What is happening when NOTHING is happening?

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We’ve all been going through tough times. Growing pains. And for many of us, no matter what we do, we don’t seem to make any progress.

It just feels like one obstacle to surmount after another, and it doesn’t matter what we try, we’re just getting nowhere.

Field in Raszkow, Poland, photo credit: Jacek Halicki

Here’s the thing –

We are all Consciousness manifesting into physical bodies. As Consciousness, things are easy and effortless. Our bodies experience density and difficulty.

Now it is possible as Consciousness to instantaneously transform. You can go from being stuck in a traffic jam to whizzing along to your intended destination just be shifting yourself from your current Universe to one where everything is unfolding in your favor.

When you’re creating on a body level, it takes longer.  Our bodies exist in time and space, where change is an evolutionary process. You plant seeds, water them, wait for them to sprout.

Nothing is ever not happening, but sometimes it takes a while for change to become evident.

You might be going through soil prep (and experiencing a lot of fertilizer in your life). You may have seeds you’d forgotten you planted, germinating beneath the surface.

Or if you feeling burned out, your field may be laying fallow. You may need a period of rest before your field is ready to plant again.

When you stop doing, you can start being. Creating as Consciousness comes from a state of being.

It’s a completely different approach to manifestation.

It doesn’t mean sitting on your meditation cushion for hours every day chanting yourself into a state of Beingness.

It means stepping into the reality as Consciousness where you already are the changes you want to experience.

There is *a lot* going on in the world right now. People are experiencing extremes – extreme emotions, extreme challenges, and being affected by other people’s extreme stresses. If you’re feeling that right now, do yourself a favor and take a time out.

It may be ten minutes to go outside and walk around the block. It may be turning off your phone or TV – a “media break” for a period of time. If you listen to music, maybe give yourself a period of silence.

You don’t need to be knocked about by external forces. They may be distractions that keep you from focusing within, where real transformation can happen. When you take your focus off the external world and tune into your internal world, that’s where you can experience Yourself as Consciousness.

As Consciousness you know that there is enough, and that you are enough.

Bring your attention back to yourself and you might discover that there’s no need to “do” anything. You can appreciate all that is going on without your efforts. You’ll know, within the fiber of your Being, that all is very, very well.


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