Contractor Built Houses Aka Manufacturing Without Consciousness

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Contractor Built Houses Aka Manufacturing Without Consciousness ©2019 Joan Newcomb

My husband is an architect, so looking for a place to live with him has always been a different experience. But it’s helped me notice whether a dwelling is designed by an architect or by a contractor.
Contractor built houses are always missing something. There won’t be linen closets. There will be light fixtures at the top of very long stairways – impossible to change without risking your neck. There will be rooms in odd places, stuck off one one side of the house. 
Architect designed houses will have flow, they will have light, there will be more in the design than just what you can stick together with a computer program.
When it comes to manifesting our desires into form, if we’re operating without spirit, what we create will always be missing something. Our minds and our personalities are capable of bringing thought into form. We can do all the Law of Attraction suggestions, we can create vision boards, we can use affirmations, but there will be glitches in the system. Air bubbles in our 3D printed object.
Our higher selves, us as Consciousness,  is the architect. As Consciousness we know more that can possible fit into our brains – our hard drives would crash if we tried to bring it all in! When we manifest as Consciousness, what shows up is bigger than we can imagine. 
“How do I make that happen?” Our mind immediately asks.
Here’s the thing, our minds, our personality, can’t create a formula to make it happen as Consciousness. When it’s happening as Consciousness, there’s no logic to it. There’s no specific timetable. It comes from outside of time and space. It comes from the invisible, it comes from beyond the hologram. That’s incredibly frustrating for our mind machines!
“If I don’t control it, it won’t come out the way I want.” Our mind says.
Consciousness is always coming into form, Consciousness is always manifesting, in fact we slow things down when our minds grab the wheel. We get scared that what is being created isn’t what we want, or will make us feel more limited than what we already are. But limitation is a creation of our mind, personality. 
Immediately my mind starts considering all the problems I have and what I can do to solve them as Consciousness. It doesn’t work that way. It works the other way around.
Start by focusing on Consciousness. Start by tuning into what Consciousness feels like to you. Start identifying *as* Consciousness. This changes the way you operate in the world. It changes the way you interact with others. It changes your perception of your life. 
When you’re manifesting as Consciousness, you’re in agreement with everything that is happening. You feel infinite love for all of creation. 
Then things will begin unfolding in your favor. Your storyline will reorganizing in surprising ways. Living in the mystery won’t be so mystifying. It will be fun and amusing.


Play with this for the next few days and see what happens!

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