Mystic Minute: Sand Mandalas and Spiritual Evolution

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Sand Mandalas and Spiritual Evolution ©2018 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

Yesterday I had the most amazing experience. I sat down and used Garage Band to record and edit a training that I’m offering on a Global Telesummit in a couple weeks. The thing is, I’ve had Garage Band on my laptop since 2011 (yes, it’s the same laptop, just with a new battery and hard drive), but I’ve never used it. When I first got it, the technology of Garage Band was way over my head.

But yesterday it was a breeze. But that’s because I’ve been recording and editing my YouTube videos for the last five years. Compared with video, audio is a breeze. It was thrilling.

When I had the recording complete, I decided to add music to it, and something happened. I don’t know what, but the entire recording disappeared. An entire afternoon’s work vanished.

I spent another hour trying to reproduce what I’d done to no avail (I had an outline but most of what I had talked about was improvised). I went from having the most productive day in months to… pffft.

What’s happening? It’s not Mercury Retrograde, for Pete’s Sake.

My Buddhist husband would say that it’s a lesson in the impermanence of life. And there’s something to that, because life does seem like a sand mandala sometimes. You spend all this time creating a reality, nurturing relationships, and then it all dissipates in the blink of an eye.

The more you try to hold on to your creations, the less you seem to have them.

What have I learned (besides making sure you save your work, especially in antiquated programs that don’t automatically do it for you)?

One thing that I know is that life is not a school and these situations aren’t “lessons”. They’re experiences. They can be redirects. And as I’m writing I also realize that the subject that I’m working on is an upgrade of a course I offered two years ago.

Old techniques don’t work any more. Or, they work as well as dialup does for accessing today’s internet. Perhaps yesterday’s erasure ensures that today’s recording will be more up to date?

Here’s the other thing that I know, the more I operate as Consciousness in form, the more improvisational reality becomes. Unexpected things happen.

So even as I’m trying to bring information into physical form, I need to let go of the outcome. Pretty friggin’ exasperating when under a deadline.

We’re going through a major expansion right now and it feels important to stay flexible. To be ready to pivot at any moment.

Reality is reorganizing. Rather than staying attached to what was, I’m curious to see what unfolds.

Because what is truly real never ceases to exist. It’s the story that changes, the scenery gets moved around, characters enter and exit the stage.

Stay centered as Consciousness, and you can enjoy it all.

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