Enjoying Uncertainty (and Randomness) © 2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

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Don’t we all love our routines. We want life to be predictable. We find comfort in the familiar. We go to astrologers and psychics to be told our futures, so we can be certain what it coming ahead for us.

Physical reality feels so solid. A mountain is a mountain, it’s going to be there, in the same place, day after day. The sun comes up every morning and it goes down every night.

“Agua” Photo by Carlos Adampol Galino

Our bodies feel dense, they move us about our day, they help us be here in the world. We enjoy the world through our body, taste, touch, sight, smell, we savor physical sensations.

We want things to stay the same, be predictable, and at the same time we get bored and want change. Not too much change. Maybe a change of scenery, by going on vacation. Maybe a change of routine by moving to a different dwelling or changing jobs. We like that level of differences.

But something bigger is happening, and it’s throwing us all off. We’ve had previews of this coming up. We’ve had shocking times when a relationship suddenly ends, or we get fired, or some natural disaster upends our lives.

This is different. Reality is speeding up and breaking down. It all looks very solid and real, it still feels very solid and real. And yet, at the same time, it’s malleable.

I’ve noticed this recently with time. I’m very time conscious. I’ll know I have about 5-10 minutes to do something before I need to leave the house. I’ll check my watch, my phone, my laptop, multiple times while I’m finishing my tasks. At the numbers don’t move. It stays 10:45am (or whatever time) until I complete what I need to do.

(That’s actually happening now as I write this).

It’s reflecting in daily life as well.

You’ve noticed times where you’ve had synchronicity, you think of someone and they contact you, you think of something and it manifests. You have a song going through your head and then turn on the TV and it’s playing.

And these things are happening more frequently, and in more extreme or bizarre ways.

Life is becoming more random and it can be uncomfortable.

I see these as reminders that this reality is a hologram, a creation of Consciousness. As we each embody greater consciousness, life becomes less certain but it’s not a bad thing.

It means that life is a game to be experienced and enjoyed. Approach each day with curiosity, and wonder. Respond with playfulness, improvise solutions.

As you start to navigate from this higher perspective, you no longer resist what’s going on in the storyline. Negativity stops being negative, no longer triggers you. In fact, entrenched stories completely transform. That awful boss either quits or becomes angelic, for no apparent reason. Your family no longer irritates you, you find them amusing.

Things aren’t happening to you, and nothing is more powerful than You are.

Relax into this new experience and observe reality reorganizing around you. Things you desperately desired you no longer care about. Situations you struggled to create suddenly happen effortlessly.

Inherently it’s a benevolent Universe. Inherently *you* are Consciousness. At your Essence, or as your Essence, you are creating all of this. And we love our creations. You are creating your Self, and You adore you.

You may be at the tipping point of this realization, afraid to take the plunge.

Come in, the water’s fine.

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