‘Yes, We’re Living In A Simulation (But We’re Not Just Avatars)’ ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

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This is the transcript of my talk to Ignite Seattle on May 18th
Have you ever played video games? How about online ones with gamers around the world?

Elon Musk, says there’s a strong probably that we’re living in a simulation and is working on how to break out of it.

The idea came from  ‘The Simulation Hypothesis’, a paper published in 2003  by Nick Bostrom, a philosopher at Oxford University, which stated that we are almost certainly living in a computer simulation.

Last year Neil DeGrasse Tyson led the Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate “Is the Universe a Simulation?” in NYC with a panel of cosmologists, physicists, from MIT and Harvard.

So here’s the flaw with most of their (arguments) – they’ve coming from the perspective of being an avatar in the game.
Yes, life is a simulation, but we’re not just avatars!
At the Avatar level, in the Physical Realm, life seems to be like a full immersion, virtual reality, where you’re playing with other gamers all around the world. At this level, even though this game is preprogrammed, and is structured in specific and measurable ways such as time and space, there’s a certain amount of choice. If you go left, you set in motion a different series of events than if you turn right.
Also at this level, other people can influence your game. Say you decide to go to the grocery store. The moment you get in your car and head out on the road, everyone else in their car, can affect your trip. As an avatar you experience limitations, and take things very seriously. It’s a pretty frustrating and powerless experience.
The next level up is the Programmer level, in the realm of Thought.  This is the area talked about in The Secret, by Abraham-Hicks, The Law of Attraction, and Mike Dooley’s “Thoughts become things”,  if you focus on something enough, you can bring it into your reality.
You can change your reality by changing your thoughts. It’s like your brain is your ‘Inner GPS’, and, you can rewire your neural pathways with positive thinking.  You can program your GPS through affirmations and vision boards.  This can be a big deal for people to discover, because it feels like you have more control. And yet, even at this level of the programmer, you can be operating as if you’re the avatar.

So what’s the next level of awareness? That you are the game designer.

As the Designer, in the realm of Consciousness, there’s no need to break out of the game. Because you’re simultaneously in the game AND outside of it. Outside of constructs of time and space. And you as Consciousness are creating this down to the smallest detail. 
Let that sink in. How would your life be different if you knew that you’re the creator of everything in your reality?  How would it change your choices, and how you looked at life?
When you begin navigate this reality *as* Consciousness Designer rather than as your avatar, you feel this tremendous shift. It’s like going from Newtonian Physics to Quantum physics. Reality, time and space, becomes more malleable.  The story of your life appears to break down. It may seem that everyone is scripted, but *you* get to ad lib.You feel joyous, happy, expansive, maybe even bouyant, like gravity has changed.
At this level, strange out of the box things happen. Storylines take unusual twist and turns. Reality show TV stars become president. Idiocracy becomes real.
But wait, there’s more.

Consciousness exists outside of time and space. So from the perspective of Consciousness, this lifetime happens in the blink of an eye. To Consciousness, everything is happening instantaneously AND simultaneously. All lifetimes are happening as once. All possibilities are happening at once. As Consciousness, You’re not just turning left or right, you’re turning left AND right. You can shift your individual experience by effortlessly stepping into a parallel universe.

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