Mystic Musings 9/28 “Learning To Pivot”

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Learning To Pivot ©2018 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

This summer we reached a lovely place of stability, after years of striving for it. We created being able to stay where we are for another 14 months. My husband’s work shifted him to a local office, so his commute has gone down from 45-60 minutes to 15. I started on marketing plans for the Fall for my business.

And yet I had this inner sense that I needed to stay flexible. That something was coming up and I needed to be able to pivot in response.

Then, in August, my little brother in New York had a stroke, and I felt called to go out to help. I felt the new reality descend upon me in the week from receiving the news to making the decision to fly there.

I was there for his transition from the hospital acute rehab to a Care center rehab, and then came back to Seattle because I had a booth at an expo, and a doctor’s appointment. I’m returning on Monday to help with his transition from the Care center to his home. His wife works full time in Manhattan, leaving at 5:30am, so I’ll be doing the day shift.  He’s still learning to walk with a paralyzed right leg and arm so there will be a lot of on the spot PT and OT helping him get around their apartment, building the strength and coordination needed to be independent.

A key thing I needed to learn was how to transfer him from wheelchair to bed (or regular chair, or anywhere else). I learned how to block his right leg (which could flop open and cause us both to fall), and protect his right arm (which would also fall and inadvertently dislocate his shoulder).  And he does the heavy lifting himself. I just grab the back of his pants and he pushes himself up.

But, here’s the thing – he’s got to learn to pivot. He’s got to stand and shift his good leg so he can sit down on the bed (or wherever).

While I’ve been home, I’ve been running scenarios in my head of their apartment, and the kinds of places I’ll need to do this kind of lifting and holding while he turns. Creating a sense within my body of how to stand and move so he can stand and move. And as I write this, I realize that it’s physically symbolic of the energy space I intend to hold as well.

The intent is for him to get stronger, more coordinated, and more independent. I’ve an additional intent for him to regain more use in his limbs as time goes by as well. I may wiggle my nose and blink my eyes occasionally to assist with this process.

The bigger picture of my time with him will be holding space for his enormous “life pivoting”. It’s a “new normal”, discovering new ways of doing things.  Along with having to create new neural pathways, as Consciousness, an Infinite being he’s completely redirecting his life in almost every way.

It’ll require being open minded, flexible, curious, experimental, and willing to try new things. And these are the qualities we all need as we shift to our new evolutionary level of Consciousness.

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