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It has been a strange week. In the US, we had a surprise outcome to the election (although I feel the surprises aren’t done, keep reading for more). Tuesday evening, while the votes were still being tallied, someone emailed me that they were losing their shit. “Where’s my Parallel Universe now?”

Well, the Parallel Universe I’m in feels pretty bizarre.

Electoral College 1824 by MB298

Here’s what I know: 
When we begin to live life as Consciousness, weird and inexplicable things start to happen.
As Consciousness, there is no good nor bad. It’s all about experiences.
If you are experiencing negativity or limitation, that is your “player self” (I also call it body /personality).
If you are experiencing infinite possibilities, that it is a benevolent Universe, that’s yourself as Consciousness.

Our “player self” is resistant, rebellious, wants to change, fix or control things. And it can’t, so it feels powerless.

Consciousness is neutral or amused. Consciousness is also playful and curious.

You can create change in this reality *if* you are playful and amused and curious about the outcome. If you are trying hard, using a lot of effort, setting really specific intentions, you may build something that becomes real, but there will be loopholes or something wrong.

Here’s what I’m intuiting:
That there’s a lot that can change between now (November) and the inauguration (January 20th). We aren’t on a predictable path.

As Consciousness increases, it exposes the darkness, so it seems like there’s more of it, but it is in the process of disintegrating.

It’s no use directly fighting (or resisting) the darkness. That’s just shadow boxing. What dissipates the darkness is more light.

Now, Consciousness is continually in motion, and plot changes can happen at any moment.

This morning I was wondering what was going to unfold in the next few months, and I came across a video on the Electoral College, which is the group that actually elects the president. They don’t vote until December. 19th. I posted on Facebook yesterday morning that maybe this is why we feel something is “off” and it hasn’t happened yet.

Two hours later there’s a petition going around to make the Electoral College vote differently.

As I type this, it occurs to me that other things could arise to make this happen. The elected candidate is embroiled in lawsuits. More things could arise to change the outcome.

I remember years ago when someone was re-elected, I thought ‘it has to get worse before it gets better’. And it did. But that pendulum-swinging is an old paradigm cause-and-effect. We’ve shifted into the quantum world of randomness.

Just because we’ve had 8 years of progress doesn’t mean we need to swing back to balance. Anything is possible.

This is happening globally as well. Britain voted for Brexit, with a lot of loud regret after it happened. Their PM resigned and a new one stepped up to accelerate the process. A lawsuit called for it to require a vote by Parliament. So now it may unfold differently.

Here’s what you can do:
Take your focus off the drama, doom and gloom. Bring your attention back into yourself, into your Self as Consciousness.
Shift your awareness to one of curiosity and amusement, like you are viewing this as a reality show (which it is).
If you want to set intentions, do it with open ended statements. “Everything is unfolding in my favor.” “The Truth is coming to light.” “Everyone in my hologram is living happily every after.” (this allows for outcomes beyond your limited imagination).
Then release it, go forward with your day, notice what is different (subtle changes validate that you’ve made the shift as Consciousness and keeps you unfolding in the new direction.

Wouldn’t it be fun if everyone did this?

I’m curious to see what happens.

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