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Joan’s Blog: Why There Is No Karma

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Why There Is No Karma ©2018 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

Humans are always interpreting the world through their linear viewpoint. It’s like fish interpreting the Universe from their underwater perspective.

Physical bodies move through time from birth to death, and we expect spiritual reality to be governed by the same restrictions.

Our personalities have flaws and we make mistakes as we stumble through this life. And Karma assumes that these carry over to the next lifetime. Just as it assumes that such things carry on from previous lifetimes.

From the perspective of Consciousness, this makes no sense. Consciousness does not experience time nor space. To Consciousness, all lifetimes are happening at once. Consciousness is all knowing, all wisdom. There are no progressions, spiritual learning or maturity or development.

The idea of Karma is a distorted interpretation of energetic cause and effect. If you are under water and you wave your hands, there may be a ripple created, but it doesn’t carry up to the air above, and nor does it carry to the next pond (or ocean).

And Consciousness it ultimately neutral. It doesn’t judge things as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Everything that happens in the physical, to Consciousness, is beneficial as experience. Pain isn’t good or bad. Destruction is as creative as Construction.

The idea of ‘good’, ‘bad’, ‘sin’, etc. is a human distortion. Which doesn’t mean we all can go careening off our life paths and creating rampant chaos in the world. We can, but do we want to?

The Ten Commandments, if you look at them as Consciousness, is man’s interpretation of ways to interact within time and space. These are basic guidelines for navigating on this planet and discerning “mine” from “yours”.

I find when you shift your perception to operating as Consciousness, there’s both a disintegration of boundaries (an awareness that we are One) and clarity of our own definitions (the particular body-personality we’re navigating through at this moment).

And from this perspective, there’s no desire to cross boundaries, destroy other bodies, covet neighbor’s asses, or anything else.

As greater Consciousness comes into form, everything falls into place, everything reorganizes, there’s an innate harmony to everything.

But what about all the bad people out there? What about all the horrible, terrible things they’re doing? Aren’t they going to be punished?

Imagine going high up in the air, what would the news headlines be like from flying in an airplane? The idea of punishment doesn’t make sense from above the clouds.

This planet is a playground, an adventure in density and effort. In Disney World, you wouldn’t punish a Disney character for playing their part in the storyline.

Actually, Consciousness experience with the world is more like viewing it all from the International Space Station.  There’s immense love for all of creation.

As you shift your perception, you experience more neutrality about the stories going on. You have a  appreciation for all aspects of this worldly existence. And, most fun of all, as you realize that *you* are Consciousness, this immense love for all of Your creation.

Mystic Minute: Accessing Unseen Help (Updated Info)!

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Facebook Live: Being Authentic

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Mystic Minute YouTube Video: Responsibility and Non Responsibility!

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Mystic Minute: Different Versions of Reality!

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Radio Show Podcast 6/14/2017 Consciousness and Releasing Protections

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