What Is Dying In Your Life?

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This has been a long, hard year for many people. And we’ve had some significant deaths, as well. With the recent unexpected passings, I’ve joked that David Bowie and Prince are hosting one heck of a Sky Party.

And for those of us who are staying in our bodies, there have been other kinds of loss. If it hasn’t been material, or in relationship, it’s been within ourselves. Perhaps our world view has changed, or an aspect of our identity has gone. Perhaps we have lost hope, or inspiration.

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In the last couple of months some of these have been sudden and unexpected. We’re in shock, as well as grief.

For months now, I have been aware of an impending death in my life, and am not clear what it is. I’ve been rebuilding since 2013 (the year I helped both parents die, and also my dog, lost my uncle, my house, and my business effectively shut down).

I’ve also been aware of being at a tipping point, a sense of about to dive in, all-or-nothing. Which doesn’t entirely make sense to me, since I’ve always been resolutely committed to my work, which is my purpose and calling in life.

What this reminds me of, is when I did psychic readings and looked at people’s futures. Sometimes their future self would be right there on the timeline, pointing out what was going to happen. At other times, the timeline would disappear into a fog.

I had two interpretations for this image. One was that the person wasn’t meant to see what was coming up, they were supposed to stay in the present moment, otherwise they’d try to skip steps to achieve it. The other was that the future was still being written, it was still being designed.

I sense it is the latter for me. I am letting go of expectations and assumptions. Releasing effort, trying hard. It’s been several years of a lot of action, of running around giving it away, trying to reach as many people as possible. It feels like things are changing, my focus is narrowing to those who can show up and have the information.  It feels like a return to creativity as well. I’ve had a couple books that have been waiting years to come out; perhaps 2017 is a time they will be birthed!

So what is dying for you? What is going away?

Collectively, I think we’ve moved to a new level of Consciousness, so anything of a denser vibration no longer exists in this new reality.

We can use this time to our advantage, to actively release that which we may perceive as dragging or holding us back. Perhaps you’ve been struggling with something for a long time. You can leave it in 2016, and let 2017 be a different Universe for you.

You don’t have to know the solution, or the answer. You just have to step into the space where it exists.

You may find that you haven’t lost anything at all (anything of significance is always stored in Consciousness) and instead gain a whole new world!

©2016 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

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