We are Consciousness, manifesting through physical bodies and personalities.  We are magnificent and human at the same time.

Are you sensing new and inexplicable experiences of expansion? Perhaps you’ve done personal growth and energy healing work all of your life and find it’s no longer effective. There are some times when the scaffolding gives way and we find ourselves back in the basement, having to build all over again.

You are not alone.  I can help.

Whenever I’ve come to a fork in the road of life, I’ve gotten out a machete and blazed my own trail.  Along the way I’ve had some mad adventures, experienced heart wrenching loss, rising from the ashes brighter and stronger than before.

I am a catalyst for change. I passionately blend the art of visioning with the structure of planning to guide you to success and fulfillment. My calling is to encourage You to fully manifest your true Self in all aspects of your life!

I’ve encouraged and empowered individuals and groups in personal growth and spiritual awareness for more than 30 years.  My attitude is ‘if I can do it, anyone can’.

My clients have had miraculous breakthroughs in their lives, health, and businesses. They’ve used what they’ve learned to transform themselves and their circumstances to greater happiness and accomplishments.

I’m committed to helping you evolve as Consciousness and move forward on your path.  In my sessions, I share everything I know, from a lifetime of training and practice as a spiritual counselor, intuitive reader, energy worker, teacher and group facilitator.  Every person you meet expands your Universe, and every thing you give enriches the whole.

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