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Mystic Musings: Bellyflopping Through Life

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Bellyflopping Through Life (c) 2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

I swear, my autobiography should be titled, “Bellyflopping Through Life”. I can’t plan, analyze, or read a book about it first, I have to dive in and experience something and then figure out how to do it with more finesse next time.

However, if I waited until it’s perfect, I would have missed many fabulous opportunities and not created most of the amazing miracles of my life.

The last three years has been like a spiritual MBA as I’ve been learning how to offer my work into the world in a bigger way. There’s been a lot of bellyflopping, and my stomach is stinging a bit as I share this.

Everything is finally coming together and the official launch of my new program(s) and website is set for January. But I didn’t want to spend the next month just fiddling with details. So I decided to open the doors early just to people who already know me and my work.

I’m extremely grateful to all of you guys who have stuck with me during this time. I’ve gifted you a 3 part video series, sharing insights and a specific tool for creating change as Consciousness. Go here to view them, if you haven’t seen them already.

Today is the first day for you Very Important People to access my brand new Do It Yourself program. This program has only been available as private coaching or selectively small group coaching. I’m excited to make this information available to more people in the world!

You can opt to have more support, either on a group level or individual coaching level at any time as well.

There are extra bonuses if you sign up before next Tuesday, December 5th.

Then I will close the doors until I open to the general public in January.

Go here to learn more!