Are You Creating or Destroying? ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

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This planet is a playground, an adventure in density and effort. It is here for us to experience physical reality in all it’s glory.

The primary energies at play are creation and destruction.

If you look at nature, you see examples everywhere. Trees fall over in the forest and become hosts for new saplings. Waterfalls erode their rocky beds. Birds spread seeds, bees pollinate plants. And predators cull overpopulated prey.

Destruction is needed in nature. Forest fires release seedlings that otherwise would not grow. Volcanoes spewing lava create new islands. Destruction can actually be very creative.

It’s a fundamental truth that if you want to create something in your life, you have to destroy something.

We have tremendous ethics around destruction. It’s bad. When in reality, what may need to be destroyed in order to create, may be your limiting thinking.

Destruction feels like death, and in some ways it is. It may be death to an aspect of your identity. It may be death to a dream that wasn’t even yours to begin with.

If you want to expand, you have to knock down a few walls.

The energy of destruction need not be violent. And it need not involve other people.

Often when someone wants to expand in their lives, they think they have to destroy their current relationships. They think others are holding them back.

When you release whatever is inside you that is holding you back, often people around you change. You’ve released the limiting pattern and the people in your life transform accordingly.

Sometimes you shift to a new level and friends fade away, with new friends showing up. You don’t need to reject anyone, only those who match your new vibration are in your new reality.

People enmeshed in old paradigm power games don’t understand the gentle grace of Consciousness. Consciousness is bringing expansion, always evolving with benevolent intent.

As greater Consciousness comes into this world, old ways are disintegrating. Those who are strongly identified with dominance and limitation are having a difficult time right now. To them it feels like *they* are dying. They are fearfully trying regain structures that no longer exist, that cannot be held in this new world.

If there is something you’d like to let go of, you don’t have to ‘burn bridges’ or ‘kill your darlings’. Focus on what you’d like instead, and watch your reality reorganize itself to accommodate your new desire.

The new way of Creating as Consciousness is very subtle yet very profound. As you shift your focus, it shifts your energy, and what no longer has your attention will disappear from your reality. And what focus on will manifest.

It doesn’t have to be a perfect vision, in fact it often shows up more quickly when you focus on the feeling. When Creating as Consciousness it’s helpful to have broad intentions.

When you’re overly specific, you’re often resisting what you don’t have. Open-ended requests allow you to create more than you can possible imagine.

Play with this for the next week and see what happens!

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