Would you like my personal help to transform your life?

Honestly, one-on-one coaching is the most powerful and life-changing thing you can do.

There is a huge collective growth shift happening and people are feeling it big time in their own lives.

I’ve freed up time in my schedule for a select few people; this is a rare opportunity for short term private coaching with me.

Tailor made for just for you!

We can focus on the core things you want to transform, to manifest whatever you want to create.

This is both Live coaching with me AND select video trainings.

Normally I *only* do 10-12 week private coaching programs, which run about $5,000. At this time, I’m offering a short term intensive. My individual sessions are $345 an hour ($175 for a half hour), but this coaching series is only $750 for 4 sessions PLUS Consciousness trainings!

We can focus on whatever is “up” for you, such as:

This is a very potent time, take advantage of it to break through to a whole new level!  

Coaching Special only $750! (or 2 payments of $389.99) payable via Venmo, Square, or CashApp

Questions? Need another payment method? Email [email protected] !






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