Mystic Musings: Life Isn’t A School

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Life Isn’t A School  ©2019 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

It’s a popular point of view, that Life is a school, that we’re here to learn lessons. Back in the early 1980’s, as a clairvoyant reader, I’d explain to my clients that past lives were like grades, and we access the information in our present life. Just as we don’t remember learning recognize letters or to spell, it all comes together when we start to type a letter.

As I shifted to a 5D perspective, I started to realize how inaccurate that concept was. And how many projections and distortions it creates. School is hard, so life is hard. In school, there are other people in charge of you(teachers and principals), and kids who are a grade ahead. So that must mean other people are in charge of you and other people are ahead of you.

Schools have exams. So life has tests. You don’t get ahead until you’ve learned your lessons. If something bad happen, you failed the test and have to take the class again.

It’s hard to give up the concept of life as a school. But when you begin to live life *as* Consciousness, it just doesn’t make sense any more. You become aware that you are infinite awareness and this reality is your creation to play in.

Early in my Consciousness shift, I described life as a playground. But playgrounds have games, and often there’s someone monitoring to make sure everyone is playing the rules.

As Consciousness, you are the Creator, and reality shifts and changes as you shift and change.

Now, your body/personality needed to learn things. It popped out helpless, unable to roll over or control it’s pee and poop. It needed to learn to walk, it needed to learn to write, it needed to learn the “rules” to be taken care of and to survive.

But you are not your body/personality, you are the greater Essence that created it to express in and experience this physical reality. Confusion reigns when you transpose or project your body/perspective onto yourself as Consciousness.

As your body, this world is density and effort. The predominant feelings are effort and fear.

As Consciousness, you’re aware of the bigger picture *and* aware of all possibilities. You effortlessly dance in any direction. The predominant feelings are joy and amusement.

As Consciousness there’s nothing for you to learn, you are the Cosmic internet, you are the infinite information source. It’s all about creating and experiencing.

From 5D, reality manifests and unfolds easily and effortlessly. Simply shift your awareness from your body/personality level to yourself as Consciousness and your entire world transforms!

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  1. Wendy says:

    Hi Joan.

    Thank you for putting this wonderful information out.
    I am a hypnotherapy st and also trained in past life regression. Also spent 6 years in mystery school. In the last few years I have begun to resonate with what you are saying about past lives not being linear and all is happening at the same time. So I do get that.

    What I would like understand though is during regressions we can go through the death experience. So are we jumping timeliness and experiencing the “future” of that life we are witnessing? Even though the future is also here and now. Or is it something else?

    Hope my question makes sense

    • joann22jn says:

      Hi, Wendy –
      Great question! From the perspective of Consciousness, there is no time or space, so all lifetimes are happening at once.
      It’s only in physical form that we perceive life from past to future.
      When I’m in the physical, it’s easier to perceive the past because it’s at a lower resonance (similar to our computers being able to read old data/software programs). It’s harder to perceive the future because it’s at a higher resonance (similar to an older computer not being able to read new programs)! So even though you’re regressing someone, they’re not going to detect future lives necessarily because they’re still in physical form.
      Hope this answer makes sense!

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