Denial and Delusion

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It’s been a painful week. I think the majority of people (at least in the US, but I suspect it is showing up in different forms around the world) are suffering major post traumatic stress.

This has been coming in waves throughout the year, although it’s been going on for longer. I’m certain there’s an astrological explanation, maybe the Pluto-Uranus square, whatever.

Sunrise on Sea, photograph by Bogdan Giuşcă,Romania

We’ve had increasing light shone on things that we are no longer tolerating. Bigotry, racism, sexism, misogyny, abuse, assault…

The debates were traumatizing, watching someone point fingers and accuse the other person of the very things they had actually done or said, that they were currently on trial for. The abuser always accuses others, making themselves out to be the victim. Crazy making behavior.

Denial is strong. Someone claimed that God was going to work through their flawed candidate. Perhaps God sent him to bring all this up, not to have him in office?

People denying things said on tape, and on video. People living in delusion, lying to themselves.

This time, however, the pushback is strong. Women speaking out about unacceptable behavior, sharing their stories of assault.

You could feel the collective rising up of the issue, bringing the hidden to light.

But what really struck me was the men standing up in outrage, they don’t say things like that, they don’t treat women that way, they don’t think that way.


Little chinks of old patterns started falling away inside myself.

There are men in this world who treat women with respect. Men who are naturally faithful. Men who are loving to their daughters.

Who knew?

This is a time when the Truth is coming to the surface. Not ‘truths’ people tell themselves, but the light of Truth is coming in and dislodging whatever is the opposite.

For survivors of any kind of violence, observing the gas lighting by an abuser, the stories his supporters are telling, is excruciating.

If you were hit without warning, or verbally berated as a child, that was abuse. That was domestic violence.

For those of us that grew up in households like that, coming out of denial is quite painful. There’s a huge ‘no talk’ rule. Those who speak up are blamed instead.

For people who are comfortable sitting in the dark, the light hurts their eyes. Something is wrong with the light bringers.

This isn’t stopping however. We’re in an evolutionary shift. The light will continue to increase. We will continue to grow in awareness.

As we experience ourselves as Consciousness, pain will be replaced with love. Constriction will be replaced with expansion. We will breathe easier. We will stand taller.

It will be okay for us all to be in the light, and take up space.

©2016 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

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