Blog: Comedy of Errors 

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Comedy of Errors ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

Yesterday I had another unbelievably difficult time with technology. Last week I tried upgrading something that I’d done a month ago, and the results were a mess. So yesterday I tried again, and the morning was very productive. But the afternoon was another comedy of errors.

At some point I realized how hilarious the scenario was. I mean, I teach Consciousness Techniques, which allows you to manifest reality “easily and effortlessly”. But trying to create a video and powerpoint took a mountain of effort and hasn’t yielded anything worth publishing yet.

Does that mean my work is full of shit? Does it mean that we’re not in a huge shift of Consciousness?

Nah. It means that Consciousness has no ethics about playing the game here on Playground Earth. It means that even when it’s all effort, it’s all good.

Now, I as my body-personality had a schedule and a deadline for this project. As Consciousness, I didn’t.

When I went through this a month ago, it was equally bizarre. Sometimes the software worked, sometimes it didn’t. I ended up using two different devices with three different versions of the program, which sometimes had one ability and then it didn’t. And then I create a workaround using something completely different.

I assumed today would be easier, because I did all the things that ultimately worked in the end last time. Except today was kind of the same thing. And I ended up running out of memory on my laptop and deleted a bunch of things that maybe I’m going to need tomorrow when I work on this again.

But all of this is a wonderful metaphor for life as Consciousness in a physical body. The more Consciousness comes into form, the more unexpected things happen. Things show up that shouldn’t be there. Things that should work one way, don’t.

It doesn’t mean that I’ve gone backwards in my development. It doesn’t mean that I’m operating unconsciously.

It may mean that I’m in too much effort, that’s for sure.

This happens when we thing we’re spiritually enlightened. When we think we already know it all. When we expect life to have hierarchies and levels.

Consciousness relishes all of it, Consciousness inhabits all of it.

What to do when things like this happen? Don’t resist what is. Let it go. Send a parallel self to work on it. Step into a parallel universe where it’s already done. Allow reality to reorganize differently.

And I’m going to sleep on it and see what unfolds tomorrow

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