What Do You Really Want? And How Do You Really Make It Happen?

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©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

We’re into the first weeks of January, New Year’s resolutions have been made and broken, visions have been created and forgotten, goals have been set and set aside. It feels like the year has begun with a giant belly flop. Why is this?

Most of us have no friggin’ idea how to keep our resolutions, or even create a vision for the year. If your resolution was to lose weight, your vision was to look like Chrissy Teigen or Ryan Reynolds. Or your resolution was to have more money, your vision was a winning lotto ticket. Or you want a relationship, your vision is to be married to Prince Harry.

There’s nothing in any of those resolutions, weight or money or relationship, that give you anything concrete to achieve. Those visions are unattainable, they’re wispy dreams.

We desire transformation and have no clue how to create it or support it. We want magic to happen, by wiggling our nose or blinking our eyes or waving a wand and shouting a spell. 

Here’s the thing. When you desire something, as Consciousness you already have it. It’s in your reality. It’s just not in your body or in it’s experience of the present moment. It’s frustrating and confusing, because a part of you is already there. But the part of you that is here, isn’t there yet.

Magic happens when you’re lined up with yourself as Consciousness.  But when we’re mired in the not-having of our desire, we’re far removed from ourselves as Consciousness.

We feel fat, we want to be thin. We feel poor, we want to be rich.  We feel lonely, we want to be happily married.

We are in a time of embodying greater Consciousness. Manifestation is speeded up.  But as long as we’re in the “not having”, that is what we manifest.

There are lots of books, blogs, courses out there for achieving anything you want. You can hire coaches. Most of them miss an essential element, which is you as Essence.

So you can lose the weight, get the money, attain the relationship, but you’ll still feel like something is missing. And that something is You.

When you start by aligning with YOU as Consciousness and take inspired action from your greater awareness, things unfold easily and effortlessly.

It starts with connecting with our true power source, which isn’t outside of us. Our greater self is within us. When we give Consciousness our focus, then things start to happen.

But here’s the caveat – when we align as Consciousness, and start living *as* Consciousness, our goals change. 

Our smaller selves don’t want to give up our dreams (so they remain dreams). Our smaller selves don’t want to give up control, so they firmly grip the steering wheel (when they’re too small to look over the dashboard to the road ahead). And our smaller selves thing they’re gonna die if they align as Consciousness.

What really happens is, the ego doesn’t die, it just gets rightly placed, where it really is much more comfortable. The dreams transform, and they look different. 

We may lose not lose weight, but like our body more. We may not win the lotto, but we have a prosperous life. We may not find Prince Harry, but we have a great relationship with ourself.

And here’s the big secret – even though our manifestations don’t look perfect, we are really, really, really, really happy with them.

And that’s what we’re really going for. 

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