How Are You Experiencing The Earth’s Energetic Shifts? ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

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I’ve been tracking shifts in reality for the past decade or so, and it’s fun to see scientific explanations show up in my storyline.

As I started ‘upgrading’ energetically, one of the most disturbing changes was the disappearance of the center of the Earth. I was teaching grounding in a meditation class one day, and went to connect to the Earth’s magnetic core, and it wasn’t there. For me there was just outer space, as if I’d gone straight through the holodeck and outside the Enterprise.

NASA: Artist’s rendition of Earth’s Magnetic Field

Grounding had been my foundational technique for thirty years. When I corded the center of the Earth from my root chakra, I would feel gravity increase. It helped me come into my body and feel more present. My body felt more secure when it was connected to the planet.  And then it was gone.

Eventually, I adjusted. I came up with other ways to center in the hologram without being tethered to the planet. I discovered how to wirelessly connect into my body and into this physical reality in a way that wasn’t so dense. Instead of feeling increased gravity, I now feel this pleasant sense of buoyancy.

Recently, I taught these techniques to a couple of people and they reported feeling heavier.  Hmm.  So afterwards I played with using my original techniques again, and it just wasn’t the same. Everything is still lighter, and more diffuse.

Then I came across a YouTube video of Inuit elders talking about changes in their environment, and saying the earth’s axis has tilted. I wondered if this was part of what I’d been sensing.

More research revealed a report from NASA saying that polar shifts are normal, they take place over millions of years. However the shift has sped up in recent years, It is moving faster now, and “scientists estimate the pole is migrating northward about 40 miles per year, as opposed to about 10 miles per year in the early 20th century”.

The Earth wobbles fairly regularly, but another NASA report stated that “around the year 2000, Earth’s spin axis took an abrupt turn toward the east and is now drifting almost twice as fast as before, at a rate of almost 7 inches (17 centimeters) a year.” Which they find “puzzling”.

So, things are speeding up. Magnetic poles are shifting. The planet is responding. Our bodies are responding (since they’re our vehicle in physical reality).

Physical reality looks the same but feels different. There are different ways to balance and center now. Wireless connections, rather than cords, help me energetically center in this reality. Our bodies like feeling connected to the planet, so for some people walking barefoot helps. I don’t like being cold, so for me just walking outside (bundled up against rain and wind) helps.

This hasn’t gotten around to explaining how, as I walk, I notice reality shifting in an out of focus, and how, to me, it I sense moving in and out of parallel universes, but that’s for another article.

We’re Consciousness, experiencing this world of form, and our body is our vehicle. Notice for yourself how you perceive the changes going on, and what your body may find supportive.

Whatever helps your body feel balanced and centered, do it. And you’ll have a much more enjoyable experience. 🙂

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