We Shall Not Regret The Past (Nor Wish To Shut The Door On It) ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

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We’re engaged in an uncivil war. 

In this time of fake news, and with even “real” news regurgitating complete falsehoods, it’s too easy to get taken off course by things that are deliberately designed to evoke an emotional reaction.

It’s exhausting and distracting and makes even the most enlightened of us forget that we’re Consciousness, we’re Infinite Beings creating our reality.

Trump’s heralding in a new age.

We are actually in a time of clearing and healing. There is greater Light in the world and it is revealing the most repressed darkness. All the ugliness that has come to the surface is being cleaned. Your home always looks worse when you’re deep cleaning.

It’s triggering each of us at our very core. It’s bringing up childhood memories and generational miasma. You can’t take this baggage with you to the next level of evolution.

Even as we are inspired to take action, we’re disempowered by our own”stuff”. We are at war in our minds, we have insane cabinet members in our heads who threaten to destroy the different departments of our lives.

The news may trigger us, but we’re creating our own drama and feeding it with our thoughts. When we stop fighting in ourselves or wrestling with scenarios, we can take clear action.

Years ago I was married to a covert cocaine addict. In order to regain my sanity, I needed to learn to detach from the emotional roller coaster. I made up my own slogan: “Don’t React Dramatically – Even If It Seems Dramatic.”

If I am triggered, if I am reacting with strong feelings, I am not in present time. I am engaging with a lie. What I am perceiving is not the truth.

I have lost control and I am fighting with the illusion.

We’re powerless over the illusion and we’re powerless over other people’s insanity. We’re powerless over what they say and what they tweet and what they sign. But we’re not powerless over our own voices, our own votes, and our own actions. We just feel powerless when wrestling with the insanity rather than the solution.

Where Real Power is.

We can regain our internal power in several ways.  First, by stepping back and not engaging with crazy people or crazy headlines. Take time to respond rather than react. Take a break from the noise, turn off your devices and take a walk.

I always reconnect with Consciousness when I’m out in nature, even if it is just noticing trees on city streets. There is a power greater than Faux news. And You, at your Essence, are this power.

When you’re reconnected within, you become clear at what your choices are and how you can contribute.

Because this time is not calling us to be in denial or to go back into our caves or bubbles. It is calling us to be fully in our bodies and to participate. You can take truly empowered action when you’re aligned with yourself as Consciousness.

The Bigger Picture of What Is Going On.

The birth of a new era requires expansion and contraction.  Progress experiences ebbs and flows.  This feels like the past because we’re at a new level of releasing those old patterns. After we’ve cleaned the kitchen and the living room, we go upstairs. Just because the bedrooms and bathrooms are dirty doesn’t mean we haven’t been cleaning, we’re just on a new floor.

We’re not going to back to Nazi Germany because we’re America and our basic foundational pattern is freedom. We’re seeing these shadows of the past because they’ve come to the surface to be cleared.

We have checks and balances and we have an inherent sense of our rights. There’s more collective empowerment in this country than 1920’s and 1930’s Europe knew. You cannot control a country founded on rebellion.

Remind yourself that this is 2017, bring yourself into the present moment. In Present Time you are fully connected with yourself as Consciousness. This is where you can transform your reality.

This is where we shall not regret the past (nor wish to shut the door on it). Let the baggage of the past be archived. It’s not forgotten, it’s acknowledged as useful building blocks to where you are now.

I leave you with the Work of Byron Katie. There’s great revelations and relief in this video.

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