Psychic Kindergarten vs. Quantum University ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

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My original training in metaphysics was at a mystery school that described itself as a psychic kindergarten. It meant that we learn by doing. Nothing was written down, it was conducted in an oral tradition, classes were experiential.

I always felt that everyone needed that basic training, especially from a young age. How would the world be different if we all learned how to manage our energy as children, connect with our inner wisdom, and the rudiments of manifestation?

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I still do feel that way, and there are a lot of people out there teaching these basic principles. This information is easily available to you. In fact, I recommend a couple great books:

More people in the world attend kindergarten (or grade school) than University. You could say that you need to go through the early training to get to the next level, but that’s not necessarily the case.
I had one student who said she needed the original training (that I was teaching at the time) to be open to the next level. But for some people, it gets in the way. Practitioners of ancient systems may have an especially difficult time transitioning. Yet there are other people with no background in energy work at all, lawyers and accountants and the like, who take to these new Consciousness techniques like ducks to water. 
There are less people attending Quantum University, partly because this is a new emerging field. It’s on the leading edge, so not a lot of people know about it, it is just coming into awareness.
Quantum University doesn’t seem to require taking the SAT or GCSE, but in getting to the level or desire and interest, to step into Consciousness training, one has usually overcome some hurdles in life.
The entrance requirement is willingness and commitment. A willingness to invest in one’s own transformation and a commitment completely change one’s life.
And as I reflect on this, I realize that the work I do is post-graduate level. And a better metaphor is Jedi-Mastery (without the light sabers and dark side scenarios). I’ve jokingly considered calling myself ‘Joan Kenobi’, although I’m feeling more like Yoda nowadays…
I work individually with people who are fully committed and focused, and who are ready to leave behind their fears, the old worries about money, time, health or whatever. I call it Conscious Mastery and the techniques I’ve developed (and am developing) ‘Consciousness Techniques’ – you won’t find them anywhere else.
Someone described me as a ‘teacher’s teacher’, for people are spiritual teachers and energy workers ready to move to their next level.
We’re all coming into our own. Our own increased Consciousness, our own Inner Wisdom, and it’s requiring that we ‘upgrade’ our old ways of being. It’s unfolding effortlessly.
You can choose to enter Quantum University, or play in Psychic Kindergarten. There’s nothing you *have* to do. You can just show up and see what happens.If you are ready to for advanced Masters level training in Consciousness, I have space now open in my  Private Mentorship program, and receive my individual attention to create a complete transformation!  Email me to find out if it is a fit for you!

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