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When I was caring for my mother who had Alzheimer’s, I got this book called “Creating Moments of Joy”. It specifically focuses on being in the present moment with people with dementia and celebrating whatever happiness you can have, right here and now.

It was an enormous relief not to fight what was happening, but to dance with her memory loss and the resulting behavior as the filters broken down. We savored the moments, sitting in the sunshine and going for drives in the countryside.  And monthly field trips to the Kreeger museum that has a special program for people with memory loss and their caregivers. And, a couple times, before it became impossible, an evening at the theatre.

Those moments are highlights over the rest of that time, which was nearly unbearable, it was so painful. Yet when I look back, those are the times I remember the most, more than the others.

It seems to me life is a series of moments of joy, amongst times of challenges.

When we’re little, we flow from one moment to the next. We find joy in dandelions and butterflies. We cry when we scrape our knee. We laugh at silly things.

As we get older we accumulate more ‘scraped knees’, and carry the experiences with us. Rather than picture books of happy times, we’re galleries of war photos.

You can’t move forward, with your evolution as Consciousness, with such density.

In stressful times, you need moments of joy. It’s not being in denial about the awful things going on. It’s coming up for air once in a while.

The worst is coming out of the woodwork right now because we’re in a collective shift to a higher vibration of consciousness. It’s in the process of being cleared, as it’s exposed to more light it cannot fail to disintegrate.

It’s painful to watch. It’s reopening wounds, revisiting past trauma. Which is allowing us to heal our scar tissue. We can get through this by creating moments of joy.

Moments of joy can also redirect you out of misery. It doesn’t take very long to shift longstanding patterns and introduces new experiences of reality. Abraham Hicks says it only takes 17 seconds. You catch your habitual thoughts and redirect them.

When I manifested my now husband, l did this. I realized I’d been driving around thinking of all the terrible relationships I’d had. Which was creating an energetic inventory for the next relationship. So I deliberately focused on the qualities I wanted instead, and he showed up.

By creating joyful moments, you can created more of them. You shift your attention to what you want (without resisting what you don’t want), you bring it into existence.

There will always be things to resist. There will always be pain and unpleasantness. This planet is a dichotomy of beauty and ugliness, a playground of density and effort. We’re here to create, to bring our unique vibrations, to feel the feelings of the physical realm.

What moments of joy can you create today? Be on the lookout for opportunities. As you notice them, more possibilities show up. You’ll gradually rise up out of the current vibratory level to one of more wellbeing. And this has a ripple effect. It assists with the collective evolution. As more of us create moments of joy, the more joyous the world will become.


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