A New Definition of God

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A New Definition of God ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

I’m not that familiar with non-monotheistic religions, but the stories all have examples of Godly abilities and human frailties. They tend to place their Gods remotely, up in the sky or down below in the underworld. There are differing interactions with humans, and it seems to me extreme power struggles.

I’m more familiar with Christianity from a mystical perspective. If you broadly look at the Old Testament, God was this jealous, vengeful and angry guy way up in the sky, who threw frogs and plagues at them. He demanded sacrifices, whether goats or first born sons. People were like ants compared to God.

New Testament God was parental, compassionate, loving. You could have a conversation with “Him”.  It was a new definition of God that was very radical. Even today, people confuse the two.

This new definition came at a radical, evolutionary shift in Consciousness. And we‘re at another shift yet again.

There’s a new definition of God emerging, and from our antiquated viewpoint, we describe it as God within. An Inner Being.

I invite you to a different perspective of all of this.

Think of this world as a marvellous creation of Consciousness. It’s a manifestation experiment that played with different forms to physically embody. Dinosaurs were the beta version, they didn’t quite work out.

(Now, Consciousness creates all of this, thus Consciousness is in all of this. But each form provides a different experience and comprehension)

If you shift your perspective to that of Consciousness, that is, *you* are Consciousness, you can see the evolution simply being You coming more into form.

As Consciousness, you’ve been tweaking with the form design since before dinosaurs, fine tuning it to fit into.

What we are experiencing now is greater Consciousness coming into form, a higher vibration embodying the density of the physical, Our bodies have been redesigned to accept this increased energy. When a higher frequency comes into form, denser aspects disintegrate. We’re seeing this as egoic states breaking down.

Egoic states don’t like this. They think of themselves as separate entities. They don’t wanna disintegrate. Their existence is threatened.

The personality level views things in black and white terms. It interprets things as life and death issues. It doesn’t see this evolution as a good thing. It sees it as an invasion, an assimilation.

As Consciousness, it’s exciting. It’s a birth into a new collective form. When you shift your perspective to You as Consciousness coming into form more, you feel joyous and happy.

All it requires is adjusting your perspective and the rest will come. Notice in the moment if you’re viewing your life as if things are happening to you, or as if You are creating all of it as Consciousness.

At first it may seem difficult, because you’re changing your habitual thinking. But it quickly creates a profound paradigm shift.

There’s no confusion from this viewpoint. There’s only love, emanating inward and around, and outward. And that love is You.

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