Serenity Amidst Chaos

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Seventeen years ago, I was training to become a CPC (certified professional coach) and being coached myself. I asked her how to maintain a sense of calm within the storm of my life at the time. She had me come up with an image, and I immediately saw a Buddhist monk in saffron gold robes.

A Buddhist monk can maintain serenity regardless of whether they’re standing on a mountain in Tibet or in the midst of the Mall of America at Christmas.

It was a very effective visual image. Later she gifted me some sheer saffron cloth, which was a lovely affirmation as well.

I’ve moved several times since then and have no idea where that cloth is, but I sure could have used it this week.  Our neighbors are having a new roof put on and the noise and chaos coming through to my office has been unbearable.

We’re in tumultuous times. There are earthquakes, fires, and floods happening. There’s combustive events in the news. Astrologically we have some very major eclipses coming up and people are already feeling things being suddenly “eclipsed” in their lives.

What helped me in the last few days was being aware that, even if my nerves were frayed from high pitched tools and staple guns, there was a part of me that had a bigger picture of what was going on. That greater awareness could navigate through the “Sturm und Drang”.

What surprised me during this time was how upset my body was, and how emotionally detached I was as Consciousness, at the same time. I wasn’t in denial that my nerves were shot. I just continued taking the next indicated action. Kind of like a mom that needs to get her errands done with a toddler that is overstimulated and needs a nap.

Finally yesterday afternoon I plugged in the earbuds (wished I’d remembered them earlier) and blared TedTalks really loud. Pandora would have been a better choice for concentrating and working but by that time I was done, completely done, with work.

Operating as Consciousness doesn’t necessarily mean having all aspects of ourselves on board. Doesn’t mean our bodies and our personalities are as composed as Consciousness. It just means letting Consciousness drive. The rest can sit in their car seats or nap in the back seat.

Our bodies and personalities just want Consciousness to drive anyway. Even if they seem to be struggling for control.

We are not our bodies nor our personalities. We are Consciousness. We created Our bodies and our personalities as vehicles in the physical. We’re meant to inhabit them, and drive the car from within them.

When you shift your identification away from just being your body, or your personality, to being Consciousness, it completely changes your life.

Imagine yourself as greater Consciousness, and imagine focusing into form. I like to pick an ‘anchor point’ in my body as a focal point. It’s like you, as Consciousness, are the entire internet. And your body is the device you’re using. Your focal point is your inner cellular connection.

Play with this, play with bringing your information as Consciousness into your form. And notice what happens!

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