A Brief Explanation of History without Time

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A Brief Explanation of History without Time ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

This will contradict my previous blogpost. This planet is one of polarities and dichotomies. It is a world of contradictions, where opposites are true.

I’ve been musing on my story of the evolution of Consciousness. It’s a story, because Consciousness can’t evolve. It’s like saying the evolution of infinite intelligence.

Technology evolves. We create technology to replicate Consciousness, that is, everything we can do as Consciousness that we think we can’t do in our bodies, such as flying, telepathy, healing, etc. Except if we were embodied with full Consciousness, we could easily do these things.

From our body-personality perspective, there are skills to gain in order to utilize our bodies with full Consciousness. Our body-personalities feel like we need to learn something, as they needed to learn how to walk and talk, read and write.

If you read Aristotle and study ancient civilizations, you will see timeless wisdom expressed. Leonardo Davinci designed the helicopter in late fifteenth century, the Romans had running water a thousand years before we had it (and the Assyrians had it hundreds of years before the Romans).

It’s funny to look at the explanations why. Maybe aliens came to earth and gave this information?

When I was a past life reader, I’d say it was us, that we’d lived in a previous culture, Atlantis, that self destructed, and we reincarnated into Homo Sapiens. I’d see people sitting at camp fires with other hunter gatherers, who remembered when they had flying cars, thinking “this is bullshit”.

Another story is time travelers. Doesn’t that make sense? You can just go back to the past with your smarty pants present day knowledge and influence history.

But if you look at this all from the perspective of Consciousness, creator of this game, all time and space exists at once. You’re not just coming in for one lifetime along a timeline. This lifetime happens in the blink of an eye. As Consciousness, you’re experiencing all lifetimes simultaneously and instantaneously.

I used to describe in individual lifetime and jumping into the pool, and you get out when swim time is over. I just realized it isn’t even accurate to say you dip into the pool and get out of it again, when you are the pool as well as the swimmer.

Knowledge comes in and through and expresses itself regardless of the time or space measurement. That is why you will see or mankind will discover great wisdom in ancient places.

We can’t comprehend, that is our bodies cannot comprehend, an existence without space or time. It’s too mind blowing to imagine everything happening at once. But we can know it.

We can have an inner knowing of the bigger picture of things. We can have an intuitive experience of a broader awareness.

When you start to operate from this perspective, as Consciousness, you allow more of your Infinite Intelligence into your form, and your life changes in profound ways.

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