Is Resistance Futile? ©2016 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

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I woke this morning with the lyrics to “Do You Hear The People Sing” from Les Mis going through my head, and felt it was a commentary on the prevelant feeling throughout the world at this time.

“Do you hear the people sing? It is the song of angry men. It is the music of a people who will not be slaves again…”

People are angry. People are protesting. People are grieving. People are rebelling.

People are being called to action. They are speaking out. They are taking stands.

Aikido July 2002 Chateau de Clairvans, Gerard Blaze et Dominique

Then I remembered the scene in Les Mis, during the French Revolution, working class people manning the barricades. And they all got shot.

Is resistance futile? Do the big guys always win? Do our votes really count? Are our voices heard?

The energy of resistance usually attracts what you don’t want. What you resist, persists. So from that perspective, resistance is futile. It perpetuates you in the reality that what you’re resisting has power over you, is dominating you.

However, the energy of anger propels you out of the paralysis of fear. So if you are fighting something, that energy gives you the strength to take action and make changes.

The strongest stance, energetically, is non-resistance. That doesn’t mean that you accept the unacceptable. But it means you can’t be bullied or intimidated or triggered by whatever the other side does. You stand in your own power and negativity passes through without sticking.

Some forms of martial arts use non resistance to their advantage. When an opponent attacks, they respond in such a way that uses their energy against them. They step aside and the attacker falls over by their own force.

How can we possibly be non resistant to all the insanity going on right now? Wouldn’t that be staying in our ‘bubble’ of privilege, or being in denial?

Non resistance doesn’t mean not doing anything. It means to respond rather than react. It means standing back from all the noise and make conscious choices before taking action.

You can have strong feelings about things and still respond with non-resistance.

Bullies thrive on victims. Narcissists thrive on attention, even negative attention. Dominators aim to disempower people by getting them riled up and off balance.

We are all more powerful than we know. What is happening on the planet is that greater Consciousness is coming into form. That means your body is able to hold YOU, as Greater Consciousness, more than ever before.

Shift your perspective to your inner Essence and you will regain your balance.

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