Mystic Musings: Advanced Spiritual Navigation

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Advanced Spiritual Navigation ©2018 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

From the standpoint of spiritual development, there’s a lot of exciting stuff going on in the world today. People are accelerating at an amazing rate. Even newbies to the field find it possible go deep in an instant.

There are so many seminars, activations, videos, available to explore. You can practically get a Ph.D in quantum physics watching YouTube!

It’s exhilarating to embark on this journey, to discover that you aren’t your persona or how your family, friends, culture has defined you.

When you awaken, it can also be intense, with so much access to infinite wisdom. All the high vibe “downloads”can be overwhelming.

There’s a pitfall to being a spiritual seeker. Since we don’t feel we have any information on our own, our natural tendency is to look “out there” for the knowledge. And energetically, we go “out there” for the answers. For this reason, there’s a stereotype about spiritual people being flakey or ungrounded.

It’s ironic, because we go “out there” to become more spiritual, but when you die, you discover you were Spirit all along. So a vital part of your spiritual evolution is learning how to bring your awareness *into* your body.

Now there are practices that help do this, such as mindfulness meditations, or yoga. These are very useful in helping you get anchored and connected within your physical form.

But there’s still the inclination to go “out there” for information, to give up seniority to the teacher.

At some point, you have to navigate from your own authority as Consciousness.

I’m not talking about being a hotshot guru, or the next Ted Talks star. That’s an egoic reaction that gets in the way of progressing to this level.

The whole reason for being on this planet is to experience the world as Consciousness in form. People often get to the first part of this, learning to explore reality from within a physical body.

But they miss the second part of this, owning their own authority as Consciousness. That’s the game changer.

It’s like taking never ending dance lessons. At some point you need to leave the classroom and dance. At some point you *are* your own choreographer and director.

Advanced spiritual navigation isn’t being able to transmigrate at will, see auras, or talk to dead people. It’s really very simple, and boils down to two steps:

1. Inhabit your own body.
2. Go where you want to go.

You will find, when you operate as Consciousness, this gets easier and easier. And you discover that all your old desires and goals dissipate. Or effortlessly show up in your life. Reality reorganizes in your favor. It becomes a benevolent universe.

It won’t always be perfect, but you’ll know not to steer from effort or resistance (that takes you towards unconsciousness). Instead you step forward with ease and grace, and watch things unfold more perfectly that you could possibly imagine.

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