My Newest Ezine/Blogpost: Embrace Change!

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Embrace Change ©2014 Joan M. Newcomb

I started writing this talking about the tough times people are going through, then realized it was exactly like a post I started writing a month ago, and scrapped in favor of a more uplifting message.  I’m doing the same again.

Listen, I know tough times.  I’ve survived an overdose, abuse, betrayal, divorce, poverty, loss, death.  And I honestly can’t say what kept me from jumping off a ferry at times.  But I’m glad I did. I want to give a higher perspective of what it’s all about:

Seasons are changing, trees and plants are going through new cycles, it’s time to move on. This planet is all about creating and destroying, and each part of the cycle is equally creative, from the perspective of Consciousness… read more




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