What Are True Desires?

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True Desires  ©2019 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

There’s a lot of misinterpretation what desire actually is, and is not. That desire is something bad or not spiritual. That you have to give up your desires in order to evolve in awareness.

I think of all those mystics that spent a lifetime of celibacy and starvation only to die and realize they could have been enjoying themselves a whole lot more than they did.

Desire is different than compulsion. If you are compulsively pursuing your desires you might be missing actually having what you want.

True desire may not look like it on the surface. You may think you want a relationship, and then compulsively date to get one. Your surface actions to get what you want might be propelling you away from what you truly desire.

Sometimes you have to do the opposite in order to manifest what you desire.

Intimacy, oneness, acknowledgement can’t be found in another person until you’ve awakened them in yourself. Sometimes developing a relationship with yourself, reveling in self care and validation, brings the one who can share it with you.

Some of the most impoverished people I’ve met are the ones compulsively pursuing riches. Which is not to say that rich people aren’t spiritually evolved, because I’ve also seen billionaires who are incredible givers, using their wealth to effect change for the greater good of all.

But money and material goods don’t equate prosperity. When I measure myself against those who seem to have more, I miss recognizing the incredible wealth and well being I do have in my life.

Where is your source? If you think it is something big and powerful and outside of yourself, you may find yourself creating circumstances that make you feel small and powerless. You might be divorcing yourself from your true desires to appease an external “power” that is really a false god.

The source of true desire is Consciousness, and you, at your essence, are Consciousness. When you identify yourself as Consciousness and respond as Consciousness, everything in your reality transforms.

It doesn’t take rituals, it doesn’t take techniques, it just takes a change of focus.

As Consciousness, You easily and effortlessly create exactly what you desire. You may have been trying to attract or create things for years, and when you shift your perspective to that as Consciousness, it shows up in your life in ways beyond your wildest imagination.

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