When Reality Breaks Down

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When Reality Breaks Down ©2016 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

If you look around you, what you see is physical reality. It’s been measured, poked and examined. We see rocks and dirt and trees. We’re told they’re made up of atoms and molecules. Different combinations of molecules make up rocks than dirt, water and air. Fascinating to think that scientists eventually measured something invisible like air, and discovered that oxygen has it’s own form of solidity. Air is thinner in high altitude places.

Barite, photo credit: Strekeisen

And then we acknowledge emotional patterns, they’ve been measured, poked and examined. We recognize that behavior patterns in families go back seven or ten generations, beyond what most of us know about our genealogy. We think we’re being unique and new and yet on one level we’re just replicating patterns.

Thought patterns have been around for millenia as well. It’s said that there’s never been an original thought. We read ancient philosophers and their comments are surprisingly modern. The mental level is another part of the complicated construct that is the hologram as we know it.

Our beliefs, our concepts, color the way we view reality. We think our religion is the right one until we get to know people that believe something totally different and realize they’re pretty good folk and maybe their soul isn’t going to hell after all. We think our family is one way until a family secret gets exposed and our reality is shattered.

Shattered is a good way to describe what it feels like when your pictures of reality disintegrate. It’s like the scaffolding of your life is withdrawn, and things collapse inside. Anyone who has been through a divorce knows this. Ways you define yourself, your identity, get removed and it is very disorienting.

When you take away those belief constructs, what you have left is physical reality, which is why nature feels so restorative. It simply is. It’s a break from the insane overlay of human dynamic.

We’re starting to experience what’s beyond the invisible, beyond what can be measured and examined. When you bring out the microscopes (or the telescopes) you can’t see it.
It’s been philosophized about, but you can research research all the religions and cultures in history and only get a minute sense of what we’re experiencing today.

We use euphemisms for this, Light and Truth, but words can’t fully explain what is happening.

It’s how an aquarium of fish must feel when a hand reaches in and moves the ornaments about.

Except we’re not fish, although our bodies are. And we’re not separate from the hand. We are the hand.

Consciousness creates reality by focusing. Focusing creates density. There is a spectrum to it, but not the separation we believe. It’s all Consciousness focusing into density.

In density we experience time and space, a historic storyline to our reality. We feel like this has been this way forever. When Consciousness shifts focus, we feel it. Greater Consciousness comes into form and we feel more real. And what’s not real seems to break down and go away.

Hands in the fish tank stir up all sorts of muck and mire, which gets siphoned out to clean up the water.

What’s going on around the world is a kind of rearranging of the fish tank, a siphoning up of the muck and mire that no longer serves us. The untruths that people have clung to as reality.

As Consciousness comes more into form, we sense our unity (because we’re all Consciousness). We also sense our individual power (because as Consciousness we are infinitely powerful). So on one hand we’re experiencing more of a collective connection. We see how we are ‘better together’, how we can help one another. And on the other hand we are rebelling against anything that impedes our personal sense of autonomy.  This planet is such a delicious dichotomy!

And anything that is the opposite of Consciousness, dominance vs empowerment, divisiveness instead of individuality, unity instead of identical… is what is going away.

You can sense the difference. Consciousness feels good. It feels expansive. It feels joyous. When you’re operating from Consciousness you feel lighthearted, clear, confident.  Unconsciousness feels constricted and limiting, fearful and powerless.

It’s a component of this world that is very evident right now. It is being illuminated as Consciousness comes into form. It’s in the process of being cleared. Our shadows are being exposed but will disappear in full sunlight.

It can be very uncomfortable as the muckiness of humanity comes to light. We think that other aspects of reality will erupt and break down as well. Our bodies aren’t dying but aspects of our egos are.

If you are experiencing any breaking down in any aspects of your life, the discomfort is palpable. It will pass, but it may take time. It will be a relief as the distortion dissipates.

The greater aspect of yourself *is* Consciousness, and that part of You can coax the little you through this.

Be easy with yourself. Implement super self care, doing self comforting things. Take time to step out in nature and just breathe.

This is the darkness just before dawn. We are huddled ‘neath our covers wanting our last bits of sleep. But waking up is a wonderful thing. Come into the sunlight, a joyous world awaits.

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