Mystic Musings: The Pendulum Swings; How To Find Balance In Extreme Times.

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The Pendulum Swings; How To Find Balance In Extreme Times. ©2018 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

This is a powerful time. We have a lot going on energetically, astrologically, and reflecting into the world and the news around us. I’ve been taking a few days off my regular work schedule… and have taken nearly a week off Twitter. To reclaim equilibrium.

Outrage can be exhausting. At the same time outrage spurs you to action, to doing something. We are collectively speaking out. That is awesome.

It’s one thing if you’re exhausted. It’s another if you feel paralyzed and need to reclaim power.

It feels like the 1930’s again, that we’re on a verge of a horrendous war with horrendous things already going on. And that the actions we each must take will determine our future. Like leaving the country before it falls to the Nazis.

And yet the U.S. is not Germany nor a country in Europe. I know folks who went to Canada and New Zealand during the Bush era and missed the Obama era.

We forget how bad the Bush era was. And this seems worse. And yet the pendulum swings.

Why is that? Why can’t we have stabile growth and steady improvement? Why does it always seem like steps forwards are followed by steps backward?

Is it that some of us are ready to ascend and the rest have other ideas?

I see this Consciousness shift affecting all of us, but we’re awakening at different times. It’s like watching the Wave at a baseball game. Some are stuffing their faces with opcorn when their time rolls around.

Some find balance only by going to extremes. The rest of us need to develop ‘sea legs’ to maintain our equilibrium around them.

When I think back to the Bush era, I simply stopped reading the newspaper. For 16 years (the Lewinsky scandal kept me reading only the comics section). That kind of reaction doesn’t seem possible to do nowadays, we’re all connected more. There’s this collective growth happening globablly where we’re unable to completely detach.

If you’re exhausted by outrage and cannot go on another march or sign another petition, know this:

We can influence externally by changing ourselves internally. We can all act as balances or ballasts, or our light can illuminate others, or our change can have a ripple effect – inspiring others to change as well. Our actions don’t have to be overt actions. Our inner states can have profound influence on the world around us.

This summer is going to be a firey one. Next week we have the first of 3 eclipses, bringing about powerful changes but also very aggressive times. It’s imperative to stay balanced within.

It helps to remember that everyone is Consciousness, everyone is very capable. And that light is increasing, no matter what it looks like in the news.

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