If This Is A Simulation, Are Other People Real?? ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

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If this is all a hologram, what about other people? It’s one of the first questions that seems to come up, when learning that this reality is a simulation, is  “are other people real?”

A twist on this is, “If this is game, am *I* real?” And, “whose reality am I in?”

I struggled with this when I first grasped this concept that I, as Consciousness, created this for my own amusement. My teacher at the time basically said things like that other people were a creation of my Consciousness, they were another aspect of myself, a reflection of myself.

Now, I’m an empath, and I could feel my relatives who lived 3,000 mile away, and I knew they weren’t my feelings and that my relatives weren’t me.

And when I was back East helping my parents die, I was creating myself to participate, but they were creating their own realities that I was participating in.

The thing is, even though reality is a simulation, a kind of hologram created by Consciousness, doesn’t mean that it’s fake. This game is meant to be real, that’s why it’s called Physical Reality. It’s meant to be felt, tasted and touched. Your body is a real, biologically manufactured vehicle for you as Consciousness.

What about other people? It’s not accurate to say they are other aspects of yourself, but You are Consciousness and so is everyone else. Other people are real, as much as you are.

The teacher I had indicated that the “extras” in your reality weren’t real, they were just stories in your story line. I’ve come to see that this game is bigger and more complex than that. Everyone is real. And everyone is a creation of Consciousness and everyone *is* Consciousness, whether they know it or not.

However, I have found that, when you operate as Consciousness other personalities can change. People who were ‘bad tempered’ can shift to being easy to get along with. People can come into your storyline saying things that you’d only just thought about.

People can suddenly leave your storyline when you’ve shifted to a different vibratory awareness. At one of my meetups, someone was dealing with an abusive boss. They played the “parallel universe” game and when they went to work the next week, the boss resigned. I explain that she didn’t make them resign (that’s not how you play the game at this level), but she’d stepped into a parallel universe where they did.

As you keep upleveling your experience, you become more distinctly aware of your own Uniquesness and at the same your own inner connection to All That Is.

As Consciousness, you created this to be the opposite of who you really are. That’s why there are different people, places, plants, animals, things. There’s conflict in this reality because there is only harmony and oneness as Consciousness.

As Consciousness, you love your creations. You love yourself and your body, and those you’ve created to interact with. And they’ve created themselves to interact with you.

As Essence we’re all Consciousness but it would be skipping a step, or missing out on this planetary realm’s uniqueness to dismiss individuals as fake or that you’re the only one that’s real.

It’s much more fun to relax into this reality as Consciousness, to appreciate it all in it’s infinite complexity and enjoy

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