It’s The End Of The World!

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It seems catastrophic. It’s not what’s supposed to be going on. Terrible things are occurring  everywhere. I can’t believe this is happening to me.

Sound familiar? Have you been thinking these thoughts? For many people, this is what reality feels like right now.

Crazy things are being reported in the news. It’s confusing. Frightening, even. We’re grieving the loss of what should be. Angry at what is. Scared of what could be.

It’s the end of the world as we know it.

Reckless Company 1904 (Public Domain)

I don’t like it either. I’m surprised at the weird shift in the time line. The wacky alt-Universe I’ve seemed to have woken up in. My body is resistant to it. I want to change, fix or manipulate it and make it different.

That part of you that feels powerless? That feels like it’s happening to you? That can’t imagine anything good coming out of this?

That’s your body. Your body only knows what it has experienced up until now. Your body sees things in terms of survival. It hasn’t lived the future yet.

When the story line shifts abruptly, it gets really upset. It feels like it’s going to die. It makes up stories based on what it sees or hears. It doesn’t have a the bigger picture.

The Essence of who you are, can see farther along the road ahead, knows there are more possibilities than just calamitous ones. It may even be amused by all of this.

It’s the part of you that is eternal so it’s not fearful it’s going to die. It’s here. To experience physical reality. It knows this is just a game. It finds this fun.

We’re collectively screaming with our hands in the air, forgetting that we’re on a roller coaster (not an airplane).

As Consciousness, you are creating reality moment to moment. A complex and beautiful world. The more Consciousness comes into form, the old, rigid, restrictive beliefs and concepts break down.

Your body may not be dying, but part of your identity might be. A reality you were attached to might have changed. This happens to us throughout our lives, every time we graduated and moved up a grade in school, every time we got into and then out of a relationship, started and changed a job.

This seems to be on a global scale, but what is it in you that is dying? What is it in you that is releasing? What loss is your body mourning?

For me, this past year has resurrected old family patterns that I thought had already died. I’ve been triggered as I see similar behavior played out in the news. I’m surprised to discover how I’m still entangled with them, how I’m still creating my reality through and from them.

If you’re really entrenched in them, these changes can feel seismic. What is your personal earthquake about? Where are you being shaken to your core?

Realize that you don’t have to stay stuck here. It doesn’t have to take years to work through this now.

When we were less Conscious, when we experienced less Consciousness, it took a long time for these things to change. Now they can shift in an instant (or overnight).

The more you operate as Consciousness in the world, the more sudden and unexpected things happen. The cosmic script writer part of you isn’t writing an adaption of War And Peace or Les Miserables. It’s sweeps week and a reality show. Expect plot twists.

If you want to win an Oscar, by all means go for it. Wrestle that bear. As Consciousness you’ll enjoy every minute of it.

If you don’t want Grizzly drool on your costume, shift your perspective to Consciousness’ bigger picture. You’ll see things with joy and wonder, curiosity and amusement. You’ll respond differently.

It’s not the end of the world, but the beginning of a new reality.

©2016 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

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