Mystic Musings: Leaning Into Enormous Growth

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Leaning In To Enormous Growth ©2018 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

It’s been an emotional week, in a way that I’ve not been familiar with in a long time. Last Saturday I went to the Bronx and got stuck talking with a crazy lady (nice, but crazy) for 90 minutes. Normally I would have handled this with humor and grace. That day, I felt like running screaming from the room. Then I went to the Whole Foods in Harlem (it seems to be my mission to visit every Whole Foods in New York City) and the population density just tipped me over. I’m not used to not enjoying myself to this extent.

Wow, I said to myself. I’m in a huge growth space.

Six months ago at a Meetup I was leading in Tacoma, we were playing with walking through doors to parallel universes, and I hit this kind of resistance as I stepped through one. I realized I was initiating something momentous. I recall leaning into it and wondering what shift was set in motion at the time.


Of course, this began in August but whatever is going on this week is moving it to a whole new level.

Sunday, my sister-in-law’s 70 year old brother came from Taiwan to help. He’s here until February.  All I knew about him was that he became a nurse’s aide when he retired from the army. So we’ve been very excited about his arrival, because he can take over a lot of the physical therapy.

What’s struck me at first is his very kind face. And he’s far more gentle with my brother than I am.

In fact, all of my sister-in-law’s friends and family that have come so far have been extraordinarily kind and gentle. You can tell they genuinely love my brother.

But this guy has been driving me crazy in ways I would normally be able to rise above. There’s a 13 hour time difference between here and Taipei. That’s a lotta days of jet lag. I feel I’ve been enormously rude and petty. But we’ve weathered it so far and yesterday I felt like I’ve broken through some of my stuff. I mean, he cooked my organic onion for his dinner and I didn’t feel ballistic. That’s progress.

There’s a lot of reorganization going on here. Even as I lose physical space, sharing the room with him, I’m gaining time. Now all I have to do is phone calls and paperwork. And I can leave the apartment during the day. Freedom.

My business is shifting, too. I have a two week pause with clients. I feel something else is emerging and I don’t know what it is. I just need to lean into it, and see what I step through to.

Astrologically, this is my natal Jupiter return and the last time this happened was when my work and my world shifted from Newtonian Physics to Quantum Physics. That’s all. I can’t imagine what this year will bring.

But it’s such a time of breaking down, loss of old creations, stepping into new and unfamiliar things every day.

This is happening in different ways to everyone. How are you experiencing it?

What are you losing? What are you gaining?

This week ended with the delivery of a hemi cane. It will help my brother, who’s partially paralyzed on the right side of his body, get out of his wheelchair and walk again. This is a significant step towards independence for him.

And, it snowed.

Mystic Musings: Are You Overwhelmed With What’s Happening In The World Today?

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You’re not alone ©2018 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

Do you have an intuitive sense of the unseen? Are you highly sensitive to “vibes” in places? Very attuned to the feelings and needs of others?

Growing up, did you feel like the only one in your family that was this way? Perhaps everyone else went into the family business, stayed in their religion, voted in the same political party.

And do you think they love you, but they don’t understand you? They might even sigh and roll their eyes, when you tell them of the exciting new things you’re discovering (if you still even try to talk to them about this stuff). But do you find they cannot imagine why you would have the interests you have or do the things you do?

Does this make you sad, frustrated or even mad at them? Do you wonder how they can lead such screamingly boring lives? Or do you question what’s wrong with you, you don’t know how to live in the world?

Are you especially overwhelmed with all that is going on with the planet today?

Yeah. I understand.

When I was going through my metaphysical training, my father somehow thought I was getting a degree in parapsychology from the University of Washington! I really don’t think they have a parapsychology department. But I did meet someone recently who said that they do have courses in Consciousness, which is really exciting to hear.

You’re not alone in all of this, even if it seems like it. You’re one of the ones that are feeling it first, but it’s happening to everyone around the world.

There are those of us who are on the leading edge, to whom the invisible is more real than the “real world”. We’re adventurers in our souls, even if we don’t have passports. We’re natural light bringers and intuitive healers.

And even as we know, deep within, that we’re going through an awakening, we cannot fathom the darkness that’s crawling out of the woodwork nowadays.

Here’s the other thing I’m noticing – that all of us intuitives, light bringers, healers, adventurers on the leading edge, are going through one, whopping, identity transformation. The ways we’ve done things before aren’t working any more.

You may be an ‘expert’ in your field and have lost all interest in it. You may have had a dedicated practice for 25+ years and yet something is happening with it. You might be questioning your calling or life purpose.

Things feel and look different. Things are different. And it requires a whole new way of navigating.

So now what?

Here’s what I invite you to do, it’s what worked for me when everything fell apart twelve years ago. I had to do the *exact opposite* of everything I’d been rigorously trained in – of everything I’d taught others to do for 25+ years.

We have to unlearn the old in order to come to know the new.

Approach life as an experiment. Try different things with curiosity and wonder.  Try even *not* doing anything and see what happens.

For me, I had to upgrade all my skills and techniques. It was a very difficult time, going from an energy “expert” to needing a ‘beginners mind’ at every moment.

And if you want more support with all of this, check out my summer coaching!

Mystic Musings: What Does The Consciousness Shift Feel or Look Like?

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What Does The Consciousness Shift Feel or Look Like? ©2018 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

On December 21st, 2012, there was supposed to be a dynamic evolutionary event. A disaster movie was made about it. People said that not everybody was going to survive it. Even I was saying, back then, that everyone was going to be changed. But we all woke up on December 22nd, 2012, and everything seemed the same.

