Mastering the new Consciousness ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

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Mastering the new Consciousness  ©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

We have already shifted to a new level of Consciousness, it’s just that not all of our bodies and personalities have come up to speed.

For one thing, reality looks the same. For another thing, reality feels completely different.

And in this new reality, many old paradigms no longer work.

CCTV lens flare. Photo credit: Hustvedt

Like when you upgrade your operating system, you have to upgrade much of your software.

In fact, most of the old ways of operating are now defunct. You can’t apply the old rules of power in this new reality. Your energetic engine has changed. Gasoline doesn’t work in your Tesla.

Your ego may value being an expert. It may value being the know it all, having all the answers, being better than and smarter than.

Yet in this new Consciousness, approaching things with a bigger’s mind is far more powerful. All the answers are available to you, you just don’t have to carry it around in your hard drive any more.

Power looks different as Consciousness. It’s inner power. It has clarity and a sense of well being.

There isn’t any competitive energy, because there’s the awareness that *everyone* is whole, capable, and Conscious.

Everyone, at their core, is Consciousness. Everyone is equally powerful. As we each grow in this awareness, there is more interconnectedness. There’s more teamwork. There’s networking. There’s interdependence and independence at the same time.

Having more stuff doesn’t carry any weight in this new awareness. In fact, heaviness has no place here. There’s no density nor effort.

At some point of development, manifestation becomes instantaneous. And, the urge to manifest, the urgency, is gone. It’s all about creativity. This world is a fun playground.

Conscious evolution happens in waves, there’s always individuals on the leading edge, bringing new information into form.

If you’re reading this, you’re one of them. You wouldn’t be drawn to this article if you weren’t.

While the rest are coming up to speed, it may feel lonely at first. It may feel like people don’t understand you or where you are at. That’s just the old patterns playing out, dissipating.

If you notice anything that “makes you feel” frustrated, powerful, reactive, rebellious, resentful, resistant – you are bumping up against old paradigm patterns.

Nothing is more powerful than You. That becomes apparent when you shift your perspective to seeing yourself *as* Consciousness, creating your reality, through this physical form, in this hologram, this game called life on this playground called earth.

You don’t have to go out there to change, fix or manipulate anything. As you navigate as Consciousness, reality starts to reorganize around you.

That doesn’t mean you can’t choose to respond to what is showing up in your reality. Maybe you feel like making a phone call and expressing your views or requesting an action. Maybe you feel like going out to stand or walk with people who share your interests.

But you’re coming from an empowered space, and responding to what is. It feels different to engage in the world this way.

Mastering the new Consciousness means acquiring proficiency with the new skills of navigating reality that is manifesting with a higher vibrational frequency than we’ve ever experienced before.

Really, it’s Consciousness mastering the new physical reality.

We’re going from wading at the bottom of the ocean, where our bodies felt like deep sea divers suits, to not-quite-astronauts in zero gravity on the space station. In zero gravity, force propels things away from you, or you away from what you’re going for. It’s a more subtle way of moving through the world.

As you move through your world this week, notice what is different. Take the time to shift your awareness and view things differently. Make different choices and responses.

Try this for the next seven days, and see how your life transforms!

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