How to Create Reality (a simple primer for manifesting as an Infinite Being) ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

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Reality is created from the non-physical. It’s created outside of time and space. It’s created beyond thought, although thought has an effect. It starts with an intent, a notion, and is given form through focus. It is created by Consciousness or Source, and which is the spark of life in everything. That includes what we would deem as not alive. It may not have perceivable sentience, but it has Consciousness as it’s source.

It is all Consciousness, and we are Consciousness. Our life Essence is Consciousness. We are creating this reality moment to moment.


Reality is a spectrum and has different densities to it. What we see, physically feel, seems solid, is one part of the spectrum. There is a part that we sense physically that we can’t see, we may describe it as a place’s “atmosphere”. It’s a collective resonance contributed to by all life forms (this can include plants and animals, and historic events).

Emotions are unique to our physical bodies, it’s our body’s communication system, it’s our response to the world and we can create from this part of this spectrum. You can bring your desires into reality by focusing on the feelings they create in you. (We unconsciously bring what we *don’t* want into reality by being preoccupied with uncomfortable feelings)!

Thought is another way to manifest into form. What we think about regularly takes on density, Which is why visualization, affirmations, and vision boards seem to work so well. However, if the mind that is using thought to do this is coming from the perception that there’s something lacking, something wrong, etc. – that will show up in the manifestation as well. Which is why you may find there is always a loophole or a glitch in the things you try to consciously create!

Reality seems solid and real yet can shift in mysterious, magical ways. It’s only part of the program in this physical game, just as time and space are part of the structure. When we create from the emotional or thought levels, it takes time and space to bring things into form. They have to be constructed within physical rules. There’s a rhythm to this kind of creation, it takes two years for things to manifest into form from first conception.

When we create as Consciousness, it is very effortless. It is ‘outside the box’ manifesting. The timeline becomes less fixed and solid. Things can happen instantaneously. Things may seem random. They don’t come in predictable ways, they usually show up ‘out of left field’.

Bring an open minded intention to Consciousness and the results are more than you can possibly imagine. The qualities of Consciousness are playfulness, curiosity, neutrality. As Consciousness, you are lighthearted and amused. There are no mistakes and nothing is ‘bad’. This world is a game, a playground, an experiment.

At this level, we’re not ‘co-creating’, it’s the realm of unity, oneness, I-AM ness. Nothing influences You, nothing is more powerful than You.

As you go about your day, shift your awareness from your normal way of thinking. Start to perceive the world as Consciousness, the Essence of who you really are. See everything as your Conscious creation. Notice what changes when you do that.

Give yourself time to notice what that feels like, without trying, without effort. And watch how your life reorganizes around you without your having to do anything to make it happen. Things start to show up in your reality with delightful synchronicity. All you have to do is appreciate and enjoy the process.

Try thing for the next seven days and see what happens!


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