Intrepid Special

You’ve had some time on the Holodeck.

You know how it feels to be in a group that ‘gets’ you.

Are you ready to step up to Intrepid?


Intrepid Private Group

The Intrepid is the next level experience, which includes learning new ways to navigate the hologram from the greater perspective of Consciousness. It’s not just about having a bigger viewpoint, it’s having the internal feeling of Knowingness and the tools at your fingertips to shift and change.

The benefit of doing it as a group is that you’re all going through the growth and expansion together. It’s validating to know you’re not the only one with this new awareness of reality.

The group is 1x a week for 1 hour. Our sessions will be recorded because new techniques will arise within our meetings, that I’ve not shared anywhere else. Some weeks may include additional training videos sent directly to you.

The first meeting is Monday, February 21st at 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern.

$325 monthly

Venmo: @Joan-Newcomb-2



Questions? Email [email protected] !