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Mystic Musings: Facing Fear In The Eye

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Facing Fear In The Eye ©2018 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC
When I was younger, I never experience fear. I did some pretty bold things. When I was 18, I quit college and I moved myself to London and auditioned for drama school, and lived there for two years. I moved from London to Washington DC when I was 20, and moved myself to Seattle when I was 22. I felt I could go anywhere in the world and land on my feet.

When I was 44, I experienced a health crisis. They first thought it was cancer and I remember the look on the LPN’s face, it was one of fear. Tests revealed a golf ball sized tumor, but it wasn’t cancerous, and yet I went on this roller coaster ride with the medical community. Two months later the tumor was softball sized and their only solution was to operate. There was this big, giant wall of Western Medicine. Was I fearful? Instead, I got super pissed off, went totally alternative with acupuncture and natural solutions. When I quit taking the prescription – and changed my diet to cut out all soy (which created too much estrogen) and increase green leafy vegetables (plant sources of iron), the tumor shrank and has been manageable ever since.

What IS fear anyway? It’s a communication from our body when it perceives something life threatening. At our core, we’re creatures of comfort and habit. Anything that stretches us beyond that which is familiar can seem life threatening.

Everything to our body is a life or death issue, because it’s not going to make it out of this lifetime alive. Our body takes things very seriously. It remembers, on some level, everything it’s heard, seen, or experienced and has stored it in emotion-filled pictures. We view current life through these pictures which completely distorts reality.

When we push ourselves beyond what we’ve experienced before or can conceive of doing, our body freaks out.

But we are more than our physical bodies. We are a greater consciousness, that existed before we were born, and also experiences a higher awareness than what is going on at ground level will continue after this body passes. As Consciousness, we’re joyful and expansive. Being fearless is our natural state. As Consciousness we experience life as easy, effortless and even amused.

How can we experience Fearlessness when there’s so much to be fearful of?

Try this simple exercise. Rest your hand on your lower abdomen, several inches below your belly button. Imagine bringing your focus of attention to this area and wirelessly connecting as greater Consciousness from this place to the center of the hologram. Take a deep breath.

What shifted when you did that? How does that feel, or look, to you?

What you just did was bring yourself more fully into your form. You can do this to help your body feel less fearful. It helps you look fear in the eye and walk through it.

Your body relaxes when you come more fully into it. Because when you’re in your body, it knows it’s going to keep living!

Play with this. The more you do it, the more real it becomes for you Try this whenever you feel like it (or think of it) over the next week and see what happens!

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Mystic Musings: Fearlessness

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Fearlessness ©2018 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

What would you do, if you weren’t afraid to do it? Who would you be if you weren’t afraid of what others would think?

Fear is a tricky thing, it masquerades as anger, vagueness, sleepiness, or even perfectionism. What it does, however, is keep us frozen, stuck, or spinning our wheels.

I never acknowledged feeling fearful until I was about 40, and if you look at my younger life, some of the things I did were incredibly brave. But it wasn’t until later in life, as a parent with children dependent on me for their own survival, that I acknowledged feeling fear.

It’s amazing what we do out of fear, we run from relationships or we rush into them. We leave jobs, or we stay in them too long. Or we rage, which gives the energy not to be paralyzed, a “deer in headlights”, but often ends up destroying that which we were fearful of losing.

And here’s the thing – fear doesn’t exist at the level of Consciousness.  It’s totally a creation of the physical realm. It’s your body and the attached personality that experiences fear.  Your body-personality reacts to anything that moves it beyond it’s comfort zone as a threat. Even if it’s good for you. Your body can’t conceive of anything it hasn’t experienced. So even if it’s what it thinks it wants, it may not be able to handle it.

When you’re aligned as Consciousness, your little will to your greater Will, then you’re in total agreement with everything that is going on. In the present moment, there’s total balance and

When you’re in the present moment, fear dissipates. The body isn’t being forced ahead of itself, nor is it stuck in a past that it cannot change. In the present moment you can make choices and take action, initiate changes.

You aren’t your body or your personality. You are Consciousness, you are Presence. When you’re fully embodied, your body can relax. You as Consciousness can take care of things, and knows exactly what to do.

And often you find, when you’re in Presence, that you already have what you thought you needed, that you never lost that which you thought you’d die without.

Mystic Minute YouTube Video: Don’t Be Afraid To Dive Deep!

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