Don’t Give Up The Ship

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When weather permits, I take daily walks for inspiration and to regain my connection as Consciousness. There’s a house on my route that has a flag hanging off it that says, “Don’t Give Up The Ship.”

I think about it’s message. Don’t give up. Don’t jump ship. Don’t give up the ship.

The ship, to me, is the body you have manifested in which to experience physical reality. We hit times that seem insurmountable, so incredibly painful that we can’t go on.

Yet if we do hang on, these times will pass. Life will get better.

Even if we can’t imagine how, or can’t know when.

As Consciousness, life is something to enjoy. We create being here for the fun of it, for the joy of it. To savor the sun on our face, the taste of chocolate, we love this world.

As Consciousness we are always aware of the bigger picture. We know this lifetime passes in the blink of an eye. We know we are always connected.

Those time that we hit a ‘point of no return’ in the physical, what is really happening is a dream is dying, an expectation of what it is supposed to be like, an aspect of our personality, our identity that we are attached to. Those things are dying, those limitations are breaking open and something bigger is coming in.

When I was sixteen, I was hospitalized for depression. I was there for three months and they released me with a bottle of antidepressants. I took the bus to my old high school and got a ‘dear Joan’ letter. I went to the McDonald’s next door and downed them all.

I was in so much pain I couldn’t think of anything else to do.

I was in a coma for three days. While I don’t remember having an out of body experience, I woke up exhilarated. (My mother thought it was from taking all those antidepressants).

So many things have unfolded in the years since then. So much love and many life experiences that wouldn’t have happened if I’d jumped ship.

Don’t give up the ship to depression or despair. The part of you that can’t see beyond the present circumstances is not the one who should be captaining the vessel. Let yourself as Consciousness do the steering.

It is as simple as shifting awareness to above the cloud cover.

However, it may take help to get there. These are tough times and you don’t need to get through it by yourself. Don’t be alone with your thinking. Be out among people who care and understand. Binge watch comedies.

For myself, on my daily walks I step through doors to parallel universes. I shift my reality to one where things are unfolding in my favor. To where everyone lives happily ever after.

When we navigate as Consciousness, we realize this is a benevolent Universe.

If we all try this, we can create massive change in our lives. Play with this and watch your collective reality transform!

©2016 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

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