Now, I’m still talking about the Consciousness shift, that everyone is going through it, just that people are using different words to describe it. People are experiencing it in their own unique ways.

What happened back in 2012 was a shift, beyond the Mayan Calendar moving into a new 5,000 year cycle. Everything seemed the same, because the hologram isn’t fundamentally different. But we did go through an “upgrade”, and actually the internal design continues to change.

Consciousness Shifts don’t necessarily happen overnight, unless you’re Byron Katie or Eckart Tolle. And they don’t necessarily look like instant enlightenment. Although they can.

Everyone has their own timing. The Shift that I experienced happened in 2006, over about a year or two. And it hasn’t stopped.

For me it is an evolution. 2006 was a very difficult period, since all my beliefs were turned upside down and inside out. But, honestly, if I look back over my life, there’s been upheavals and paradigm shifts every few years.  However, 2006 accelerated me on my path in a very noticeable way.

What does the Consciousness Shift feel or look like? It can look like a breakdown and breakthrough. Your life may fall apart and rebuild. You may lose all hope and sense of purpose, and then your inner world reorganizes. Or it may be exhilarating and exciting. Like you’ve found the missing piece to the puzzle.

You might have greater clarity, more access to your inner knowing. And/or you may dive deep into fighting against things you resist, to dismantle everything that seems to be in the way of your path.

Some people might be very frightened at this time. Because their reality seems to be breaking down. Everything they believed in, even their own identities, who they thought they were, is disintegrating.

We can see that reflected in the outside world by increased aggression,  authoritarianism, dominance. Those are old power games that are impotent in this new reality. Those that felt defined by these measurements, are extremely threatened.

How you’re experiencing it depends on how you perceive reality, and what you hold to be real. If you’re a visual person, the world may be starting to look very different. There may be some days where colors look sharper, things look brighter and more defined. Or it looks like you’re on a movie set like in the Truman show.

I feel things internally, so I’m noticing heightened sensitivity, extreme empathic and telepathic impressions (I’ve tuned in to my family members for years but it’s now 100% more intense). And my inner energy system feels different. Yet again.

When I try to judge what’s happening to me through old filters, I could say I’m being spacey, ungrounded, that I’m not owning my space. But that puts me into a space of effort and resistance (very familiar energies but they don’t feel good nor are they productive).

Whatever is going on for you, it’s most likely part of this Consciousness shift. Validate the changes you’re going through. It’s not happening to you, it’s you embodying your greater Self as Consciousness, and that’s causing a seismic shift in everyone’s reality.

When I accept that the change I’m experiencing is just another part of the shift, it’s less uncomfortable. I can allow to it be different. I’m excited to see how it unfolds. I invite you to do the same!

Mystic Musings: The Pendulum Swings; How To Find Balance In Extreme Times.

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The Pendulum Swings; How To Find Balance In Extreme Times. ©2018 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

This is a powerful time. We have a lot going on energetically, astrologically, and reflecting into the world and the news around us. I’ve been taking a few days off my regular work schedule… and have taken nearly a week off Twitter. To reclaim equilibrium.

Outrage can be exhausting. At the same time outrage spurs you to action, to doing something. We are collectively speaking out. That is awesome.

It’s one thing if you’re exhausted. It’s another if you feel paralyzed and need to reclaim power.

It feels like the 1930’s again, that we’re on a verge of a horrendous war with horrendous things already going on. And that the actions we each must take will determine our future. Like leaving the country before it falls to the Nazis.

And yet the U.S. is not Germany nor a country in Europe. I know folks who went to Canada and New Zealand during the Bush era and missed the Obama era.

We forget how bad the Bush era was. And this seems worse. And yet the pendulum swings.

Why is that? Why can’t we have stabile growth and steady improvement? Why does it always seem like steps forwards are followed by steps backward?

Is it that some of us are ready to ascend and the rest have other ideas?

I see this Consciousness shift affecting all of us, but we’re awakening at different times. It’s like watching the Wave at a baseball game. Some are stuffing their faces with opcorn when their time rolls around.

Some find balance only by going to extremes. The rest of us need to develop ‘sea legs’ to maintain our equilibrium around them.

When I think back to the Bush era, I simply stopped reading the newspaper. For 16 years (the Lewinsky scandal kept me reading only the comics section). That kind of reaction doesn’t seem possible to do nowadays, we’re all connected more. There’s this collective growth happening globablly where we’re unable to completely detach.

If you’re exhausted by outrage and cannot go on another march or sign another petition, know this:

We can influence externally by changing ourselves internally. We can all act as balances or ballasts, or our light can illuminate others, or our change can have a ripple effect – inspiring others to change as well. Our actions don’t have to be overt actions. Our inner states can have profound influence on the world around us.

This summer is going to be a firey one. Next week we have the first of 3 eclipses, bringing about powerful changes but also very aggressive times. It’s imperative to stay balanced within.

It helps to remember that everyone is Consciousness, everyone is very capable. And that light is increasing, no matter what it looks like in the news.

Radio Show Podcast 6/20/2018 “Emergence From Apathy”

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June 20, 2018

Consciousness and Emergence From Apathy

Today on Conscious Conversations, Joan and Janet talk about emergence from apathy. We’re collectively numb from emotional roller coaster ride of the last several years. People are waking up to their internal sense of power. The old paradigms of control through fear and dominance are falling as we’re inspired to taking action. Stay tuned to learn how, as Consciousness, the scales are rebalancing.

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