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For most of this year, we’ve been called to isolate in our homes, and when we’re out, we have to be physically distant from others. Meanwhile the external world has been getting noisier and more chaotic than ever before.

Now is a time to revisit (or learn) some very basic ways to be grounded and present in our bodies,  yet have a bigger perspective on what is going on and why it is all happening.
Basic techniques are different nowadays.
Our energetic insides have changed with the Consciousness shift, but the basics still apply, just in upgraded ways.
  • If you have been feeling like a leaf tossed on waves, this is for you.
  • If you feel your reality has completely changed and your disoriented with your new experience, this is for you.
  • If you used to feel grounded and certain but now feel disconnected and confused, this is for you.
For my previous clients and students, this may be completely new information or a refresher.
6 week course
90 minutes on Zoom
12pm Pacific, 3pm Eastern
$400 (or 2 payments of $200)
sign up, email [email protected] !
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