Is There Such A Thing As “Divine Timing”? ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

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There’s a kind of fatalistic viewpoint, that things happen in ‘divine timing’, it’s along the lines of whether something is ‘God’s Will’.

The “good” part of that perspective is that it can get you out of effort or trying to hard to make something happen. When you’re working on manifesting into the physical, effort can have the opposite effect – it can keep it from happening. Which is why often things materialize when you least expect them, or when you’ve stopped trying.

It’s also useful to let go of ‘how’ you’re going to manifest something, along with ‘when’ it’s going to materialize. Turning that over, allows you to keep your focus on ‘what’ you want to bring into form.

The part of you that wants to control things down to minutiae, isn’t Consciousness. It’s your body-personality aspect.

When you desire something, as Consciousness you already have it. It already exists. You just need to step into the Universe where it is. Or, you just need to shift your energy to receiving it.

“But what about the timing? I want it NOW!” Body-personality says.

Bodies only exist in the now, in present time. The future doesn’t exist yet, the past is already over. They want it NOW.

And, if you’re operating fully as Consciousness into form, it’s entirely possible to spontaneously manifest something.

Certainly, when you’re operating as Consciousness, amazing things unexpectedly appear to come out of left field.

When you say something is ‘divine timing’, you’re usually saying it’s either not happening as quickly as you’d like, and/or you are just so grateful – to something outside of yourself – that it finally happened.

As Consciousness, You exist outside of time and space, so it all possibilities are happening at once. Consciousness’ timing is random, spontaneous, and instantaneous. It’s unpredictable only because it happens outside of rational thought.

It happens *better* when you’re not thinking about it. I like to say when you’re creating as Consciousness, what shows up is beyond what you could imagine. It manifests bigger especially when you’re not thinking.

Creating in this new reality seems to require the exact opposite of everything we’ve ever learned about manifestation. Focus and repetition seem to repel what you want. Releasing, letting go, holding it off to the side, works better.

Precise formulas don’t really work anymore, much to the frustation of our body-personality-rational-mind. 5D into 3D is very improvisational.

When you’re creating as Consciousness, you’re coming from a place of experimentation and curiosity. There’s no attachment to an outcome. As You step into the Universe where it already is happening, there’s a feeling of childlike delight.

This work is very subtle and very profound.

‘Divine Timing’ is an old paradigm and contains an implied limitation. Consciousness Timing is expansive. Want to manifest a desire? Step into the Now where it already is, and see what happens!

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